Fresh French Trench

Classic and timeless piece with an edge. Simplicity is key. Vintage Trench – Flattered Chunky boots    
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Pleated Knitted Leathered Layered

Pleated, Knitted, Leathered, Layered. Uniqlo pleated skirt
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Clean Loose

New updates on old classics, combination of textures, clean loose fabrics, leather and sneakers. ARKK Sneakers – Everlane Knit    


Pair a cosy cashmere turtleneck knit with a fitted maxi dress to infuse structure and a hint of edgyness to a tone on tone grey pregnancy outfit. Everlane Cashmere Knit

A Wide Open Kitchen in Pistachio Green

In collaboration with Swedish fashion label Stylein, Nordiska Kök has created this open plan kitchen for the fashion label’s founder. Using the quintessential Scandinavian clean lines the space is composed in light ash, milestone countertops, pale gree…

Totême Design Studio, Stockholm

A lovely example of rustic minimalism from Totême

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DE SMET is moving the fashion industry towards a more mindful future

Have you heard of DE SMET yet? If not, now’s your chance to become familiar with this beautifully minimal label with a conscious. I spoke with DE SMET’s owner and designer, Christina De Smet about sustainability and her tips for streamlining your close…

This beautiful kitchen is a clean slate

A move-in-ready kitchen designed by Lotta Agaton with marble surfaces and a gold sink + faucet! I imagine a Gubi Moon dining table in front of the kitchen island!

A peaceful bedroom in pale shades

I’ve said this before but the best bedrooms for me are the ones that feel quiet and soft. My own room sometimes becomes crowded with the kids’ things, laundry and papers so I’m always aiming to have a space that I can relax in without all the reminders…

Christine Thorsteinsson from BoConcept gives her tips for finding the best storage, even in small spaces

I’ve always been very interested in the way everyday people define their personal spaces for there lifestyle and express their own unique styles. Today, however, I’m sharing some tips from Danish brand BoConcept’s Visual Manager Christine Thorsteinsso…

8 metallic candle holders

I’m finding it hard to adjust to the seasons, mostly just for the lack of light. The evening comes much sooner now and doing homework with the kids and making dinner when the sky is black, I’m feeling slow to adjust to it all. One of the best remedies to the dark months are those cozy elements that we really don’t need in the summer. The fireplace, a warm blanket, wool socks, and of course (and most importantly) candle light! That’s why I’ve gathered 8 of my favorite Scandinavian candle holders, along with a few others down below. Candle light can carry you through otherwise bleak and dark weather to make the most of this time by creating a cozy and inviting environment!

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A storage essential: clothing rails by Annaleena

The talented Annaleena whose studio and rails I’ve blogged about before, has a limited edition rail (you’ll have to scroll to the bottom to the it) that I adore. And while we’re at it, her store is expanding and now features other interior accessories …

Inspiration Gallery I NYC

Inspiration GALLERY NYC, September 2014.

Summer Get-Up

Keeping things light and fresh anchored by a statement piece such as the long-line maxi silk slip black dress — this particular one is adjustable at the waist. An everyday essential with a balance mechanism of comfort and elegance. Maintain an edge with few accessories, … Continue reading

3 Minimalist Ideas for Lightly Accessorizing Your Space

Image via Joseph Dirand

There’s no doubt you’re already familiar with the expression, “less is more.” When it comes to 
modern interior design, this little three-word sentence is the foundation of the movement.

Image via Fantastic Frank

Take a look at your interior space. How does it make you feel? Your home should feel light, airy and organized. If it’s disheveled and needing constant reorganization, you might be living in a physically unstable environment. Too many knick knacks can turn your space from a peaceful dwelling to a place that reminds you of all corners you still need to tend to.

Image from the Cereal Abode

To maintain a minimalist lifestyle, here are three ideas to bring into your home and really make it your own.

How Do You Use the Space?
In an interview with Architectural Digest, the principal designer of Lüft Design, Courtney Trump, explains that “our homes and offices are not static environments. They should be unique and fluid, suiting our most basic and demanding physical and emotional needs.”
The way you use and feel in your interiors will tell you all you need to know about how to better design the space. If you have a pile of coffee table books that you haven’t leafed through in months, it’s time to put them away and clear your surfaces.

