MO- ON SCAPES PHOTOGRAPHY & WORDS  – Amanda Shadforth It was once noted by a wise man that, ‘Just like the moon we go through phases’. Phases that attribute to growth, movement, the unknown, the far horizons. Change is essentially everlasting, and without wavering we’re able to shift if we wish, to evolve and become a

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SUR ROUND INGS PHOTOGRAPHY & WORDS  – Oracle Fox  ‘FASHION VS FUNCTION’ is often a debate when it comes to the ‘it’ piece of the day. Tiny sunglasses have been a necessity for many seasons now, but aren’t necessarily necessary. Puffer jackets too puffy to move in, handbags too tiny even for tic tacs and

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Hemis-pheres photography & words  ORACLE FOX  I think being Australian has given me a few strange obsessions. There is, of course, Vegemite on toast (it’s true, we all do it,) adding ‘o’ or ‘a’ to the end of every word and name possible (eg. a quick run to the bottle-o,) and of course – season

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Baby Blues

Blue is the colour of so many of my favourite things… The ocean, the eyes of someone particularly special, blue sky days when I’m behind the camera and the light hits everything just right.  But now we have another thing to add to the list of blues we love, and ladies and gents that’s the

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The Bottega Veneta Way

An audible gasp could be heard from the OF office when images of the very first collection by Daniel Lee for Bottega Veneta was released to the public. The Pre-Fall 2019 collection was strong yet feminine and the kind of wardrobe that most girls .. my team included.. could imagine themselves wearing .. Bottega Veneta staff uniforms?

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The Right Angle

       If I was to describe my approach to personal style ‘fashion curious’ may be the most fitting answer. Like many of us, when something new enters the fashion zeitgeist, it becomes somewhat of an obsession and I get to work researching any previous iterations of a trend, and how new found versions are being

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Public Displays Of Affection

OK friends, let’s be honest here .. it may have become quite clear that after several years I’ve come to realise what my best assets are, and putting this funny face at the front of every image I shoot is not one of them.  I know it may seem harsh or even as though I

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Modern Romantic

If Jane Austin, Emily Bronte or Shakespeare were to write a modern day romantic tale, I imagine our heroine would be dressed in something like this… Our character is independent and ambitious, and prefers her garments to be of the soft, structured and dreamy kind. While this modern work of fiction may include a love interest […]

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The Weekend

I had lunch with a friend last weekend, it was a Saturday morning and I ordered my usual … avocado on toast with a side of lemon.   The thing about the weekend is that I’m a creature of habit, which I might add I was reminded of by my breakfast date.  She’s a little bit more […]

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Martini With A Twist

We hear about it all the time and it’s one of my favourite elements of fashion week… ‘Off duty style’ is here baby and I think you’ll agree, it’s here to stay. But if you ask me off duty doesn’t just apply to our favourite models in their downtime, it’s about having a go-to uniform […]

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Partner In Crime

She’s one of those girls that reveals herself every now and then on your Instagram discover page, and where you puzzle yourself with the question… who is she? Is she a model, a stylist blessed with exceptional genetics, or maybe she’s a designer?  The answer is the latter and if you haven’t guessed already we’re talking about Giorgia Tordini one […]

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From the Maldives To You

So to finally answer your questions .. this is what I’ve been up to! You might have noticed in the last week or two that I mysteriously seemed to barely exist on social media and when I did eventually appear from behind a coconut palm, I’m pretty sure that you guessed that I’m currently hiding out […]

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Plaid Behaviour

They call it a bluebird day right?  When there’s not a cloud in the sky and sun shines far beyond the horizon or as far as the eye can see. It’s cold where I live right now but this week we’ve had a whole week of bluebird days in a row and even though it […]

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Denim X 3

The ‘mum’ jean, I can candidly admit has taken me a while to warm to.  It’s not that I haven’t wanted to get on board, it’s just that … well, my mum may have been one of the original pioneers of this comfy denim trend and let’s just say her ensembles were well … comfy.  Frizzy […]

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Double Bladed

What a crazy last week it’s been, between various plane flights, photoshoots and deadlines, I don’t know how my team and I managed to squeeze in Australian Fashion Week.  Cray cray doesn’t sum up the workload that I had to deliver on with my girls and thankfully it’s over know and we can bask in the aftermath. […]

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My friends, there is something I have to confess… As someone who leans toward the minimalist side of things, my list of new season obsessions continues to grow exponentially. Just when I thought exaggerated sleeves and red leather were the final additions to the list, along comes the kind of gold earrings and cross-body bag that must be collected […]

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The Summer Dress

It was my goal .. I must admit to wear more dresses.  It’s no wonder that you hadn’t seen me in anything this ladylike for a long while when a recent rustle through my repository could uncover no more than the aforementioned. Don’t get me wrong I love a good gown as much as the next girl, but when […]

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Raey SS15

Double-faced textured blazer, side-split crepe top, double-faced textured tailored trousers & Eytys Mother suede trainers   Kangaroo-pocket tie-dye cotton sweatshirt & wide-leg textured shorts   Wide-leg textured jumpsuit   Double-faced textured long trench, kangaroo-pocket cashmere-blend sweatshirt, slim-fit cashmere-blend track pants & Eytys Mother canvas trainers   Unlined blanket coat & drape-front crepe tunic dress   […]
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