A.W.A.K.E. Fall 2018

I’m a huge fan of A.W.A.K.E. (exhibit A, exhibit B) – the very few pieces I own are the joy of my entire wardrobe. They’re all so odd but still so wearable, I feel like they do the job for me when I want add that little whimsical tou…

Ganni Fall 2018

It’s a tale as old as digital age; Toronto and Drake, LA Lakers and Jack Nicholson, Copenhagen and Ganni. It’s one of those things that makes it what it is, and Ganni managed built its audience increasingly over the past years with the hel…

Low Classic Spring 2018

Low Classic is not only my favorite Korean brand of all time, it’s also one of my favorite brands in the world ever since its inception. In fact, Low Classic is the reason I discovered W Concept in the first place when I was desperately looking …

Jacquemus Spring 2018

Three weeks has passed and Jacquemus managed to be the first collection that dazzled me with every single piece. The styling, the details – Simon Porte Jacquemus got inspired once again by his late mother and her days in the village with a scarf around her head, ceramic earrings and a pareo tied around her waist. His mother has been his muse since day one, because he lost him at a very young age, and I think that’s how he managed to stay true to his aesthetic even though the is creating conceptually different collections each season. It has always been about her; her house, her clothes, her attitude. He has his story to tell and we are just happy to be invited to be a part of it. source: vogue Save

Nanushka Spring/Summer 2017

The Hungarian brand Nanushka may sound new to your ears but it’s actually an already almost-established brand in the fashion industry. In the short span of a few months, it has become a fashion girl favorite and started popping up in a lot of Instagram photos – if you are following the right girls that is. It’s not mainstream or a “blogger favorite” brand, on the contrary, it only appeals to a certain girl with the certain style, who is looking for ethical fashion in functional pieces where she doesn’t have to sacrifice spirituality or her natural essence. And the spring/summer collection perfectly embodies the urban escapist woman, who is always in the traveler state of mind. source: nanushka Save

Best of Tbilisi Fall 2017

Tell me where your favorite designer is from and I can tell you the fashion landscape of the entire city. I know this phrase can’t be applied to every designer in the world but it perfectly explains the relationship between Demna Gvasalia and Tbilisi. The resemblances are so freaky that I’ve started to think either Georgians really, truly love the 80’s more than anything right now OR Gvasalia is such a big fashion royalty that all emerging designers are following his footsteps, so much that sometimes they stepped a little too much on the back of his shoes – sock boots, extreme shoulder pads, suiting – everything Balenciaga was on Tbilisi runways. There are of course some designers that, let’s say inspired by others instead of Gvasalia, like Materiel by Aleksander Akhalkatsishvili, Gola Damian or Dalood, but the Gvasalia effect was instantly recognizable, which is why Tbilisi has become one of the hottest fashion capitals lately. Here are some of my favorite looks from the Fall 2017 collections. source: vogue runway Save Save Save

A French Lovestory

The new collection of my favorite hat brand in the world Lack of Color has just been released and without surprise, I want every single piece. To be even more accurate, I’ll probably get every single piece (I’m secretly setting up my very own LOC shop at home). For the new A French Lovestory collection inspired by carefree European sun-lit days, Lack of Color have extended and re-worked some of their most popular styles from previous ranges and have included fresh and new textures and fabrics. Many styles are unisex as usual, keeping in tone with the theme of the lookbook which was shot at Villa Goupil in France by Australian photographer Brydie Mack, encapsulating the endearment of Him & Her – capturing the love-story between two, lounging in the solitude and bliss of each other. This has to be my favorite lookbook of LOC as of date, with the 2015 lookbook Luxe & Mens coming in second (man they know how to shoot good campaigns!). And now, while you’re checking out the rest of …

Yohei Ohno Fall 2017

If you ever thought to yourself, like I occasionally do, does the world need another Acne Studios or is just one enough, I have the answer for you. Yes, the world absolutely needs as many Acne Studios as possible and I recently discovered one from Tokyo. Yohei Ohno’s debut collection at Tokyo Fashion Week nailed the retro-futurist look, giving me tons of styling inspiration already. source: vogue runway Save Save

