A new collection inspired by nature, ‘Pujo’ is the latest from Ferm Living

Consisting of a wall rack and a wall-mounted table the series offers sculptural hallway or storage furniture, this line for Ferm Living was designed by Studio Finna. The black stained ash and powder coated metal detail were inspired by a love for natu…

An afternoon DIY to get you in that Autumn mood

Swedish Photographer and super stylish mom of two, Ulrika Nihlén shares with us a simple activity that gets you into nature and crafting with you hands, a particular great one to do with kids.

So, this is nothing new to you but it is one of the cheapest and easiest things to craft with, using what is almost always outside. Especially when kids are involved, creating from nature is one of the funnest activities, letting them chose what to create with. Bill and Frances here collected a variety of leaves, branches and berries for themselves in a bucket and the we brought them inside to make art from it.

Of course it can create a mess but I believe it is really important to be allowed to use our creativity freely, whether you are 1 or 95 years old!

Bill however is 3.5 yrs old and is becoming more strict about what he wants things to look like and takes his time. But for me, I like to differ the leaf colors. This is so simple, you only need glue and pieces of colored paper. Another good idea is to take a photo of the art when it is finished, especially IF you have a tiny destroyer in your house who loves to tear the art apart afterwards. :)

A Grooming Retreat In The Barley

Set among the wild olive trees on a remote agricultural state in southern Mallorca, the project of designers Mariana de Delás and Gartnerfuglen Arkitekter is a unique space for grooming in the middle of the barley.
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Studio North Creates A Platform To Play

“Your environment can shape the way you think,” say the designers of Canadian Studio North, who have created the ‘Dreaming Platform.’
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‘Returning Hut’ by FM.X Interior Design

In a today’s busy lifestyle, people often tend to look back and express deep nostalgia of being close to the nature. With this idea in mind, the team of FM.X Interior Design has created the ‘Returning Hut.’
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A Linear Sri Lankan Home At One With Nature

Architect Palinda Kannangara designed a linear, light-filled home with integrated plant and water features for a young family in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
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Tiny Treehouse By Wee Studio

Timber hut hidden in the forests of Bejing’s Wuling Mountain, subscribes to ideas of deliberated tiny living and subtle relationship between nature and inhabitation. Designed by local micro-architecture specialists Wee Studio, this tiny house is an o…

‘The Hidden Pavilion’ By Panelas Architects

Suspended over a small waterfall, ‘The Hidden Pavilion’ is a space to meditate and retreat among the nature of Las Rozas, Spain.
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‘The Hidden Pavilion’ By Penelas Architects

Suspended over a small waterfall, ‘The Hidden Pavilion’ is a space to meditate and retreat among the nature of Las Rozas, Spain.
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Tea House in Li Garden by Atelier Deshaus

Located in the Xuhui district of Shanghai, the tea house in Li Garden was developed by Chinese architect’s office Atelier Deshaus. The building owns a large courtyard towards the entrance gate and sits in the northwest corner where a paulownia tree g…

MINIMOD – A Contemporary Retreat Close To Nature

The small housing units called MINIMOD have been designed by Brazilian MAPA Architects. Constructed from four modules, namely, bedroom, living room dining room and bathroom, which also contains a kitchen, they present a simple but contemporary dwelling…

Tip-Box Provokes Vertigo In Montpellier’s Mountains

Named Tip-Box, the fictional project by Christophe Benichou was originally conceived for an architect friend turning thirty. Situated at the top of Pic-Saint-Loup, the most emblematic mountain of the Montpellier region, the space is intended to serve a…

Blackened timber cabin in Norway

A high altitude cabin created by Lund Hagem in Geilo Valley with blackened timber and concrete elevations which protect it from harsh, Norwegian winter weather.Photographed by Marc Goodwin.