Image from Vincent Van Duysen

The Stand-Alone Accent Piece
Minimalist design is not boring design. People new to minimalism have the general misunderstanding that minimalism is to do and be without. Without distraction, yes. Without style, no. Houzz tells design enthusiasts that selecting a single, stand-alone accent piece will bring life and vitality to the space. Consider modern accent tables. Retailers like Lumens offer expertly designed and crafted furniture pieces that function as art and fixture. The Swole Table Collection designed by Blu Dot is just such an example of simplicity and art form.

Image via Norm Architects

The Minimalist’s Mantra: Less is More
Lastly, remove all items that you do not regularly use and that do not bring your life joy. Your home should be a welcome reprieve from the bustling world outside, not a collection of distraction and bad taste.


Personal home inspiration. Lines/Manner’s home is synonymous with clean living, airy white spaces, simplicity, brightness, tropical plants, fresh modern minimal vibrations, Berber spirit, wood and metal, major and elevated items. An interior punctuated with marble and plays of transparency. The … Continue reading

Saturday scene

Our Saturday has been subjected to the usual routine of laundry and relaxing but we I also fit in a quick workout with the kids before nap time. Later tonight we’re taking them to see a movie and a walk in the park.

I realize this photo doesn’t depict any of what I just described but the Hellebore was cut form my garden and I feel particularly proud to be able to grow this beautiful dark variation of one of my favorite flowers.

Also, a handy shop-the-look is below if you want source any of these items. I earn a small amount from these affiliate links if you want to shop and support my site simultaneously!

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The minimal designs of Nicolas Schuybroek

More minimal inspiration but this time in a home rather than retail setting like yesterday’s post. This from the talented Nicolas Schuybroek.

Photos © Claessens & Deschamps/Thomas de Bruyne.

Soft minimalism, soft hues, soft textiles

A look I cannot get enough of, this soft minimalism is achieved with soft pale colored bedding and clothing from COS, lighting and pottery. I also believe this is the way more minimal interiors are moving, away from anything cold and too abrupt and gradually towards spaces that involve the 5 senses. Isle Crawford talks a lot about designing with emotion in her latest book and also in the new Abstract docuseries, designing with interrogation and empathy. I believe Pella understands how to cater to human sense as well with her latest styling project for Rum Hemma, photographed by Sara Medina Lind.

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The System

I’ve always been fascinated by the concept of uniforms. I was probably the only girl in high school who was more than content with the dress code (with slight rule breakers of course) and despite my interest in fashion and the constant need to be the first one to try something new as a blogger or always do something different, I’ve always felt more comfortable when I’m wearing my wardrobe staples. That’s probably why when you see me on a regular day I’ll be wearing pretty much the same things: tapered pants, boyfriend jeans, basic t-shirts or tank tops, simple non-stretch maxi dresses, oversized sweaters and my most comfortable pair of shoes. This style formula has never failed me and now we have a brand that’s creating and delivering that formula for us. Introducing Eileen Fisher and The System ladies and gentlemen. With a focus on 8 core pieces at the heart of the system (and 19 pieces in total), Eileen Fisher wants to show the world we can do more with less, buy fewer …

Saint-Ange Residency By Studio Odile Decq

Although the location of ‘Saint-Ange Residency‘ is undoubtedly beautiful, it was not an easy one – set under the trees, on the slope leading toward the golf course, the site was quite a challenge.
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A Month of Minimalism / Aja from Minimalism & Co.

During this series you will be hearing from others and their perspective on Minimalism with some of the same questions, allowing each person’s perspective to add color and variation. Here, I speak with Aja Edmond from Minmalism & Co. to gain her thoughts on Minimalism and moderation.

What does Minimalism mean to you?

Minimalism is an ubiquitous term so when I decided it was a principle I wanted to adopt, I went through the exercise of defining it for myself (vs. automatically adhering to the perceptions and definitions of others).

To me it means three things: awareness, clarity, and focus.

