IKEA’s renewable shelving system, Svalnäs

Currently at home we have become more and more concerned about the environment. I should stop here and make sure you know I am no poster child for being eco friendly! Sometimes we use plastic bottles and sometimes we buy unnecessary things and sometimes we create too much waster. However! The environment and our impact on it has moved more and more to the forefront of our mind and it slowly changing the way to make decisions. Recently I purchased a set of glass water bottles for us to reuse. They are very similar in the to the plastic disposable versions we used to drink from but now we simply wash and refill.
This has also become a dialogue we involve the kids in. Talking often about how we can do more with less and consider the impact of our choices is really good for all of us, no matter our age.

And so, we gladly welcome IKEA’s Svalnäs shelving into our home, which is made from renewable bamboo. It’s not going to single handedly save the planet but it is a step in the right direction to put our efforts and support towards material that can be easily replenished. The system is composed of shelf components of various widths and depths, a desk and drawer with recessed dividers. The entire unit is very light weight and best of all, fully cusotmizable. The tracks the shelves hang from come in differing lengths so each section can be customized vertically and horizontally.

At home this storage system is used to hold overflow kitchen items, books and a paper lamp Storuman, also from IKEA. I chose low profile shelves with a shallow depth because our funny angled wall leads into the living room and I didn’t want to obstruct the view. These can easily accommodate a single vertical sets of shelves or continue on across a very wide wall. It’s also nice to add some warmth from this Svalnäs unit to our monochrome kitchen via this adjacent wall.

*this post was created in partnership with IKEA, all words, views and photos are my own!

What’s really going on with all that white bedding?

If you’ve been following my blog for any real length of time then you know I like to change the look of my bedding. We’ve been through colors in black, greys, variations of taupe and white, both linen and cotton fabrics. At times I’ve swapped out pillow covers and throws in the winter time made of wool and knit, then in the summer time removing those extra layers. It’s simple to give the bedroom a big visual change in look and feel by temporarily replacing the duvet cover, sheets, pillow covers and blankets. Through the various seasonal changes a full white set of bedding has always been a staple for me – whether to mix in with other colors or to completely white out our bed. 

In some ways I think this is true for many of us, somewhere in the rotation we have a reliable white cotton bedsheets that we continually come back to. We love the look of it in photos and on Instagram, bright and ethereal billowing blankets and cushions of white. Upon closer inspection, however, and without the magic of photo editing we probably all know one truth, white bedding shows everything! The drawback of such light textiles is that every smudge, every smear, every time we accidentally slept with make up on is going to show up on your sheets. Since I have two young kids, a cat and a husband, there are definitely spots on our bedding that you typically won’t see me sharing online.  

Here – what I’m sharing with you are some spots made by my youngest who was coloring with her markers. Both of the kids know better than to write on anything besides paper or coloring books because thankfully we’re now past that artist wall-drawing toddler stage. However with two markers in her hand, Elin leaned on the bed and that’s all it took. This is not the worst of the stains I’ve seen at our house, in fact just earlier this week our oldest was sick and vomited several times over the course of two nights. Let’s just say our washing machine has had quite the work load recently. 

Though white may show stains easier than colors or patterns I’ve always kept it as a staple in the house because even some of the toughest stains can come out with a bit of detergent and bleach. I’ve mercilessly bleached out all sorts of things from our white cotton towels and sheets that I wouldn’t try with colored or printed bedding.

Thanks to my partners Clorox and Cotton incorporated who encouraged me to share this Reality Check and talk about what’s really going on with our white bedding. Despite the reality and mess of life along with the inevitable stains and spots that we will no doubt see again, with a bit of work and plenty of bleach, white bedding will continue to be a staple basic in our house for years to come. In case you didn’t know, by choosing non-synthetic fibers, and soft durable fabrics such as cotton, I have a sensible choice to fight odors, remove my kids stains and ideal breathable fabric for warm weather. Also, by adding a bacteria-killing agent like Clorox®-Regular-Bleach to your laundry can help sanitize smelly, stain filled clothing, I am able to kill 99.9% of bacteria, which causes odor.

Despite the reality and mess of life along with the inevitable stains and spots that we will no doubt see again, with a bit of work and plenty of bleach, white cotton bedding will continue to be a staple basic in our house for years to come.
Also, check out this fun video they made to illustrate the benefits of bleach for your cotton whites.