Watermill On The Crag By Bruno Lucas Dias

Architecture practice Bruno Lucas Dias designed the lodge “ Watermill on the Crag“, built with recycled materials from an old watermill in Portugal’s Crags of Saint Simon. The architect’s goal was to construct an energy-efficient building on a …

Villa CD by OOA | Office O Architects

Villa CD is a brutalist residential project, designed by OOA | Office O Architects in 2015. Situated on top of a light, sandy dune, not far from the Belgian seaside, the home stands within a community of bungalows built in the early 1960s, bordering a …

House In Melgaço By Nuno Brandão Costa

Located in the unpopulated outskirts of Melgaço in northern Portugal, the building combines minimalist modernity with the firm permanence of old stone buildings. Portuguese architect Nuno Brandao Costa built the home into the decaying facade of a rura…

Griss Equine Veterinary Practice By Marte.Marte Architekten

Griss Equine Veterinary Practice is located in Rankweil, Austria, a small village at the end of the Rhine Valley, in the middle of an expansive lea. Designed by marte.marte architekten, the clear-lined building stands out due to the distinctly brutalis…

The Edris House By E. Stewart Williams

Built in 1954 by a prolific modernist architect E. Stewart Williams, ‘The Edris House‘ became an immediate phenomenon. Today, the property stays true to its original design, offering a journey back in time.
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The Monte Rosa Hut By Bearth & Deplazes Architekten

The Monte Rosa Hut designed by Bearth & Deplazes Architekten is a mountain hut located on the Monte Rosa massif near Zermatt. The five-story cabin made of wood is sitting on an ice-free rugged part at an altitude of almost 3000 meters.
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The Cuevas del Pino By UMMO Estudio

Located in the picturesque foothills of Sierra Morena, Spain, the Cuevas del Pino estate is constructed right into the rock strata that gives rise to various geological formations to the area, traditionally used for farming and livestock.
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The Mask House By WOJR

The Mask House, designed by WOJR, an organization of several architects and designers, is located in Ithaca, New York. The small home that measures less than 55 square meters represents a place of seclusion, peace and tranquility.
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Boat House By WE Architecture

The wooden cabin is another neat example of “the pursuit of countryside quietness” that became a movement among the partakers of modern times in hectic and crowded urban areas.
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Casa Cabo De Vila By Spaceworkers

The house that was wished by a young couple whom envisioned an irregular house sits on 340 square-meters of land in Bitarães, Portugal.
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A Modern Tree House By Aibek Almasov

Kazakhstan based architect, Aibek Almasov unifies eco-friendliness, modern design, and nature in his 2013 concept ‘Modern Tree House’. The tactful design is purposed to be constructed around a tree lavishing up 4 floors through the center, allowing you to live first-hand with a tree. With lighting, energy, and water being a priority, the clear structure […]

The Tepoztlan Lounge By Candaval & Sola-Morales

This 2016 built concrete pavilion can be booked as a holiday home. It is situated on the outskirts of Mexico City near the Tepoztlan mountain.
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The Right Route For A Hiker

As result of a design competition for six students at Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands, the team built a sustainable hiker’s cabin with architect Kristel Hermans being a valuable member to the project.
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Hadars Hus By Asante Architecture & Design

Located on the coast of Norway, the small house was designed by Asante Architecture & Design as a part of the project Bygda 2.0, a rural development project on the island of Stokkøya, focusing on developing modern Norwegian houses into a dynamic v…

A House At Peace With Nature By Metroarea

Inspired by the Roman villa and both Spanish and Arab cultural heritage, The Villa designed by Italian studio Metroarea fuses Mediterranean culture and the natural environment.
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Alpine Shelter ‘Bivak Na Prehodavcih’ By Premica Architects

Slovenian architect’s office Premica Architects rebuilt a former bunker from World War I into a cozy mountainside retreat. During the war, a number of high-alpine fortresses were installed throughout Europe, some of which were transformed into cabins for mountaineers. Located in Triglav National Park, Slovenia, the newly designed alpine bivouac stands on concrete foundations, on […]

Care And Retirement Home By Dominique Coulon & Associés

Dominique Coulon & associés architectes designed a large healthcare facility for dependent elderly people in the heart of the Normandy bocage near the village of Orbec.
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Hollywood Home By Struere

Designed by Los Angeles based firm Struere, the unique house promises to renew the modern living by extending the indoor spaces to the exterior. The single-bedroom residence is located in the Hollywood Hills and was built on the same site as an existing house by architect Milton Caughey. The house owns two volumes, connected by […]

The Alpine Cabin By OFIS

Designed by OFIS architects, the unique winter cabin is constructed on top of Mount Kanin in Slovenia.
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The Tilt Roof House By BCHO

Set amid peaceful mountains and rice fields, the Tilt Roof House offers a sophisticated and intimate living for a small community of artists.
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Villa Clessidra By LAAV Architects