First you need to have an awareness about yourself and how you perceive the world we live in (some may call this consciousness). From there comes clarity — about who you are, what you believe in, what you do and do not care about, etc. Clarity, then, allows you to have focus so you can prioritize and efficiently allocate your time, effort, and resources to what matters most.

Since the world turns and we all evolve, I regularly go through this exercise then apply it to every area of life, from work and finances to my style and relationships.

The result is that I’ve developed an incredible ability to simplify decision-making in most areas of life.

Is there a mental process you go through before buying or bringing something home?

Most of my purchases are made during set times a year (once at the beginning of each quarter) which helps check impulse shopping. I go through a thoughtful process of eliminating things I don’t want or need, determining new things I want or need, and prioritizing based on what I have available to spend.

I don’t own many things and rarely covet or yearn for things, so when I do I know it must be special. Therefore, if a few unexpected needs (or desires) come up I usually indulge them if I they work within my budget and the confines of my space.

I have a lot of respect for my few possessions. I think the one question I ask before making a purchase is: will I cherish this for years to come?

It’s clear that minimalism is a way of life for you, would you agree that it effects all of your choices or just some?

My ability to simplify decision-making, as mentioned, is the most important and consistent benefit of my way of life.

Sometimes I may choose to overindulge or be excessive in different areas or at different times in life. However, it’s the ease at which I’m able to make that choice that I care most about.

I love the quote by Oscar Wilde “everything in moderation — even moderation.” In my quest for simplicity, I don’t want to become too idealistic. So, yes, it’s a way of thinking that’s very apparent in almost every area of my life (but I have no qualms about contradicting it ever so often).

Does sustainability play a role in minimalism for you?

Increasingly so and I have to credit my partner for his insistence on us being mindful of the impact we are having on the earth. Right now our focus is on leaving a minimal footprint by not being wasteful or using resources unnecessarily.

Though, my partner is more adamant about this than I am. For instance, he doesn’t want to get a dryer so we are rack hanging our clothes — and it drives me crazy. I definitely see some cultural differences (he’s German, I’m American) in how far we’re willing to adjust our lifestyles for this cause.

On my radar is the ethical fashion trend as well as some of the advancements in materials and production techniques being used across the consumer goods industry in general. If I must buy something new, I’ll attempt to at least consider brands that are serious about the environment.

Overall, I don’t think I’m doing as much as I could but I’m trying!

What goals do you have for yourself in the new year to make sure you continue to adhere to your minimalist values?

I haven’t set any new major goals or resolutions other than allocating time to walk through the awareness, clarity, and focus process — and making a few adjustments in each area of life as needed.

To add more color to this process it may be helpful to skim an essay I recently wrote called the Soul-Searching Strategy. Every year (plus during times of significant life changes) I think through these steps.

When you feel your life becomes too cluttered with unnecessary things, maybe not only objects but also commitments, what are some practical things or rituals you do to refocus on the essentials?

Oh I am ruthless about cutting things out of my life that don’t need to be there — be it things, people, activities, or ideas.

I tune in to my gut because there’s this nagging uneasy feeling that I get when something is out of balance. If I feel this for too long then I hone in on the culprit.

If it’s an object I give it away without a second thought. However, some things (like people) can’t just be cut at whim without causing damage. So I’m thoughtful about my approach (but once I make the decision they still have to go).

A Month of Minimalism / Where to begin?

To begin this month I wanted to share my personal definition of minimalism, which will likely differ from others’ view and that is perfectly ok. I am a highly sensitive person, coming to this conclusion has taken me years and even longer to accept. Shr…

New Series / A Month of Minimalism

The beginning of a new year holds much promise and potential to see those promises realized. Personally I find it hard to refrain form writing unrealistic lists of things I want to accomplish and achieve. A few would include getting in better physical …


What a great feeling it is to offer, to others or to yourself, little pleasures that resonate with your values. Pushing this thought a little further, learning the stories which lie hidden behind these objects makes gifting them even more … Continue reading