*Do you need a reality check? To extend the challenge to you, we have a giveaway for a Clorox + Cotton Incorporated prize pack, including bleach products and a gift certificate to a cotton-friendly retailer. Just share a perfectly curated photo of your favorite white, cotton bedsheets on Instagram using the #CloroxCottonCombo, make sure to tag me @amerrymishap for a chance to win!

* This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Clorox. The text and photos are all mine.

A favorite smoothie bowl that’s a staple at home

If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw this smoothie bowl I posted on Thursday sans recipe. In case you’re wondering how it was made I thought this would be a better place to share the recipe. We have some sort of smoothie almost everyday, blame i…

Kovac Family’s 25Lamp

Recent styling work I did for Kovac Family and their wonderful 25Lamp. It comes flat packed and you only need to gently pull the sections apart to create this shape. They’re coming out with some new products soon so stay tuned for that as well!

A new place to relax in the bedroom, Neva chair

Our bedroom now has a nice, comfortable place to sit. I’d like to call it my reading corner but we all know it’s really just my laptop/blogging corner. This Neva chair from Sixpenny is filled with down and covered in a natural linen, finished with fre…

GIVEAWAY with The Poster Club

A couple weeks ago this giveaway was hinted at as I introduced the new print collection by Atelier CPH for The Poster Club and now it’s time! Generously The Poster Club is giving away a print from the collection, the winner gets to choose!Hop on over t…

Telling time with VOID

An independent watch brand started by Swedish designer David Ericsson in 2008, VOID makes telling time an incredibly stylish affair. Their imagery and clock designs use simple designs to honor their Swedish heritage. While I normally choose very subtle…

countdown to christmas

The calendar candle in my home, with tarnished silver and watched by two kids that cannot wait for the 25th to come.

an easy update with bedding

We live in a smallish house and since I am home more often than not with the kids, the place often feels like it needs little refreshes to keep my interest. I can’t replace all of the furniture on a whim, nor would I want to but I do like to make small…

MAKE / cinnamon ornaments

With Thanksgiving now over here in the States, it’s officially Christmas time. Yesterday the kids and I made these simple DIY ornaments that made the house smell like heaven. The recipe or how-to is incredibly simple and you might already have everythi…

a bit of brass from Denmark

It’s Friday and I’m heading out but not before I share this beautiful metal bowl from Danish brand Louise Roe. It’s just the right subtle shape and I love metals, they feel so luxurious.

Bepart Studio jewelry box

A couple weeks ago I shared a peek of this beautiful jewelry box from Bepart Studio. This genius wooden box comes with three tiers of shelves made custom for earrings, rings and other small accessories. There’s also a single level version if you like to see all your pieces at once. The earrings, like this silver cuff style, are also from Bepart, a pair that I often receive compliments for when I wear them.

Please be sure to check out the very talented Petra and her wonderful store and beautiful creations. You can also easily shop below or in my shop!

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sunset print

Yesterday’s sunset casts shadows on Atelier CPH’s print interpretation of the last moments of sun, adding warmth and burnt orange tones to the house. I’ve never been fond of orange, but when I say orange I think the fruit or pumpkins maybe and the satu…

after a slow weekend

It’s Sunday night and I’m trying to wrap my head around this week’s to-do’s. I got sick last week which always frustrates me because I fall behind with everything…you should see the house. Laundry anyone?Whatever strange sickness I had has come and g…


I’m so excited to share this with you! Months of work has manifested itself in a physical form and I’m glad to share these vases/pots I designed for Swedish ceramic company DBKD.Earlier this year Karin Dahlin Gunterberg approached me about the prospect…

my new desk chair

Our bedroom corner also serves as a makeshift desk. I can’t say that it’s completely finished as I’d like to figure out some sort of board or cork maybe to hold loose papers. Our printer also needs a home but I want something discreet because printers …

rusty mules / this week’s reading material

This week has made caring out time to post a special struggle so for those who saw my blank scheduled post earlier this week I apologize! I will get that edited and reposted asap.
It took 2 days for me to even remember it was on the calendar and then seeing I had left it blank well, it just felt a little bit embarrassing! Regardless I’m back and while it’s been a little quiet on the blog the past few days I have some exciting news coming up from something I’ve been working for months on. I hate to leave you hanging but once I have proper photos and more details I will be sure to share them.