Named ‘Villa Clessidra’, the unique concept home is hypothetically located in a pine forest in the Netherlands, featuring an exceptional interior layout that involves its entire second floor being enlarged to a swimming pool.
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Casa Na Mata By Studio MK27

Brazilian architecture studio MK27 designed a jungle house, “Casa na Mata“, on the verge of the Brazilian rain forest close to the Sao Paulo coastline. Completely surrounded by nature, the architects wanted to get the best out of contemporary desig…

Vega Cottage By Kolman Boye Architects

A house with a broad view of Mother Nature’s boulders, rigid mountains, and the Norwegian Sea sitting upon the island of Vega, close to the polar circle.
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A Concrete House Surrounded By Emerald Waters

Located on the shores of Yoron Island, a Japanese island which was created from elevated coral reefs, the house designed by Case-Real is a solid concrete structure with a delightedly sublime interior.
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A Shelter On The Stockholm Archipelago

In a summer retreat designed for a young family, Stockholm-based architects from Claesson Koivisto Rune combined natural materials with modern, minimalist look to gently fit the structure into stunning landscape of Kråkmora Holmar island.
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A White-glazed House Over Lake Michigan

“Usually when people enter a house, they expect the outside to be brought in, but in the Douglas House, the opposite occurs: you are transported outside, over the lake and into the trees,” the American architect Richard Meier expresses the mid-slope 418-square-meter, ‘Douglas House’. The remote 5-story vantage point was built in 1973 after the Douglases’ […]

birthday wishes

In case you’ve been living under a rock, today is voting day. It also happens to be my birthday and while I will spare you my political opinions (though if you’re friends with me on Facebook I’m not nearly so vague) I’m glad to say I’ve casted my vote …

Perspective Pavillon By Giles Miller

Designed by British designer Giles Miller, ‘Perspectives’ is an elliptical-shaped structure made of a steel framework covered in a series of cedar wood shingles.
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The Estate Bungalow By Narein Perera

This private, three-leveled bungalow in Sri Lanka was built by small Colombo-based practice Narein Perera. The hut-like hideaway is made of steel, timber and bamboo, situated on top of a huge estate at the border of the Sri Lankan jungle.
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A Summer House Set In The Heart Of Brazilian Greenery

Located among the stunning Brazilian landscape, Ubatuba House has one main feature – it barely touches the ground.
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The Applesauna By Noa* Network

noa* network of architecture built a sauna for the ‘Apfelhotel Torgglerhof’ in Northern Italy that melts with the nature it is surrounded by. Like the hotel’s name “Apfelhotel” which means ‘apple hotel’ in German, the guiding them…

A Country House in Trakai

This modern, yet restrained country house was realized in 2013 near the historic town of Trakai in Lithuania.
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A House With A View In Zakynthos

On 2.5 acres of smooth slope in the northeast Island of Zakynthos, Greece sits a high-altitude 275 square-meter house with awed views from each room.
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Casa El Maqui

Chile-based architectural studio GITC designed El Maqui house, located in in the eastern hillside of El Maqui Brook, a rural place of the Coastal Mountain Range of Chile.
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A Dwelling Set In The Desert Landscape

Tucked away in a remote desert location just outside of the U.S. Capitol Reef National Park, the modern dwelling built by architecture practice Imbue Design overlooks some of the most impressive rock formations in the world.
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Teepee-shaped Buildings By Issei Suma

Named Jikka, the avant-garde Japanese home complex was developed by Tokyo-based architect Issei Suma to facilitate a food delivery service for older people that also offers nursing care to people with disabilities.
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A Luxury Off-Grid Getaway

For those who lack a hideaway among the nature but don’t want to give up on the comfort of a city life, The Autonomous Tent seems like a perfect choice, offering a luxury camping experience. Designed by architect Harry Gesner and installed by an American startup, The Autonomous Tent was engineered as a permanent structure, […]

A Restaurant To Be Perched On A Steep Cliff

A concept developed by chef Maria Andrea Payne, ‘Bire Bitori’ will be a restaurant located in a dramatic surrounding in The Sierra Tarahumara Mountain Range, Mexico. TALL ARQUITECTOS, a local studio responsible for the project, has showed the renderings of the impressive property.‘Bire Bitori’, which means ‘a plate’ in the indigenous Mexican language Tarahumara, will […]