How to Decorate a Minimal Interior with Personality

How to Decorate a Minimal Interior with Personality Minimalism doesn’t mean going without. Rather, it’s the very opposite: only inviting things into your life that add to happiness and wellbeing, and discarding the rest. We at Beige Renegade believe in homes with heart. Whether a soviet era concrete bunker is the very reflection of you, or, then again, a home filled with bright colours at every turn, just as with what we wear, how we do our hair or the handbag we choose on a particular day, how we decorate our homes communicates something of ourselves to the world. However, it can be challenging to find the balance between a cool, minimal interior and finding a place for your treasured collections. In this post, we want to share five tips to decorate a minimal interior with personality. 1De-clutter your home thoughtfully Although we are staunch advocates for clutter-free spaces – review our 7 principles for de-cluttering your life – it doesn’t mean you should de-clutter the soul out of your home. Follow Marie Kondo’s philosophy of keeping only those things that bring you joy. For example, you might have displayed a gift from a family member, out of obligation, or […]

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tour a brand new studio, just 20 mins from Stockholm

You mentioned that opening your own showroom has been a long time dream of yours, now that your dream is coming true, what does this finished space mean to you?

Dreams must take time and allow themselves to be worthy of the anticipation. This has been my dream to open a studio. A studio that is bursting with energy and creates interior innovation. That’s exactly what I want it to mean to others. You must allow dreams to take time, hurry slowly. I want my studio will be an incubator for what other creative dreams can be.

Besides housing your amazing past and forthcoming design pieces, what other purposes do you intend to use the studio for?

My previous answer covers this issue. If everything within my creative path was only about me, I would not leave seeds for others. That’s what I believe everything in life is about, giving further. I want to create a path for others to walk through.

Can you tell us a bit about the location and why you chose it?

The studio is located a bit outside Stockholm city in a harbor and marina, which is perfect. It is right next to the water with a large roof terrace and is the optimal place for creative activity and creative work. We are as far from a busy urban environment as can be yet only it takes 20 mins to Stockholm city centre. I think that is the future value, peaceful environment. We have fantastic natural light in the studio that we can rent it out for photo shoots and will offer even greater daylight studio in the spring and summer months. More about that later though!

Along with your own creations, will you be carrying any other selection of items?

Absolutely. My design complements the others, vice versa. A Swedish saying goes, alone is not strong. The best way to show your own design is to place it next to the others. I have already begun to choose brands that I believe will be a nice complement to my studio and to present for my interior decorating clients. I can only hope that others love the result as much as I do.
You can visit Annaleena and her collection at:
B R Y G G A V Ä G E N 1 3 1 E , E K E R Ö

Fuxing Plaza · Shanghai, China

In a project developed for Fuxing Plaza, an enormous retail and office complex located in Shanghai, the architects from boutique design studio AIM have brought together futuristic minimalism and new material solutions.
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How To Pack Light – Our Top Secrets

How to pack light Our top tips to help you pack light as a feather and arrive at your destination stress-free! Russell Square, London, at dusk, on a bitterly cold January evening, I’d just gotten off a 20 hour flight, jet lagged and exhausted, thinking only about diving down into a hotel pillow. At that moment, the handle of my giant suitcase snapped off with a great ‘crack’, much to the dismay of the poor porter, who had just struggled for the past 10 minutes to drag it up the stairs of the Regent Hotel. It was then, staring at my broken baggage, far too heavy for me to carry, let alone the porter to even drag, that I realised I had, once again, entirely over packed. Fast forward two years and I can proudly say that I can now lift my luggage off the airport conveyer belt with the ease and grace of a migrating swan. It’s a liberating and satisfying art I have learnt to master the hard way, and I’ve got a few sure fire tips to make sure you don’t have to. When we ditch what we don’t need, pack light with only the bare essentials and […]

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How To Curate A Minimalist Wardrobe

How To Curate A Minimalist Wardrobe

Talking about minimalism and cutting down on acquiring things is becoming more and more polemical… but it doesn’t compare to what I’m about to do now: meddling with your wardrobes.

It’s a reality that people spend the most of their free income on fashion – and even when we value the power of those purchases that much, there’s still a universal, lingering feeling that there’s not enough clothes in one’s closet.

The common belief in any circle, no matter your social background, is that the more clothes we have, the better we dress – and that just isn’t true. Decision making is more difficult when we are swamped with useless options. Have you ever notice that the more clothes a person has the harder it is for that person to find the bulk of it enough?