Last night my husband and I had some spare time alone, a very rare thing, so we went to the bookstore. I picked up the newest issue of Kinfolk and he had to have the ‘livability’ issue of Monocle. Then this morning my rust colored suede mules had arrived because we are going to LA next month and I just thought I needed these for the trip. Every time I travel there is this little voice telling me that something more than my usual “mom in sneakers” look is probably a good idea.

Along with the mules was a book I had purchased last week, Morandi’s Objects. I thumbed through it very quickly because sometimes buying a book online is a little like buying a box of chocolates but so far so good.

I’ve been reading fiction novels in the evening after the kids are in bed but during the day and when I’m in need of inspiration or just need something other than a sink full of bowls lined in oatmeal and little cups of leftover milk to look at, I try to keep my shelves stocked in artsy/design related printed materials. Also the cover is beautiful, so there’s that too.

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my saturday view

My morning view before we spend the most of the day outside. Hoping it’s beautiful and sunny wherever you are.Happy weekend!

MAKE / creamy coconut & pineapple mini popsicles

For me, Summer food is all about easy and fresh. I love eating fruits and greens when it’s hot but the kids usually ask for ice cream, even though they don’t get it too often. I’ve made fruit popsicles before and they were never too popular with the li…

workout gear basics / Reebok x FACE Stockholm

This week I tried hot yoga for the first time. It was brutal. I was a panting, slippery mess and the last 30 minutes my head was consumed with the thought of running out the room doors, down the stairs and to my care never to return again! I resisted though and endured until the bitter, sweaty, HOT end with not much more than a soaked towel, empty water bottle and blotchy red face to show for it.
After about 10 minutes though I started to feel pretty good and I’m going again (can you believe it?!) later this week.
I decided to try hot yoga after because I feel like I’ve plateaued. After having the kids and going through some rough personal things, I really packed on the pounds and haven’t felt at all like myself as a result. In January I started attending hour long interval training classes with 30 mins of cardio combined with 30 mins of strength training. I love it! It’s a one-stop-shop for the total body and I leave feeling exhausted but invigorated. Sadly though, after 6 months of these classes 3-4 times a week I’m just not seeing the progress I want. Not one to give up on the goal I have of resembling my post baby self I decided to try incorporating yoga one or twice a week. It’s too soon to report on any progress but if it goes well I’ll let you know.

When I’m really lacking in motivation to go I try to envision the way I want to look and feel, strong and healthy and lean. On bad days though, or weak days, I need something more and nothing motivates me like new workout gear (hello white yoga mat)! Nothing. So I treated myself to new shoes (which I actually really needed) which are a result of a Reebok & FACE Stockholm collaboration. They are in the faintest mint color with a sort of retro shape and I think I’m going to wear them around even when I don’t intend to work out.

I keep it very simple when I workout with a hair elastic and water bottle and sometimes my Nike Fuel + band. I also don’t wear any make up but I hate dry lips so I always, ALWAYS smear a bit of this La Bruket coconut oil lip balm on my lips. It’s so nourishing and light and smells wonderful. You can see it’s been well use as I’ve rubbed most of the label off now. Also these invisibobble hair fasteners work really well with my long wavy hair and don’t slip out mid run, which is actually a big deal for me.
Hopefully this will give you some good ideas for workout essentials which will in turn give you more motivation to power through your workouts!

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drawing inspiration from Calla Lilies / the creative process

These past weeks I’ve been working on a fun project for an upcoming post, which you’ll see next week, and I needed a starting point for inspiration. This can sometimes be the hardest part for me and many times I’ve sat on work and pushed back deadlines…

Union issue #9

A fresh copy of one of my favorite (non-interior) magazines, Union. I love thumbing through the photographs for inspiration.

Japanese favorites

At home these vessels are some of my current favorites, more to come on this soon…

a new mirror table at home

I guess I really like HAY’s slit tables because now we have the mirror version in our living room! I can’t remember when I decided I had to have it but it was a while ago and I haven’t been able to get the image of this little reflective, geometric tab…

weekend shelfie

The kids and I did a bit of cleaning yesterday, rearranged a few things and organized the pantry. Right now I like this white & brown combination, the natural warmth the browns give to white make it less harsh.