A Temporary Tent With A Fireplace

A temporary project and social experiment, FIRE SHELTER:01 was a cozy shelter that celebrated its location of Sydhavnstippen in Copenhagen, Denmark.
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The Oak Pass Main House In Beverly Hills

Glass, concrete, and steel detail this panoramic house on a 3.5 acre property in Beverly Hills, California.
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A Golf House In Buenos Aires

Architect Luciano Kruk and collaborators have slabbed together a ‘rest home’ topographically in the highest neighborhood of Costa Esmeralda called Golf House.
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The Voolyberg Tower Climbs Up Into The Sky

The eye-catching staircase is located in the Flemish Brabant municipality of Tielt-Winge in Belgium, and has been designed by engineering studio Close to bone. It`s structure blurs the distinction between a tower and a stairway which floats high above …

A Swedish Villa Facing The Lake

Designed by the Stockholm-based architecture practice Murman Arkitekter, Villa Sunnanö opens to the picturesque views of a lake and pine tree woodland.
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A Peaceful Space To Unwind In

Covered with black bricks on the outside, John Pawson’s ‘Life House’ is the kind of place we’d happily take some time out in. The generous, balanced retreat welcomes guests with brightness and a soft interior palette.
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A Series Of Artists’ Studios On Fogo Island

Located off the northeast coast of Newfoundland, Canada, Fogo Island is a small land mass with dramatic scenery and a total population of only 2,706 people. There, among raw, poetic landscapes, architect Todd Saunders was commissioned to design a serie…

A Family Retreat Hidden In The Jungle

Located in Sanur, one of the most popular tourist destinations in Bali, the DRA House stands against lush tropical sanctuaries, offering a true Balinese experience.
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A Simple House In Portugal By Aires Mateus

Located in Alentejo, a south-central part of Portugal, the house built by Aires Mateus represents the simple architecture that fits perfectly in its surrounding, becoming a perfect shelter.
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A House Designed To Ease Your Mind

Covered with black bricks on the outside, John Pawson’s ‘Life House’ welcomes the guests with brightness and soft colors in the interior. Acknowledged for his minimalistic aesthetics, the British architect once again created a generous…

A Bright Mexican Home Integrated With Nature

Mexican architect Abraham Cota Paredes designed Casa V, a serene, light-filled home integrated with nature. Designed around a central courtyard patio containing a pool of water and a tree, the home offers a calm escape from the surrounding urban area of Guadalajara. Built across three levels, Casa V features a floating staircase, a balcony terrace, […]

Inspiration Gallery I Enticing

Inspiration GALLERY S A N  F R A N C I S C O, July 2014

Ubud Rice Fields

Ubud, Bali | the 28th of September I arrived in Ubud yesterday. It’s a small Balinese city known from its rice fields, yoga, creativity and spirituality. Back in Amsterdam- I … Read More

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Camille Seaman

Hauntingly beautiful, the photographic work of Camille Seaman‘s iceberg series is so mesmerising each image could be a oil painting.  As an artist myself I’m always inspired by the work of other creatives and when I recently came across Camille’s work I felt as though I had to share it.  Camille Seaman’s work has won her awards […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: White Wanderlust

For an interiors obsessive like me the word ‘sanctuary’ conjures images of Scandinavian design, industrial styling and plush cosy bedrooms. But with a whole world of wanderlust around us, let’s not forget that the most beautiful sanctuaries come to us  free of charge, care of mother nature mostly, oh and little help from a handful of […]

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A Self-built Treehouse, A Childhood Dream Come True

For longtime readers of this very site, the name of Foster Huntington might already sound familiar. He was…

Kohei Nawa

Forever a fan of visual artist Kohei Nawa I thought it was time to share some of his beautiful work.  Kohei is most known for his ‘Pixcell’ series in which he encrusted animals and objects with millions of tiny glass beads, referencing computer screen pixels and the molecular structure in which they’re comprised of.  One of my favourite […]