People create the biggest resistance to living a Minimalistic life when it comes to the point of pairing down their wardrobes – and that is because there’s still the misconception that Minimalists are people with martyr complexes that only wear black or white and have 5 pieces of clothing hanging from a rack.

The truth is that it’s not about cutting down and wearing uniforms every day of the week. It’s not even about not having much – it’s about owning enough, it’s about quality over quantity and about not putting the value of your self-image in clothes.

I will admit when I started cutting down on my purchases I was more an idealist than a practitioner of the art of minimalism. I wanted to make my life easier and I wanted to be able to, in the first place, not want to desire buying clothes as deeply as I did – and instead invest that money in something of higher value.

What I eventually learned was that I was not only throwing money into purchases… but I was also letting go of the beauty of a simple, well-curated life – one with less decisions and more freedom.

Instead of owning 14 white shirts we could own 2 really quality ones… but that’s easier said than done.

The truth is that minimalism looks different for everybody. Your life is not the same as mine. I not only work at home but I get ready for my afternoon gym session in the morning because it conditions me to actually work out instead of losing myself in my work, meaning: I live in gym clothes 5 days a week (which I love by the way).

Your situation might look very different, yet there are some principles than can help everyone when it comes to curating a minimalist wardrobe:

01. Clarify what’s most important for you. Is it quality or is it quantity?
02. Start easy by removing all eyesores from your closet. If there’s anything there that resembles a rag (been there, done that) it’s got to go!
03. Do not break the bank when shopping by getting four kind-of-good pieces when you can get one quality piece and take good care of it.
04. Divide your closet into two sections: Clothes you wear often and clothes you wear rarely. This exercise is very telling of our habits. We usually wear only 20% of the clothes we own… which makes it easier to let go.
05. Get comfortable with waiting. Instead of pulling the trigger on a purchase, sit on it for a while. It’s not your life’s mission to take advantage of a sale nor is it crucial for your image to buy something that you don’t absolutely need.

The beauty of knowing what to acquire when is that it makes us understand that we are the ones who wear our clothes, not them who wear us.

How do you curate your wardrobe?

Photography via Aritzia with thanks!

a consistently neutral interior

This weekend flew by, did it not? We took the kids into the mountains for day camping, cooked a pizza over an open fire and roasted marshmallows. Both the little ones loved it but this morning we are back to it, back to school and classes and running around again.

There’s something desirable to me about homes that look consistent from room to room. I’m not saying everything needs to be exactly the same but that they compliment each other somehow, that there is a cohesiveness felt throughout the entire home. I strive for this in my own place because I feel we are lacking, I get an idea for a paint color or fall in love with one piece of furniture and the house tends toward chaos a bit more than cohesion quickly.

Particularly in this calm and collected place, photographed by the talented Petra Bindel, a color palette safely contained within shades of warm wood, whites, browns and grey keep a similar look from room to room.

Found via Danielle Witte, with thanks.

Lessons in a compact life with Muji Australia

Lessons in a Compact Life – A Collaboration with Muji Australia Photography: Jiawa Liu and Kurt Ji The problem with country-envy is that all the things you think are better ‘over there’ never quite line up with your pristine imaginings. Like many sheltered Asian kids in the brave 2000’s, I was completely Japan obsessed, or at least with the high school romances under cherry blossoms (Sakura) and scifi adventures in shining metropolises, so often portrayed in Japanese animation exports. So you can imagine my disillusionment when my gap year in Japan revealed that reality amounted to long days of boring classes at a countryside university, in which, while sakura did feature, no romance blossomed; my 20 square meter closet of an apartment was crammed inside the jumbled and flaking outer suburbs, where, space being a premium, roads were nothing more than alleys, and scarcely a single home had a wall to itself. It was in this context that I first came across the warm brown and beige shop front of a Muji store in an Osaka mall. Its clean and airy aesthetic cast a stark contrast against the cluttered environment into which I had already begun to assimilate. There was […]

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The Essential Principles of Decluttering

Essential Principles of

Living one’s life intentionally is easier said than done. People have started to throw out Minimalism quotes like bible verses from Sunday’s mass… and though they’re empowering, there’s a massive gap between the believing and the doing. Jumping in with both feet is scary for anyone, unless, like myself, life has not given you an option. It’s safe to say that your journey to becoming more mindful about material things will be a tad uncomfortable to say the least.