Below I’ve collected similar products if you want to recreate a similar look.

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rose colored glasses

I buy at least two pairs of sunglasses every Summer, it’s not because I lose them but because I always end up buying $8 H&M shades or something else that seems like a good idea in the moment but have no staying power.
This year I really wanted to break that cycle of cheap sunglasses so when Triwa offered to send a couple pairs my way, I enthusiastically agreed!
I suppose this is a bit of a tease because this is one of two pairs but I really liked these Peach Nicki‘s since I predictably almost always choose black. They come in a firm case that for me is a necessity as they will got tossed around the inside of my car and purses.

/ Sponsored by Triwa however all words and opinions are my own :)

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bedside, currently

I haven’t shown any photos from home lately, we’re making a few changes and I’m waiting on a chair, some shelves and a kitchen cart so in the meantime I think everything feels so unfinished to me or at least for what I have in my head.
Our room is also a but incomplete but I did get a new side table and I like how it blends into the wall.

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a new watch

I’m not a huge watch person, I mean I like the way they look but I seem to always forget to wear them or have troubles with the fit being too small or loose, especially on a leather band.Swedish company Nicole Vienna recently sent me this watch from th…

in the details

Aside from an open and bright kitchen, this apartment could be nice but still quite ordinary if it weren’t for all the little interesting details. What a difference styling can make.

Mother’s Day giveaway

Sunday is Mother’s Day here in the US, which means a super busy day for us visiting our moms and having lunch/dinner. If I remember I might have the kids make something for my mom, she loves handmade gifts and the kids are always looking for ways to get their hands dirty.

I’m hosting a nice giveaway so one lucky winner will receive a blush silk blouse/short set (worth $286) from Maison Du Soir in honor of Mother’s Day this weekend! Check out my Instagram post here, follow @maisondusour and tag a mom you know to enter!

Also, I picked up these cheapie flats today at H&M but they are super soft, the palest nude color, and basically effortless. I may grab another pair for when I wear these out.

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outdoor small space gathering

Even though we live in a house, our patio space is not any larger than an apartment balcony. I’ve always struggled a bit with making what space we have cozy and inviting for the family or for when we have friends visiting.
I’m partnering with Target to share how I updated our outdoor area to create a casual place with different seating options and feel much more inviting. I suppose I could have shown you a ‘before’ but just believe me when I say it was boring.

Marimekko has this new line exclusively for Target which includes quite a few outdoor items and I really liked these big poufs. I don’t usually have a lot of pattern but thought this would be a fun way to show how a little pattern can go a long way.
I also added a taller woven stool to give another option beyond the poufs, there is always someone who would rather have a firm place to sit so it’s not a bad idea to have a variety of seating.
Also, because we are very near to our neighbors and the street behind can see right into our patio I made a DIY divider with some painted wood boards and hinges. This is also a nice backdrop for plants. I found several cement pots that I really like, it’s such a nice and simple contrast to green. A nice outdoor space has to have plenty of green, for me, which means lots of containers to plant. I think this is also a great filler and way to add height and texture.
A large woven tray in a natural material for is functional for snacks, reading material drinks and is essential especially if you don’t want to be running in and out of the house several times.

This post is brought to you by TargetStyleShop the new Home collection in stores and online.

win a Marimekko Urna vase!

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all had nice weekends. We had quite a bit of sun so we enjoyed working a bit in the yard, blowing bubbles with the kids on the porch and going to the park. I am partnering with {at}mine and Really Well Made to host a r…


Some images I took over the weekend, recovering from a severe cold but still enjoyed pulling these items from the cupboard, their warm colors and textures together.

the love of wood

A nice visual story from Bo Bedre Norway, I was too lazy to translate it for myself so take a look here for more details.Is it Friday yet? ;)Styling by Katrine Mortensen-LarsenPhotography by Kira Brandt

still life with UP lamp

At home today, with Muuto’s UP lamp among some other pieces I had pushed aside for later. I’ve had my eye on this lamp for a bit, it’s unusual shape and soft finish intrigued me and I like it even more now at home.There’s this really discreet sensor ne…

stick system at home

Not long ago I shared photos of Menu’s displays at some of the furniture fairs in France and Copenhagen but they also have some really great design in their current collection, one of my favorites being the Stick System.This actually isn’t new to our h…


One of my favorite stores, Nest, sent over this gorgeous Pulpo Oda lamp for my desk area. For now the desk is white but I’ve been testing out muddy grey colors all week and have decided on one that will compliment the slight green hue in the glass orb …

taupe sutton handbag giveaway!

