Mystic Woman

Someone once said ‘you can tell a lot about a woman by the bag she carries’.  Well in this instance it’s more about how she carries it and a bag this good can be worn in more way than just one .. Givenchy ‘Mystic’ Bag  .  Jumpsuit: The Frankie Shop  .  Black Boots with Crystal

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Polka Face

Every cinderella has her glass slipper and every fairy tale should have a happy ending.  Four months ago I saw this magical heel on Ada Kokosar’s instagram and I could have happily swapped my night in shining armour for this baby along with all of my vital organs. If you don’t really know Ada it’s

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Knifes Edge

Monday life hack … When you’re running late and cannot work out what to wear, let alone begin to entertain the thought of executing an outfit with any real co-ordination … solution ‘the suit’. One entire outfit that comes packaged in a head to toe ensemble and requires no conscious aesthetically speaking thought process .. much like a […]

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Double Shot

A google search for alternative names for brown will have you uncovering a plethora of stupendous options  .. Caramel, Chestnut, Cinnamon, Pecan, Syrup just to name a few, sounding like ingredients that one would use to make a christmas cake much? Now that your mouth is watering and I’ve got you just a little bit intrigued […]

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The Balenciaga Effect

  As I walk down the street where I live, I notice how strange I must look.  Walk is probably not the right word either .. slink, meander or even drunkenly shuffle would probably be better words to describe the movement that I would otherwise prefer to deem as walking. With the kind of sunglasses that […]

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Bee Sting

Just bee-cause I love a good black suit, and just bee-cause the New York City Supreme Court is so damn insta-friendly, I bring you my latest honey (sorry not sorry, bad pun intended) .. the Gucci Bee Dionysus Bag.   An accessory that will seriously leave you buzzing .. x bee bag: Gucci  .  elongated sleeve shirt: Anna […]

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The Unexpected

You either love it or you don’t .. winter that is.  Me personally, I can safely say that I love the Autumn Winter months, it’s not necessarily the cold but more the fact that it’s fun when it comes to clothes, girls surely you agree right? Whether you’re into layering or just the kind of […]

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Open Doors

Last night I promised myself I would actually go to bed, when I went to bed but yet again it didn’t happen. I know that this may sound weird but in a recent conversation while lunching with my team during a shoot that we were producing, there was a serious number of offenders (myself included) who .. […]

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Ummm.. hells yeah! Stella McCartney: Croc-effect faux leather pumps Shop similar here:

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This is what you get when you combine too much excitement with a lashing of mid-week creativity.  The Balenciaga bug bit me a long time ago but with the addition of ex-Vetements’ Demna Gvasalia to the stable, what was once a bite is now a full blown epidemic. Balenciaga’s PreFall 2016 collection had my entire office […]

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Night Shade

I’m the first to admit that I’m prone to exaggeration on a regular basis.  Exaggeration that’s not confined to conversation with my besties when it comes to explaining certain events (you can’t let the truth get in the way of a good story no?), but more importantly exaggerated sleeves, exaggerated proportions and yes, you guessed it […]

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Gaining Static

Servicing my slide addiction with crafty Ellery slip on’s and a healthy dose of gold tone hardware .. my latest accessory obsession .. black top: Celine  .  white shirt: Saint Laurent  .  black trousers: Balenciaga  .  black slides: Ellery  .  black bag: Phillip Lim   .  sunglasses: Celine .  earrings: Holly Ryan Or shop the affordable […]

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Walking On Clouds

Thanks to Pantone earlier this year for confirming my obsessions for the colour grey.  You may have come across articles on and Instyle, where we were all spurred on with suggestions as to which colours we should be wearing during 2016 .. and luckily for me lilac grey was one of them.   No doubt one of […]

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Last Call

So this is the last call for any of you, my fine friends .. who may have doubted the tomboy minimalist within you.  You see, in my possibly biased opinion every modern girl should own at least one casual suit.  For the days when you don’t feel like wearing a skirt, the days when you’re envious […]

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Cross Over

   So this is apparently the beginning of winter down here yonder in the southern part of the hemisphere.  With reports that this April may be the hottest on record when in fact we are nearing the end of Autumn, I’m confident in saying that trans-seasonal dressing now should officially have it’s own hashtag. Whether you’re […]

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Wires Crossed

There’s no element of surprise here, you know the drill .. a girl like me LOVES  a good pair of leather pants, a structured blazer and a Parisian streetscape to bask in the beauty of.  Luckily for me the sunlight in Paree has been in abundance and in my suitcase there is no shortage of […]

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Cut Work

Sometimes it’s not what you put into something but it’s what you take out.  The cut-out trend and I have been on and off again lovers, dancing the game of are we meant to be together or are we better off calling it quits until further notice. However, in recent times thanks to the likes […]

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The tricky part about experimentation is that it’s risky but as Hellen Keller the famous author once said “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”  The good thing here is that a daring adventure doesn’t have to mean taking a 2 month hiking tour across Tibet with little more than a weeks wages […]

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The Big Chill

My mum always says ‘cold hands warm heart’.  In case you hadn’t guessed it I feel the cold… I’m the girl that you see at the movies wearing shearling and the chic on the plane wearing cashmere (with the occasional addition of a pompom beanie, but who’s taking any notice right?).  Always with the best intentions to rug up, […]

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The Uniform

Ditch what you thought you new about the everyday uniform and take a cue from our street style favourites Emmanuelle Alt and Geraldine Saglio, industry heavyweights who now how to roll into work everyday looking effortlessly chic. Whoever said uniform’s had to boring right? Balmain ‘Velvet’ Blazer (affordable option here)  .  Topshop Lace Bra  .  Saint Laurent […]

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Saint L

  It’s Thursday so I’m confident enough to say that by midweek around here my general workwear becomes a little more on the relaxed side. No doubt to match my levels of enthusiasm for the less charming side of the business such as meetings with my accountant, web-coding tutorials and paying credit card bills..although it’s fun spending the […]

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Winter Blues

This is not my car … although it should be.  The fact is that I’ve always been a bit of a car girl, even more so would you believe, than a clothes kind of girl.  So today it’s about bringing the two things together, cars, clothes, the eiffel tower (ok 3 things) in a self indulgent […]

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