Before working in fashion, back in my days as a full time artist, paint was my medium of choice. It was in my studio that a love of colour blossomed and experimenting with different shades, tones and combinations became part of my everyday. While working with colour was easy for me on the end of […]

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On Vacation With Net-A-Porter: The Lodge

Whoever was it that said ‘she who travels the lightest travels the furthest’ set a cracking challenge for your typical fashion industry insider.  Much to the joy of every airline that I’ve ever travelled with, packing lightly is not this girls forte. Amongst suitcases of samples for photoshoots, a plethora of camera equipment and maybe .. […]

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Monnier Frères

I guess that you could say that I like to look at the world differently, sometimes it’s just a little more obvious than others.  Good hardware is one of my all time weaknesses and I’m pretty sure you’ve realised by now I’m not talking about the household kind. With Autumn in full swing for my amigos in […]

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