Taking a quick break from talking about interiors to host this giveaway in collaboration with MZ Wallace who designs handbags that are stylish & functional. I am asked to do giveaways more than often than you might think but often times they are for items that I don’t personally like or that I think won’t resonate with my audience, however as a mom I am always looking for multifunctional items like this.
The Sutton collection comes in this taupe color, among others, in 3 sizes ranging from small to large. For the giveaway I chose this large size, big enough to hold kids’ things or gym stuff or a stack of sketchbooks in a soft, warm neutral.

Head over to my Instagram to enter & win.

sunday moments

A few moments from around my house today.


From the wonderful creators at Sunday Suppers comes this thoughtfully designed and sourced collection of oils, syrups and spices. I have followed Karen for some time and have watched as this ILA collection has materialized and I have so much respect fo…


Some of you may have already heard of at{mine} but I’m a little late I suppose, nothing new for me. If you haven’t though, it’s a great place to network and share your own interior projects and images with a network of others. This online community le…

pink and brown

Soft pinks from Everlane, a Hay bits & bobs dish and this watch from Daniel Wellington with a rose gold trimmed face. I like the soft but warm colors, an unusual pattern from my typical shades of grey.
Right now you can use a special discount code for 15% off at DW with code AMERRYMISHAP, active until January 15th!

Flos Copycat & Sweepstakes

Flos is well known for producing classic, elegant lighting that we all come to covet. Their IC Lights by designer Michael Anastassiades is one that I blogged last year and I still find to be gorgeous. One of his newest lighting creations though is thi…

DOMO table at home

We have been without a proper coffee table for most of the year. I had looked all over and found several that I liked but there was always something not quite right. The shape, size, color or material would be just off enough that I couldn’t commit. At…

spring scissors

Nomess Copenhagen sent these beautiful brass scissors designed by Lex Pott whose idea for the design has its roots in Asian craftsmanship. The spring steel causes the scissors to pop right back into shape after use and their silhouette makes them an ar…


It’s a gloomy day, the house is so dark, I feel instantly tired. Every corner, and even wide open areas, is filled with thick dark shadows and right now in my kitchen (with the thanks of some Photoshop brightening) this is how it sits. A hand carved wo…

25LAMP giveaway

KOVAC Family is giving away one 25 Lamp kit to a lucky Instagram follower anywhere in the world, check out my post here to enter! Giveaway ends this Friday, November 13th.


A small pewter creamer I found while thrifting today. It’s funny how on a shelf with haphazardly placed old or worn items can make an item seem so ordinary, and then put it in a new setting and it feels like something grand. Three dollars well spent, I…


Something I posted to IG last week and forgot to share here, some blue shades at home.

a small break

I didn’t get to post yesterday, my streak lasted a whole two days, however I thought I’d drop in to give a quick update. My current view, flipping through some booklets and planning some upcoming work. These soft blush and grey colors are really appeal…


It’s Tuesday and I’m posting again, off to a good start with this week’s goal. I have to laugh at myself because once that was no big deal but these days I really have to purposely carve out time to post but it’s rewarding when I have time to!Lucky me…

a butter box & toaster

At home we have some new ceramics from Mette Duedahl and a new toaster from Muji. Mette makes these beautifully rounded ceramics, we have a set of her cups and this butter dish coordinates. It has a small blue wooden lid to rest your knife on in a soft…

kitchen shelf trio

Things get moved around a lot in my house, sometimes intentionally and other times because little hands like to transport objects to new and strange locations. Currently this little trio of containers, two from a local store and the green cup by Menu f…

Akari light sculpture

While in Portland last week we stopped in one of our favorite shops, Canoe, and I picked up this Noguchi Akari table lamp. I like the irregular shape, more organic with one side rounded and the other sort of concave. The cover is made from mulberry bar…

Kinfolk Home

I was fortunate enough to receive an early copy of the Kinfolk Home book and it is stunning, as I expected it would be. Doesn’t it fit well on my bookshelf? ;)

Peter’s table

These from were the Summer, I’m going to guess July. I would love to be more prompt with these things, especially when it’s for a company as wonderful as Carl Hansen & Søn but sometimes this mom gets a bit overwhelmed with work & the kids, even those really special projects can slip through the cracks for a month…or two.
I’m not going to bore you with the details of working from home with two small kids but most days it takes everything out of me and I go to bed thinking of all that I did not get done. I have to remind myself to focus on what I did accomplish that day and tomorrow’s hope at redemption.

