Hello on the last day of 2017! Any big plans for tonight? I don’t recall ever staying at home on New Years eve, but at the moment we’re in the middle of moving houses, so I’m just longing for a quiet night at home. On the couch. Wi…


Completely in love with my new sunnies from Tom Ford (found at SmartBuyGlasses). Lately I’m really in to big sunglasses, like my Celine shadow sunglasses. This Tom Ford beauty is a perfect addition to my collection. What do you think? ON PHOTO: TOM FORD DESIGNER SUNGLASSES, FUJIFILM INSTAX POLAROID CAMERA, H&M CANDLE, MARC JACOBS ‘COTTON’ PERFUME, BANDHU BRACELET WEARING: TOM FORD DESIGNER SUNGLASSES, ZARA BOMBER JACKET, T-SHIRT, PANTS AND ANKLE BOOTS, PROENZA SCHOULER BAG


WEARING: PRADA ‘CINEMA’ SUNGLASSES (VIA Edel-Optics), SEZANE ‘JOHNSON’ COAT, ZARA PATENT LEATHER TROUSERS AND KNITTED SWEATER WITH LOW V-NECK, KURT GEIGER OVER THE KNEE BOOTS, CHLOE FAYE BAG Eventhough the temperature is dropping quickly here in the Netherlands, I have to say that I don’t mind it one single bit. The cold fresh air is just what I need right now. And especially when the sun is shining, like last weekend, it’s just so nice to be outdoors (plus I get to wear my new Prada sunnies. Ha!). Can’t believe it’s only one more day before December! Time flies so fast, it’s just insane. Very excited for the Holidays though!! I have to restrain myself to not already buy a Christmas tree and decorate the house with all kinds of Christmas stuff. It’s my favourite time of the year, and I can’t wait to have a first (normal) Christmas with a healthy Enzo this time.    


Hello on my favourite Friday of the year: Black Friday. I mean, who doesn’t love shopping with a discount just because it’s Friday, right? I’m all for it. And speaking of favourites: today’s post is all about my latest obsessions: 1. black marble 2. golden details. 3. 1 and 2 in one. Before I was a huge silver lover, and never even wore golden jewelrey. But that have completely changed. So today I’m sharing a couple of my favourite golden items from this moment: like the Cluse La Roche watch, which have a golden case and not to mention that black marble dial. Loving it! Other favourites are – of course – my Chloe Faye bag, Prada sunnies with golden bridge, Mimi Et Toi golden necklace and the Balenciaga Derby boots. Looks all perfect together! PS: ONLY today you can order the Cluse La Roch watch with a  15% Black Friday discount! Get yours here and don’t forget to use their discountcode: CLUSExBF16


WEARING: ADIDAS SUPERSTAR SNEAKERS (VIA WINKELSTRAAT.NL), HM TREND DRESS, CHLOE FAYE CROSSBODY BAG Ever since Enzo came in to my life, I’m much more of a sneaker addict then a high heel kind of girl. Yup, kids sure change you. But running after Enzo is a lot easier when you’re not wearing 5 inch heels. Plus a new pair of white sneakers never hurt anyone, so I got the Adidas Superstar as well. And by sometimes pairing them up with a long dress I still feel a bit like the old me. :)


WEARING: AVELON FASHION PADDED LEATHER JACKET, ZARA PANTS, CHLOE FAYE BAG, ISABEL MARANT BOOTS Wide pants don’t care! My hips sure don’t lie with these awesome pants from ZARA, but still love it. But what I love even more is my dreamy new leather padded jacket by Avelon Fashion!


O, yes. This Chloe Faye crossbody bag is finally mine! I’ve been drooling over it for quite some time now. And what a surprise to receive this as a belated birthday present. In January I turned 31 (yes, I’m officially old!), but due to the circumstances we never got to celebrate it. But this was definitely worth waiting for! Welcome home, Chloe…


I have been sharing some baby stuff on my Instagram account ever since I’ve announced my pregnancy, and I’ve noticed that my followers really like to see some of my buys and the room every now and then. So why not share some on the blog as well? Of course COTTDS will not suddenly turn in to an mama/baby blog, but I do like to give you a small peak from this part of my life too. So, let’s talk about shoes! Even though the baby still have to arrive, he already owns 15 pair of shoes. You can’t collect sneakers soon enough, right? We especially love Vans for our little guy, and the ones that are on the photo aren’t even all the Vans he has. It’s a bit insane, but the shopping is just part of the fun of being pregnant and I’m not holding back! haha.


Completely obsessed with long coats at the moment. And all that was missing my closet was a camel coat, got that one covered now too. Found this perfect one in the Mango SALE.


WEARING: LILIJA LARIONOVA COAT, ISABELLA OLIVER MATERNITY LEATHER TROUSERS, HM TOP, WHITE CONVERSE ALL STARS SNEAKERS, PS11 TINY BAG AND ONLY SCARF / 33 WEEKS Currently so hooked on my Converse sneakers that Santa got me a white pair as well. Found these under the Christmas tree 2 weeks ago. They are so comfy to wear during my pregnany, the only downside is that I need assistance to get them on. Can’t even tie my own shoe laces anymore. haha.


Sooooo, I know this subject will not be something that everyone is interested about. But it might come in handy for a few of you, or for some in the future (who knows!). And since, I definitely feel like the offer for maternity clothes could be so much better I wanted to share the great pieces that I was manage to find. I mean sooner or later we all have to face the fact that we just can not fit in to our own jeans and trousers any more. And believe me I’ve tried! At week 24 (6 months) I finally gave up.. On photo: Isabella Oliver leather trousers in black and wine (see me wearing it here and here) H&M Maternity grey skinny jeans (see me wearing it here) Asos Maternity black ripped skinny jeans (see me wearing it here)


Hello new oversized leather jacket! It’s been awhile since I’ve added a leather jacket to my ever growing collection. But a soft leather oversized one was just what I was missing! Muubaa never disappoints. :)


It’s a…. BOY! I actually already know since I was 15 weeks pregnant. haha. Patience is not my middle name. It’s still a little surreal that there is a little boy growing inside of me. These cool Nike roshe run sneakers were my gift to my boyfriend right after the ultrasound. I bought a girl version (navy with pink!) and this boy version. One wrapped in pink paper and the other in blue. Well, it’s obvious which one he received. I just couldn’t help myself buying already something for the baby since we didn’t buy anything until we knew the gender. (We’re just not in to unisex clothing for baby’s I guess) After that hell broke loose and we did some major shopping sessions. Will share the baby room and the wardrobe soon! PS: The Cola bottles were a little gift from my sister <3


I think it’s about 15 years ago when I was rocking my Palladium Pampa boots to highschool. All the cool girls were wearing them that school year, so of course I had to have my own pair as well. Such a trendsetter (haha!). After that hype I kind of forgot all about Palladium. Until now. Because they are back! And with an awesome worldwide campaign. Of course Amsterdam is represent as well. In this #ExploreYourCity video you will discover places in Amsterdam that only the insiders know. So put on your Palladium boots and go exploring!


WEARING: GESTUZ COAT, THIGH HIGHT ALEXANDER WANG ‘SOFIA’ BOOTS, JILL SANDER CLUTCH, FASHIONOLOGY JEWELRY / 19 WEEKS Fall/Winter I’m ready for you! Love this coat from Gestuz. And it has the perfect length to pair with my boots from Alexander Wang. Great fit!