Favorite Fall 2017 Looks

Every year I religiously follow fashion month, checking every single show on a daily basis and try to take mental notes of new styling tricks and trends, what I should buy for the coming season and what I should write about. Though this year it got kind of hectic with my ongoing sickness and by the time Paris Fashion Week kicked off, there were already too many things to talk about so I decided to wait till the end and make a post of all my favorite individual looks rather than collections and trend breakdowns. I do this every season anyway, save all my “I can use this styling trick” photos and check it regularly, I’ve just never shared it with you guys. So here goes; my 100 best looks from Fall 2017 fashion month to buy (pink, plaid, oversize blazers, sock boots, long fur coats), to admire (Balenciaga, Céline, Ellery, Proenza Schouler), to inspire (one shoulder knitwear, tops over shirts, belts over jackets, monochrome, clashing stripes, luxury kitsch). source: vogue Save Save

Beaufille Fall 2017

Once again I feel great pleasure writing about the coolest Canadians on earth, sisters Chloé and Parris Gordon who gifted the world Beaufille couple of years ago and like most gifts that keep on giving, it gets better and better every season. Their signature flares took a more subtle turn for fall 2017 and emerged as voluminous silhouettes whilst two other Beaufille signatures patent leather and and whimsical cut-outs were as strong as ever. Contrasting stitch details and newly introduced prints – together with over the dress corsets which already seems like one of the biggest trends of the year – elevated the entire collection up up and away. PS: I want those earrings, right now. source: vogue Save Save Save

Ellery Pre-Fall 2017

It would be a dated (and boring) understatement at this point to say Kym Ellery is the master of flare. When I first saw Ellery yeaars ago I liked the fresh breath of “maximinimal” air it brought to the fashion world but I was afraid (and also curious) to see how she’s going to stay true to her style, keep her signature and still create new silhouettes but somehow on her road to success, she managed to become the master of a lot of other things such as balancing big, strong shapes and quiet, delicate details. source: vogue   Save

3.1 Phillip Lim Pre-Fall 2017

As you can guess from the lack of posts on the blog – or if you’re following me on Instagram – I’m in Turkey for the holidays so my interaction with world wide web is limited to Pinterest lately. Though I started seeing these particular set of looks during my last scrolls, which I thought were beautiful stylings that belong to the same editorial but it turned out to be the pre-fall collection of 3.1 Phillip Lim, so I had to pause my trip for a little while to check out the entire collection and share it here. The masterful layerings and lady-cool attitude is trademark Lim but it’s the denim that makes this collection all the more interesting. Check it out for yourself! source: vogue runway Save

Céline Resort 2017

Phoebe Philo must be moonlighting as a psychic for quite some time or has a natural talent for it like she has for many other things because how else can you explain the release date of the Resort collection? God knows we deliberately need something to cheer us up today and for some people that thing is, well, a new Céline collection that would make us look forward to the future. A future where our favorite brands Céline, Vetements, Loewe, Jacquemus and Ellery finally merge into each other, making it easier and cheaper for us to shop. All in one, one for all. source: vogue Save Save Save

Céline S/S 2017

I don’t remember falling more in love with a Céline collection, especially a spring summer collection before and that says a lot in my book. As the years passed, Phoebe Philo somehow turned Céline into a style phenomenon that gets less minimal yet more refined and relaxed at the same time, all in all a nonconformist, perfectly balanced parade of everyday women. I don’t think that, at this point, it’s too early or too ambitious to call her one of the top 10 designers that shaped fashion as we know it. She’s an invisible logo on collections that don’t need an explanation. source: vogue runway Save

Vetements for Style.com

There’s no denying neither Vetements’s success nor the incapability of understanding Vetements’s success but one thing’s clear: everyone wants a piece (or at least wants the style; the rise of Levi’s 501s, spike heel boots, huge shoulders, extra long sleeves, sweatshirts are all thanks to Demna Gvasalia). But there was one collection even the most devoted fans didn’t know about, the fall 2014 collection Gvasalia had to show in his Paris apartment where everyone involved got paid in clothes (I call that a good investment) and now the designer is re-imagining the first ever Vetements collection for the relaunch of Style.com. Want to add a little more quirkiness to the good news? Just visit the new Vetements website. source: vogue runway Save Save Save

Marni S/S 2017

I’m yet to see a Marni collection that I don’t like, to be honest I have this positive bias towards anything Consuelo Castiglioni does, but the spring/summer 2017 collection added a whole new dimension to that little obsession. Asymmetric pleats, pouch fanny packs, one shoulders and fall layering all re-imagined and mastered under Castiglioni’s one of a kind vision, this probably is one of the strongest collections of this fashion month. source: vogue Save