Tardy as I may be, I am even more grateful to have cooperated with Carl Hansen & Søn for their ‘At Home Anywhere in the World’ or #globalhomes campaign featuring some of their amazing furnishings in my own home. Elin & Israel are lucky enough to also have a Peter’s table & chair set which is shipped completely flat and is assembled in just a few short minutes without any tools or hardware! The piece fit together tightly and don’t slip out, very elegant and ingeniously simple.

“Peter’s Chair was designed by Wegner as a present for the baby son of Wegner’s friend and colleague Børge Mogensen. In the war years quality furniture was hard to find – so he made his own.”

Elin likes to push her chair around the house to use as a step stool but she also likes to host tea parties or book club meetings around her table!

I appreciate the quality wood composition and soft rounded edges that give a very subtle childish look. In my opinion this is the nicest child’s table & chair I’ve ever found and I hope to keep even after my kids outgrow it. Maybe someday their children will use it as well. I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing!

green & black

A little peek at this weekend’s work, if you haven’t already seen it on Instagram.

ball vase

These new ball vases from Swedish Catcooee are soft, matte and perfectly round and I think they are just as great empty as they are with a green stem in them. See all of them including their largest size, here.

afternoon light / new minimalism

The late afternoon light comes in at a strong angle over our dining table. Generously exposing every particle of dust or crumb left there by the kids. The fig tree is happy about it, hopefully helping it to grow much bigger and stronger.

Earlier today I posted this article from The Spaces to my Facebook, which is my personal page and I often wonder if I should just go ahead and create a FB page for the blog. What do you think? Anyways, the article explores what today’s minimalism in the age of technology and what that means, the desire for quality and handmade features and those imperfect products from times past.
Minimalism now isn’t just about the absence of things ‘but about using the absence of things to enhance the meaning of what we chose to retain.’

Joanna Laajisto has a great was asked to define luxury, which has become a very relative term depending on who you ask.
‘Luxury today is time and quietness – two things that we don’t have during our hectic days. People want to make their homes safe havens they can retreat to with their families.’

As a mother I share a similar definition of luxury, though I would also consider staying away in a hotel or at a spa with my own thoughts and no one demanding my attention to be a luxurious moment. A very interesting discussion that I think is incredibly relevant to our modern times.

240 years of Royal Copenhagen

I’ve always enjoyed history, not that it makes me terribly knowledgable about it but I find ancient ruins or centuries old buildings, languages, traditions to be fascinating. Travel and history shows have a way of sucking me in and I quickly slip into …

at home anywhere in the world / part II

Somehow I forgot to post this sooner to the blog, some styling I did with Carl Hansen & Søn’s CH88 chair for this campaign. Our pair of these chairs are happily “at home” in our dining room still, their thin line frame and curved back makes it light and also comfortable.

Read more about the campaign right here!


A photo I found on my camera roll, I still like these tones.

Ferm Living x AMM blog / prt. II

As promised, part II of the styling I did in collaboration with Ferm Living and their S/S ’15 line. One of my favorite pieces is actually a set, a set of vases that next into each other but can also be used individually or the round dorm that hangs wi…

Ferm Living x AMM blog / prt. I

I was honored to be able to work with Danish brand Ferm Living, styling some of their Spring/Summer ’15 line of products in my own home. Ferm Living is such a strong brand with a broad product line and thoughtfully designed pieces that feel really frie…

the sleep shirt

Over the past few years I’ve grown a fondness for linen. Maybe you’ve noticed here and there on the blog I post photos of my linen bedding or throw pillows or the material shows up in a ‘wishlist’ item as well. I didn’t always love the wrinkly, texture…

at home anywhere in the world

I’m honored to be partnering with Carl Hansen & Søn to announce a fun project they are hosting, something you can join in on also!
Since Carl Hansen & Søn distributes their pieces on a global scale, they want to see their pieces in your own home, anywhere you live. In case you’re not familiar with some of their legendary products, CH & Søn manufactures such iconic pieces as the Wishbone chair, CH88 (which you can see above in photos I took from my own home!), OW150 daybed and Kaare Klint’s Safari chair.