Introducing change into our lives, no matter how adventurous our brains are, will always generate a little discomfort. Human beings are bound to resist change because in changing there’s a lot of uncertainty (and living on the safe side is always more appealing) – so the immediate answer to something new and challenging is most often NO.

Decluttering is not about tossing things away that are broken or rummaging through your drawers trying to find things that you haven’t seen since 1982 – It’s about bringing more meaning into your life, it’s about enjoying every single thing you have. It’s not as much about letting go as it is about keeping things that add to your life.

Human beings can only truly cherish a limited number of things at one time… that is why I want to cherish properly the things I love, and that is why I have insisted on tidying so much of my life. – Marie Kondo

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What if we all saw decluttering as life-giving instead of life-depriving? That micro mind shift alone can be so powerful that resistance will stop taking the drivers seat in your life. That internal talk has sharpened my desire for simplicity and taught me the value of the principles I’m about to talk about.

01. Start Easy The best way to get started decluttering is by simply cleaning up, getting rid of the no-brainer types of things. If you start with the hard things first (like things that right now have emotional value to you), you will be challenging your ability to make progress yourself.

02. Keep Memories Not Things There are many ways to honor the love that you receive from others. There’s no need to keep every single letter, gift or souvenir. Your memories are louder and more meaningful than things that are put away in drawers.

03. No Space For Junk If you dedicate a special shrine in your home for junk… chances are junk will always be a part of your life. Clear all junk-rooms, junk-drawers, junk-basements and re-purpose their use. Everything that you own takes your time to maintain. Are you wasting your time on junk?

04. Stop The Incoming Flow Taking (old) things out will be a waste of your precious time if you keep bringing (new) things in. Making new habits is important to allow you to buy what you need, not what you think you will need “if”. Learn to put off buying things rather than splashing out with impulse buys.

05. Don’t Spend: Invest This practice will forever change your life. Learning to invest rather than spend will have the greatest of impact – simply because you automatically give more value to the things you decide to bring into your life. Learning to invest in things that have purpose and function is life altering. Make smart decisions when it comes to function, purpose and durability.

Mindfulness cannot be achieved unless is exercised – so if you’re having trouble in this area of your life make small trigger goals that can help push you through: For example – if you are having issues getting rid of something, try using it a few days in a row. Chances are you’ll see how invaluable it really is to your life and end up getting rid of it. Gather a tribe and start hanging out with people doing the same thing you’re doing. Accountability and shared experience are an enormous source of inspiration.

Focus on outcomes – not activities – and the “doing” part of it all will become something automatic in your life.

Which of these principles do you find the hardest to apply in your life? For me it was Investing rather than Spending.

I’d love to know.

Photography: Sara Medina Lind with Thanks

5 Ways Minimalism Can Change Your Life

5 Ways Minimalism Can
Change Your Life

Minimalism is getting to be one of those things that people either hate or live by. I’m one of those who lives by it – and though there are many ways it’s changed my life and turned it around for the best, I’m going to give you 5 reasons why you should at least be up to giving it a try before you knock it.

What is minimalism?

Minimalism, by definition, is a style or technique (as in music, literature, or design) that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity.

This might be where people say, “Wait, what?!” – Let’s face it, no one wants to live in “extreme spareness” – but how can having and doing less give you more? I agree that minimalism is simple… but it’s not in any way deprived of value. In fact, minimalism is a tool that can help every area of your life because it’s all about maximizing your outcomes with less effort.

I personally see it as a state of mindfulness in which you are able to live your life in a rich, effortless and more fulfilled way.

What can minimalism do for you?

1. Give you more energy

Minimalism helps you declutter you life in general, it helps you to be more mindful of the things you dedicate yourself to, the things you attain and the effort you spend taking care of anything – whether material or otherwise. The less you have on your plate, the more energy you can focus on those things that will truly make an impact in your life.