Rejina Pyo S/S 2017

It’s totally OK if this the first time you’re hearing the name Rejina Pyo but if it’s the first time you’re seeing her pieces, then you must have been looking elsewhere during fashion week because the street style is ALL ABOUT HER now. She is hotter than Céline or JW Anderson or Gucci or any other designer you can think of. From Leandra Medine to Kate Foley, Pandora Sykes to Yasmin Sewell and Camille Cherriere; every single it girl already owns a piece from the S/S 2017 collection and the rest of the more *real* show goers are sporting the shoes and dresses from the fall one so it’s not one of those designer’s good blogger friends helping her get famous thing, she’s officially the next big thing and everyone’s on board. Korean born – London based designer was the first assistant of Roksanda Ilincic before she won the prestigious Han Nefkens Fashion Award through which she was commissioned to create an installation for the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen in Rotterdam. Entitled ‘Structural Mode’ this …

Beaufille S/S 2017

Even though I’m not (technically, officially) a Canadian (yet), I probably feel like a native more than most Canadians most of the time. I’m constantly apologizing and thanking for something, I’m getting into hockey discussions on Twitter in August, I’m referring to all Canadian athletes as “us” when watching the Olympics and most of all, I get more proud than anyone else when a Canadian succeeds at something. I’ve been following sisters Parris and Chloé Gordon since their Toronto days and they never failed to impress me, not when the years passed, not when they moved to NYC, not ever. They bring me life every single time. source: vogue Save Save

By Malene Birger Spring 2017

To be perfectly honest, ever since big guns like ACNE left the Scandinavian fashion scene I’m having a hard time finding genuine inspiration from Danish and Swedish brands. I used to wait eagerly for their fashion weeks as it was always full of new ideas from emerging designers but now it seems like they all look the same. Baum und Pferdgarten is a huge let down this season and even though Ganni still seems like the forefront brand of Danish fashion, they can’t make the jump between a local brand and a global sensation. That being said, there are some brands like By Malene Birger who don’t necessarily bring anything new to the scene but is still agreeable simply because they have too much Phoebe Philo in their codes. So now, as I think Copenhagen is in dire need of some new blood, I’m enjoying the beautiful stylings of By Malene Birger and getting ready for fall. I know it’s the Spring 2017 collection but since it’s like a low budget remake of Céline Fall …

Walk of Shame Resort 2017

Russia is a land of mystery in so many ways for so many people, even for their neighbors because as a Turkish girl I still have no idea what to expect other than some silly stereotypes, and that bemusement is what makes promising fashion features coming from the country even more exciting. Fair’s fair, Moscow is relatively new to the scene and not every designer is intriguing or not every fashion girl is as inspiring as Miroslava Duma or Natasha Goldenberg so it may still be an overstatement to declare the city a fashion capital, but few talents make it worth keeping under the spotlight. Designer Andrey Artyomov manages to reflect his creative and humorous vibe from his former styling jobs into unique and wearable pieces of Walk of Shame season after season, making it a celeb favorite especially backed by the entire Russian fashion media. Not hard to see why. source: vogue russia Save Save Save

Givenchy Fall 2016 Couture

There’s this side of fashion with a wicked maximalism and excessive adornment that somehow appeals to even the most extreme minimalists, like Gucci or Givenchy, in a way I can’t explain how. Just like I don’t know anything about art and just classify the artwork in my head as aesthetically pleasing to me or not, I don’t know why I love Givenchy couture this much when I’m all about simplicity and elegance in details, I just like it. If I had all the money in the world I would have chosen a Givenchy wedding dress for example, among all the options. Maybe it’s the French elegance, maybe it’s magic. source: vogue   Save Save

Nehera Resort 2017

One of the main reasons I always look forward to new Nehera collections is the constant subdued color palette and a series of wardrobe essentials with neoclassical design details. Even though designer Samuel Drira tried to change directions and added …

Joseph Resort 2017

“I start with the trouser that I want to wear and build up from that.” These wise words from Louise Trotter perfectly explains why Joseph has been one of my favorite brands for the past few years. I’m lusting after all the perfect layering pieces, knit duos, apron details, obi styles and knots, tapered and wide leg trousers, long shirt dresses and beautiful trench coats. Everything, I’m in love with everything. Can it be fall again please? source: vogue