VIPP shelter

Everyone who knows us, knows that we are in love with the brand Vipp! Beautiful, simple, functional, long lasting products, which design is based on materials and usability. And now they have created something new and absolutely amazing; an operational living space named the Vipp shelter that consists a large kitchen with dining/living area, a separate bathroom and a loft. The idea behind it is going back to basics; back to nature with basic functions in a compact space all wrapped in the Vipp DNA.“If you are cold you heat up the fireplace centrally positioned in the shelter for an equal distribution of heat; if you are warm you slide open the xxm2 parallel windows to create natural air-condition. By locating the house in the deep deciduous woods, we are able to take advantage of the leaves as sun shading in the summer months. In the winter, when the trees lose their leaves, the building’s black exterior absorbs sunlight and with the fireplace, there is a reduction in fuel consumption”.Below you’ll find a interview with the designer Morton Bo Jensen:Q&A Shelter – Morten Bo JensenHave you ever thought you would be designing a house? Yes and no. Although it may be an academic consideration, we started out with our usual approach, as if it was a product. The difference lies obviously in the scale of the project, which is new for us. Basically we see the house as a product (such as a caravan, yacht, private jet, etc.) and not as a piece of architecture – hence also the name ‘shelter’.How would you say that the Vipp house reflects the Vipp DNA? The Vipp DNA is clearly expressed in the basic concept of the shelter as a product that is available in a particular form and in a certain colour. It allows us to design the product down to every detail, providing a unique experience of quality, when taking the shelter in use. In addition to that, the shelter is built on a steel frame with a facade of painted steel – a material we have 75 years of experience in processing.Would you call yourself an architect after having designed a house for Vipp? I do not think a title like this makes sense. My job as a designer at Vipp is to interpret and execute what Vipp stands for. The shelter opens a whole new dimension to the brand and it emphasizes the way I believe that all brands should work with the design. Find and stick to the deep essence of your brand and use that as a platform to create every new product – we like to think of it as a kind of essentialism.Did you have an architect or engineer to help you throughout the process? Every new product we develop, we seek to anchor in what we stand for as a brand; that is functional, long lasting products, which design is based on materials and usability; this initial process defines the concept, which secures a certain vippishness. When it comes to the execution of an idea, we are humble and consult various experts to ensure the best possible result – so we talk to both architects, engineers, toolmakers just to mention a few.What do you think Holger Nielsen would say about taking his technique for bending metal into a bin and turning it into a house? Good design never goes out of fashion! Hopefully he would be both pleased and surprised that the seeds he once sowed have grown into what Vipp is today.Vipp is something very Danish, why did you choose to place the house in Sweden? It is true that we originate in Denmark and that one can trace many Scandinavian traditions in our approach to design. But we do things with a global mind-set – for customers all around the globe, who like this particular approach to design. Therefore, the shelter is intended for locations in any corner of the world. This means we have no special ‘Danish’ feelings for the first location and when we found the perfect spot in Sweden, we were instantly in love.Does the house come fully assembled, so that you just need to have a plot to place it on?Yes, pretty much. 2 large (40 foot) modules and two smaller are fully assembled and transported to the plot in Sweden, where they are bolted together and the waterproof Protan folio is welded together. On every plot there has to be made an individual foundation which of course differs from location to location. Furthermore there has to be established water, electricity and sewerage. From here it is plug ’n play.How big is the house (m2)? 55 m2 + an attic.How many rooms does the house have? There is a large kitchen with dining/living area, a separate bathroom and a loft.Is it possible to add an element/section to make the house bigger?No. It’s an essential part of the concept that the design is completely fixed; everything down to the smallest detail is designed in advance. And during time we will only add small incremental improvements. We like to call it the Porsche 911 approach.The house comes fully equipped with Vipp products; does this mean that the only thing a potential buyer needs to decide is the colour of the products and elements? We have made it even easier for the customer – there’s no need to choose colour, products nor kitchen modules etc. We have decided everything on beforehand!Is the house made in your own production? We don’t have our own production facilities. Instead we work together with a small selection of very close partners, which we aim to build long lasting relationships with.How can you buy the house? As soon as we are ready, you can ‘buy’ it in our online store – or at least get in touch with our staff and we’ll guide you from there.We are looking forward to see more of this great project!

Maartje van der Noort

This is a small selection of the work from the talented dutch illustrator Maartje van der Noort. Besides drawing she also likes to experiment with applying the drawings to different materials like special paper or textiles. Her style is soft and simple with a spontaneous touch and you can see the honest love she has for it back in each piece. There’s just something about it…

For more of her work come visit us some time at the First or Second Store in Alkmaar where we have the whole collection available! Or go to her website and read more about her work.

Thank you Maartje for inspiring us and making our walls pretty. :)