2. Give you more time

Minimalism changes your life by teaching you how to use your time more effectively and it frees up a crapload of that time so that you don’t always feel spent. Minimalism dispels the myth of the “glamour” that many relate to living as workaholics. It teaches you the value of time well used and the necessity of taking time out to do nothing at all.

3. Give you more money

The less money you spend on trivial things, the more money you can save or invest in things that are going to be of value. That will improve the quality of your life. It helps you understand that everything you purchase at some point will either break, need maintenance or wear out – and it instantly helps you make the right decisions when it comes to spending. Think about it as the voice of reason. How many times have you worried about not being able to afford something important because you’ve spent your money on superfluous stuff? I know you know what I’m talking about.

4. Give you more quality

Minimalism allows you to create a life of quality: It organizes and adds breathing space to every area of your life – from your home to your mind. It allows you to let go of material things and notions that have been weighing you down. The more you allow it to fill your life, the more you’ll enjoy your life (and those who are part of it).

5. Give you more peace

Focus is a side effect of decluttering your life. With that comes peace – an inner feeling of satisfaction and certainty that you are taking the right steps and the right decisions for you and the ones you love – that you are living within your means and that you are being productive and present. Simply, it helps you sleep better at night.

I can assure you that the benefits of minimalism far exceed the effort of undergoing a shift in perspective – letting go of the things or practices you might be convinced are the right way to do things right now. It’s up to each person to find their way through it: Start with what makes you feel the most comfortable and see how it adds more value to your life… and before long you’ll reap the rewards of making those simple shifts – and you’ll start experiencing the 5 things listed above.

Now, which side are you on in the minimalism battle?

Photo: Studio Kalliomäki

seaside tranquility in Knokke, Belgium / Vincent Van Duysen

Spaces that master the just-enough-but-not-too-much balance truly have my admiration. This Belgian residence by Vincent Van Duysen has minimal lines, wide open spaces and soft tones. Notice the super long rug that connects both ends of the living space…

Wide-Leg Part 2

Part II – Wide-Leg Pant – Tailoring. Tailored volumes and modern sophistication are the focus of this outfit. Open back, opposed and combined textured fabrics, playing with proportions, and both a flowy and structured feel. These high waist silky pants … Continue reading

melo’s second collection

Melo has just dropped their second collection composed of a coffee table, magazine rack and orb, all made of solid ash.

Melo’s first range of products, which are handcrafted on demand in the small village Mockfjärd in Dalarna, received order requests from all over the world. The company is now pleased to announce that it can deliver to the US and Canada, which means Melo, now has global distribution.

– Our ambition to create timeless furniture that last over time, with a strong Swedish identity – both in terms of design and craftsmanship – have generated interest worldwide. We’ve already sent products across Europe and now we’re proud to offer products to the US and Canada as well, says Axel Wennhall, co-founder of Melo.”

living room dreams

This isn’t exactly a new find but this place in Barcelona has this beautiful kitchen I saw a lot of people talking about a few months ago and while the kitchen is a stunner in its own right I had not seen the living room and oh my! It’s sort of this harmonious blend of sophistication and minimalism that still feels sufficient enough despite not having a rug or throw pillows.
To me it seems like a room near perfection with soft warm tones and contrast between the spindly legs of the table, Prouvé Potence lamp, magazine rack and the soft edges of the sofa.

a home in New Zealand

This sculptural home, found with thanks to Sight Unseen.

The Underwear Guide

A minimalist’s underwear guide to finding your perfect essentials Function and style neatly packaged into a collection of tiny pieces, underwear is a minimalist’s key to building the foundations of a well established wardrobe. As important as the ultimate leather jacket or cashmere pull-over, underwear sets the scene of the perfect minimal wardrobe and is as fundamental as its exposed counterparts. But it’s not all Victoria’s Secret – it should, like everything in the minimalism worldview, based on simplicity. It’s establishing an underwear wardrobe, selecting cuts and colours colours that suite your lifestyle and the most luxurious of materials that are comfortable and last. Of course, there’s something thrilling about wearing something fantastically sexy underneath the everyday, so a sprinkle of fantasy is highly recommended. Here’s our minimalist underwear guide. 1 The underwear essentials We can live with not having the new season leather jacket but we can’t live without a capsule wardrobe of knickers and bras to make every outfit possible. A basic T-shirt bra with seamless knickers in skin matching beige are easy go-to’s for everyday – we love Bonds – and convertible, low-cut and u-plunge bras will give you that perfect foundation for an evening outfit, always invisibly. 2 Black, white, nude and […]

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saturday night minimalism

Saturdays should be simple, that’s why I like this minimal scene from Nuori.