Proenza Schouler Pre-Fall 2016

I must admit I’m loving this see now-buy now approach, not because I can actually see and buy them now since I can’t but because of the surprise element, pre-fall collections showing up when you least expect them to and are in desperate need for fresh inspiration. Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez came up with a relatively low-key and more wearable collection but the Proenza magic was still present in some of the pieces, like this fully beaded dress made up of rubber tassels that would make every fashion girl go crazy, including Man Repeller (source snapchat). source: vogue runway

The Undone

Sara Donaldson of Harper and Harley is one of the most successful fashion bloggers in the world, famous for her minimal style consisting of luxury basics and a clean color palette, and now she is offering her followers a new online destination where they can find clothes that only cater to a minimal and curated aesthetic. The Undone, launching July 2016, will carry a selection of strong, iconic, premium Australian brands as well as some newcomers and international brands so minimalists that don’t need any color in their wardrobes and hate going through every single e-shop on world wide web, take a note on your calendars. source: Harper and Harley Pinterest

Shaina Mote

For most people the clearest sign of summer is eating ice cream again or ditching tights or buying flowers; however for me, since I do all of the aforementioned all year long, summer begins when I extensively start looking for comfortable linen or cotton midi dresses or wide leg pants and don’t want to even think about wearing anything else. It was this pair of pants that got me searching for Shaina Mote in detail and I ended up loving the entire S/S 2016 collection so I decided to share it with you. All Shaina Mote pieces are designed, developed and made in Los Angeles with natural and renewable materials like tencel, micromodal, rayon or wool. The line emphasizes longevity through superior construction techniques and exceptional fit as well as a clean color palette focusing on black, white and easy-to-wear neutral tones. It’s like Reformation for the minimal girl or Lemaire on a budget. source: shaina mote

The Row Pre-Fall 2016

Only The Row could have made me willingly make a post about a (pre) fall collection with cashmere and fur all over, considering I can’t even look at my sweaters anymore and don’t want to think about anything related to winter till November, but even the beauty of this collection can’t hide the downside of this see now-buy now approach: something feels off, season wise. Had I seen this collection back in January when it was first presented to editors and buyers, I’d be all over it trying to recreate the stylings and going on shopping sprees. Now, it still looks elegant as hell, it just doesn’t make me lust after it. So let’s just put it here and come back to this moment in October. source: vogue

Nehera F/W 2016

If I ask you to name three brands Nehera reminds you of, I’m pretty sure the answers will be Christophe Lemaire, The Row and Hermès (at least mine were, respectively) and it’s no coincidence. Samuel Drira used to be a creative consultant for all those brands before becoming Nehera’s creative director in 2014 and he seamlessly applied the modern fluidity that is the foundation of the three brands and a new, contemporary identity to the 80 years old Nehera. source: vogue

Bassike F/W 2016

Bassike is no stranger to TFM, I’ve been happily featuring them since F/W 2013 (3 years in fashion life is like 21 years in human life) so it’s safe to say that by now we are in a serious relationship. After launching the original collection of organic cotton jerseys in 2006, introducing denim in 2007 and seasonal mainline collections in 2008, Deborah Sams and Mary-Lou Ryan’s Bassike quickly became the favorite Aussi brand of many with their simple and structured designs and high quality sustainable wardrobe staples. Anyone who likes COS would go bananas for Bassike, I guarantee it. Anyone who doesn’t like COS, please let’s not talk again (kidding. or am I?). source: bassike

Stella McCartney F/W 2016

Feather-free wadding staffed puffer coats and coats made with skin-free skin are the new awesome additions to the animal loving McCartney empire, just when you think she can’t get better. I don’t understand the coherence of the pink pieces in the collection but the metallic pleats, velvet bombers and quilted shorts together with classic Stella tailoring hypnotized me so much that I’m willing to ignore the flaws of the collection. source: vogue runway

Céline F/W 2016

It was first when Kym Ellery started to dual-show her collection (first in Sydney then in Paris) that I asked myself the question: but which season is she designing for? There is a distinct difference between the two cities, as distinct as summer and winter, and I was really confused about how to work that line. Then, as I examined her collections I realized there was no summer or winter, or any other season for that matter, in her collections. There is no season in any collection anymore. There are coats on S/S runways and sweaters are paired with sandals at F/W shows. Sure it’s a styling hell especially for people like us, but it’s always summer – or better yet, always spring – somewhere. And like those people weren’t lucky enough, just like Kym Ellery, Phoebe Philo’s creative juices cater for them all year long. It was a rather laid back Céline collection shown today, like the ones at the very beginning, where no extravagant shoes or over the top appliqués were present so …

