8 metallic candle holders

I’m finding it hard to adjust to the seasons, mostly just for the lack of light. The evening comes much sooner now and doing homework with the kids and making dinner when the sky is black, I’m feeling slow to adjust to it all. One of the best remedies to the dark months are those cozy elements that we really don’t need in the summer. The fireplace, a warm blanket, wool socks, and of course (and most importantly) candle light! That’s why I’ve gathered 8 of my favorite Scandinavian candle holders, along with a few others down below. Candle light can carry you through otherwise bleak and dark weather to make the most of this time by creating a cozy and inviting environment!

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IKEA’s creative offices in Malmö cater 15 unique workspaces for individuals and group workshops

The interior of the offices for the creative team of Sweden’s IKEA was designed by Nanna Lagerman and Nina Warnolf to serve employees who need to work alone or collaboratively. Located on the fourth floor of a building that was once a bank, the creator…

melancholic monday

Hopefully your weekend was better than mine, which was spent taking care of the kids at home while I felt sicker than…I can’t think of a good comparison right now. My head is foggy and yet I have a short list of things I’d like to accomplish this week so whatever this illness is needs to be gone already.

Melancholic Tulip by André Kertés perfectly captures my current mood, but doing so with much more gracefully than me.

a dark corner

This little corner of my dining room was posted to Insta earlier this week but I wanted to share it again because I like the dark mood, it’s sometimes a nice change.

a dark kitchen with skylights

This is a must for our next house and I’ve been telling my husband for years, I want as many overhead windows as possible! In our current house the hallway, bathrooms and laundry room are so dark without the ceiling lamps. But by now we know natural li…