How to wake up happy – a guide for night owls

From one night owl to another: a few simple changes I made to my life (and mind set) to wake up…

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Why I love my flaws

Why I love my flaws, and you should too Consistent with my obvious obsession with all things French, we…

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7 Principles for Decluttering Your Life

7 principles to help you declutter your life If you’re like us at Beige Renegade, your ethos of a minimalist…

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Minimalism: A pictorial guide

Minimalism: A pictorial guide Minimalism in fashion may be identified via visual codes; commonly, clean lines, simple forms and…

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Why you should wear what you love

Why you should wear that you love – what I learned from my past fashion faux-pas Wearing: Knitted Top & Knitted…

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The textured knit dress, a staple piece of any wardrobe. With a turtleneck, it becomes the ideal transitional garment for these colder days. A particularly functional and versatile key piece that Lines/Manner obviously selects in one of its three colors … Continue reading

Sportmax Resort ’16

The Sportmax Resort ’16 collection proves that minimalism and the current 70s trend do not have to be mutually exclusive. Their chic interpretation of the 70s, strips it back to the finer details; oversized pockets, terracotta suede, large belt eyelets, a-line skirts, jumpsuits and block heels. Crisp white keeps the collection sharp. Fine-rib knits and wide-leg trousers, knot […]

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Designed and Handcrafted in Montreal. Parametric I Ring – Theorem Bracelet from the Linearity collection of Arc Jewellery. Pinpointing a brand that feels right, that possesses all of your little requirements, and in which you perceive true authenticity in its … Continue reading


Simplicity can be diverted by a certain complexity of design. Begin with a classical base, then juxtaposing to it a piece you can carefully adjust, construct and deconstruct, so to confer upon your look a timeless modern appeal. Adding and … Continue reading

Modern Edge

Comfortability, modernity, simplicity, and quality are the key words which undoubtedly define the Kylie sandals by Senso.


When style meets a certain level of practicality. Layer your dress and flowy blouse made out of one and only fabric: weaving silk with itself. Think straight cuts, versatile, and timeless garments as we once again rely on the ultimate … Continue reading

Inspiration Gallery | Linear

Inspiration GALLERY K N O X V I L L E, July 2015


The light and elegant short, applied to a look perpetually in quest of structured simplicity. The minimalist aesthetic continues to rule. Maje Top – American Vintage Short- Christina Fischer Bumbag – Birkenstock Shoes –  Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Grey Choice

Whether we are of the kind that is drawn by all things white or all things black, paying more attention to some details make us notice that there is always a touch of in-between. With or without moderation, the grey … Continue reading

Sleek Drapes

The minimalist-chic theme and the advantages of its fabrics. The drapes corroborate the theory that by playing with waves and flows we can easily bestow great style upon our outfit. JNBY Dress – Lines/Manner Bag (commande via le formulaire de … Continue reading


These past seasons, we could not avoid the apogee of the tone on tone trend. Today, give way to the perfect white and cream combo so to cleverly bypass the codes. Unbuttoning our shirts with audacity, modernizing our basics, and … Continue reading

Inspiration Gallery

Inspiration GALLERY M I A M I  &  T H E  K E Y S, Octobre 2014


Engage in a draping game by taking advantage of knotting techniques. Begin with a tryout by using a rectangular fabric of your choosing, yet one sufficiently long so to obtain a finish that is both elegant and natural. We play, … Continue reading

Mühlestrasse residential and studio building

Architectural practice Amrein Herzig created this house and studio in Edlibach, Switzerland. The interpolated basic form of the…

What Is Normcore, Really?

What is #Normcore? Or should that be, #ActingBasic?

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