Loewe F/W 2016

It was almost like Lanvin’s shareholders bribed Jonathan Anderson to come up with a collection so strong that it would be the talk of the day and no one would notice the mess Lanvin has become in the absence of Alber Elbaz (though as hyped as Loewe was, people still talked about Lanvin’s big fail). The reason I love Loewe the most is it seeks after the more wearable side of the wearable art platform, but it’s still a curated collection none the less. While Vogue thinks that Loewe’s sights are set on being the avant-garde competitor of Hermès, I believe it is set to be one of the leads in Paris. source: vogue runway

Lemaire F/W 2016

Every time a new Lemaire collection comes to life, I’m brutally reminded what I actually want to look like everyday, what I should look like everyday. Sure, I’d like to explore trends and love living in my sneakers & skinny jeans but I’d think of myself as the chicest woman on the planet had I looked like this all the time. Conveying a sensual minimalism with subtle changes every season (like the button detailed shirt in this one or the boob bag in the previous) Lemaire keeps on doubling as the style bible for the low maintenance minimalist. source: vogue runway

Ports 1961 F/W 2016

Is there such thing as “brand whore”, you know like the label whore, where one looks at a brand through a glass of perfection and likes whatever they do every single season? If so, then I’m a big time brand whore of Ports 1961. I admire Natasa Cagalj’s designs so much that I check reviews from multiple sources before making a post to see if my eyes are missing big flaws behind those love goggles. Do I care if no one else liked it? Absolutely not. Ports 1961, with its structured, down to earth designs and poetic details, would still be one of my favorites. source: vogue runway

Christopher Kane F/W 2016

The term wearable insanity should be added to the dictionary just in honor of Christopher Kane, it’s nothing like the madness in couture collections that makes non-fashion people get together and make fun of us fashion people but rather something you find yourself lusting after even though you’re the minimal of the minimal, the normest of all the normcores in the world. The plastic bag head scarfs, sheer printed dresses but most of all those feathered blazers, skirts and shoes are why I’m putting Kane ahead of every other designer/brand in the London fashion marathon. source: vogue runway

Proenza Schouler F/W 2016

I don’t always get overexcited about stuff but when I do, I grab my laptop in the middle of the night, create my third “new collection” post in a row which is something I never do and make big, big fashion statements, even when Nicole Phelps doesn’t agree with me. Here comes the statement: this Proenza Schouler collection is the best one since their legendary Fall 2012 collection. The triangular silhouettes of layers, the literal wrap dresses, cutout knits, perfectly fluid wide leg trousers, asymmetrical closure blazers… it’s everything I want to buy, have, wear, touch, smell and hug forever. The eyelet lace up detail is the only thing that felt superfluous to me but let’s be ok with it for the sake of the show. source: vogue runway

Beaufille F/W 2016

Beaufille might be the best thing that came out of Canada after Trivial Pursuit and Justin Trudeau, reminding me that I don’t have to look far away for superior inspiration. Since it’s their NYFW debut this season, people consider them a “new brand to watch” or an “underdog”, but Beaufille has been on my radar for a long enough time to elevate them to an Ellery-like status. And it’s not just their signature style that’s creating all the buzz, the fabrics they use in their collections are simply insane. The oxblood coats that look like patent leather are actually boiled wool coated in polyurethane and that open-knit wool sweater and skirt are made by gathering a pile of wool into a bag, embroidering on top of it over and over and throwing it into a tub of water to dissolve the plastic-y material (say whaaaa?!) by Chloé Gordon, one half of the designer-sister duo. And they say fashion is superficial. source: vogue runway

Tome F/W 2016

It’s not everyday that I fall head over heels in love with such a frilly and heavy collection, I’m usually on the statement – minimal – contemporary sides of things, but Tome’s frills have a special place in my heart right next to Ellery’s flares or Ports 1961’s knots. Besides I’m an eternal fan of the discrepancy between the playfulness of the styling and the profundity of the design process (the story is here). Besides, the jean everyone will be wearing this fall is in there somewhere, read more to check it out. source: the cut