Post your own Carl Hansen & Søn piece at home and use #globalhomes @carlhansenandson.
The best contributions will be rewarded with a Hans J. Wegner Wishbone chair!
Keep up with some of their favorites (maybe yours will be included too) right here.

the perfect cups, found

Some time ago I recall talking to a friend that I was on the hunt for the perfect cups. Something with a subtle texture and soft, rounded shape and no handle. I was pretty excited when I found ceramic artist Mette Duedahl and her line of work. Even mor…

styling a bookself

When I was younger my mom would often come home to me rearranging her furniture. I had very different ideas than my mom of what looked good or was appropriate in the house, even at a young age. In spite of her patience and her not-wanting-to-crush-my-creations attitude, my constant movement of household items got on her nerves. In retrospect, I get that! Thankfully though, I think all that practice did something to nurture a love for curating from an early age.
Now that I have my own house I don’t have to worry about bothering my mom’s things but let’s be honest, it’s a lot of work to redecorate regularly. In spite of the extra work to take trinkets out of storage while tripping over toys or dusting shelves with one hand because the other is holding a baby on my hip, it feels so good to give pieces new life and freshen up an arrangement.
I’ve collaborated with Target Style to show you how I take some of their newest home collection pieces and style my favorite bookshelf to give it a fresher update. It’s amazing how curating open shelves can make a space feel brand new and it doesn’t take much, Target makes it soooo easy!

find your inspiration

One thing you can do, if you have the time, is make a collage or moodboard. Rip photos from magazines, even some of those much older issues or copy pages out of a photography book. You can print images from the web (for collage purposes only) or do what I did, throw some images I liked together on a couple printer pages in Photoshop, just enough to stand back and see what works together/doesn’t and get a general idea of the look I’m going for.

My mood for this was something beachy and fresh with green, blue, natural and white, greys.


Search around/shop for pieces that compliment your mood. Mix high/low and new/old to get something with more depth.

I used fresh green accents, with Spring now here it’s a must. The newest collection from Target has a lot of nautical pieces which is great because I love these brain corals and porcelain urchins with porous white, sculptural textures they add. A hint of blue from a small dipping bowl that holds a cactus, some soft natural colors from cork, jute and rope. Glass is an other element that offsets these more organic surfaces, both for holding small fern stems but also this grey vase which has a subtle beach feel. Also, because this wall is adjacent to my kitchen I included stacks of plates and bowls, even towels. I used a basket to hold a spray bottle and a brush for cleaning.


This, of course, is the fun part. Since the newness of plant life and Spring are relevant and ocean elements were an influence, I wanted the finished shelves to be airy so I purposely left pockets of blank space. Don’t feel obligated to completely pack your shelves with lots and lots of stuff. You can put everything on there from your gathering but then step back and edit yourself. Make sure to remove something(s) because a few well chosen pieces are a bolder look than too many competing pieces, things can get lost.

Another piece of advice I’d offer is to add some practicality or function to your arrangement. Of course we’re going for something aesthetically nice but why can’t is serve to be useful as well? In my case I have magazines but also one of my favorite cookbooks, nearby enough to search for a quick recipe. Be mindful of the location of your bookshelf and how you use that general area, so something near a living room could hold extra throws and pillows, a shelf in the bedroom could hold extra bags and shoes, dishes for small jewelry…you get the idea.

This post is brought to you by Target Style. Shop the new Home collection in stores and online.

rug giveaway from Mum’s

It’s been a while since I last hosted a giveaway so this is exciting to announce.
Finnish shop Mum’s is giving away this Koko iäksi (meaning whole life) rug designed by Saana Ja Olli exclusively for Mum’s and made in India by ethical fair trade standards.
It’s great to support a shop who is also supporting others on a global scale!

This giveaway is open worldwide and to enter:

/ please repost this image to your Instagram account
/ in the caption please tag @amerrymishap and @mumsmakesgoodwithgoods
/ also make sure to include #mumsXammgiveaway and tag one other friend who you think might want to join

This will be open until March 23rd. The winner will be announced here on the blog as well as on my own IG account.


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