ICB F/W 2016

Just two days in NYFW and it’s already proven miracles can happen when you leave a brand (a Japanese brand, no less) in the talented hands of a Japan based design team. ICB, a brand I had no idea existed until I saw the F/W 2015 collection by Makoto Takada last year, actually launched in 1995 with Michael Kors as head designer(!) and then shut down in 2002, only to be resurrected 10 years later with Prabal Gurung as the creative director. Now you can say they went through A LOT of transitions, but I have to admit none of those big names and their collections excite me as much as this last one. Created with a woman “taking a stroll on a cold midnight in winter in New York City.” in mind; the absurd lengths and proportions, oversized shapes and furry details are all win-win. source: vogue runway

Best of Copenhagen Fashion Week Fall 2016

Copenhagen Fashion Week, also known as the last major stop before the big fashion month, has silently come and gone in the shadow of first ever NY Men’s fashion week but it doesn’t mean the collections should go unnoticed. A strong and feminine By Malene Birger took the clear spotlight but Baum und Pferdgarten’s fun collection was a strong challenger. Having said that, I must admit my favorite of all was Tonsure’s carpet inspired menswear collection (surprise, surprise). By Malene Birger Baum und Pferdgarten Ganni Freya Dalsjø Tonsure source: vogue

AltewaiSaome F/W 2016

AltewaiSaome is what makes Stockholm Fashion Week interesting for me (no offense to brands like Stand or Mini Market but the designers who always come through season after season are Natalia Altewai and Randa Saome) and this Japonisme themed fall/winter collection is, again, share worthy. Even though it didn’t excite me as much as the s/s 16 collection (which is weird as I always prefer f/w to s/s no matter the brand) stylings, whimsical details like button necklaces and the black borders managed to put a smile on my face. source: vogue runway

Valentino Spring 2016 Couture

Couture collections usually do nothing for me besides a little game of “who would wear which dress to what award show” but every now and then, one collection comes and you can’t resist its utterly ethereal aesthetic. Amid the “Africa themed S/S 16 collection showed by white models in African-American hair” controversy (amid because they used the same models with same hair even in the campaign shots), designers Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli managed to shift the focus away from that flop to an amazingly executed, very literally Roman, timelessly simple and yet youthfully modern couture collection. Side note: hundred bucks on that snake headpieces and metal harnesses being the “thing” of this summer. source: vogue runway

Marni Pre-Fall 2016

Lately, one of the best ways to understand if a designer is strong enough to leave a mark on the fashion landscape is to look at the Pre-Fall and Resort collections, the mid-seasons without runway shows, directly targeted to the fashion savvy, buyers and the end consumer rather than a focus on the element of shock. To that end, if the toned-down, more wearable version of a style is still relevant, influential and distinctive, you can count on that designer. As if you needed an explanation to worship Consuelo Castiglioni. source: vogue

Ports 1961 Pre-Fall 2016

I’m starting to like this pattern: great designer holds the reins of design at a fashion house, starts off with a contemporary minimal approach, establishes the style and aesthetic with several signature pieces already in two seasons, then introduces crazy colors and prints (and cuts) into the equation. To top it all, Ports 1961 is getting ready for a runway show in Milan in February (they were just releasing images of the new collections during London Fashion Week before) so it seems like everything’s going alright for the brand under the creative directorship of Natasa Cagalj. And for us. source: vogue

Sportmax Pre-Fall 2016

Even as I’m inserting photos to this post I realize that this particular Sportmax collection is not offering any new or groundbreaking shapes, colors, forms, designs or styles – it’s not even offering anything significantly different than the last resort collection for that matter – however it doesn’t change the fact it caters so well to the instagram-generation style (a club of which I’m a proud member too) with laid-back stylings to inspire your everyday attire that it had to be shared here. source: vogue runway

Joseph Pre-Fall 2016

I don’t know what happened between the time Joseph was just another Brit brand and the era where it became one of the key players in the industry, setting the tone for menswear inspired women’s street wear. I must have missed something there, but it will not go unnoticed again, that’s for sure. With references to “Pony Kids”, Perry Ogden’s 1999 photographic study of Dublin’s working-class suburban pony owners; creative director Louise Trotter managed to create a hybrid of menswear shapes and forms with prim and girly details for the pre-fall 2016 collection. source: vogue runway

J.W.Anderson Pre-Fall 2016

There’s no one like Jonathan when it comes to creating absurd new structures and shapes that can’t even be considered as new trends because he’s always solo on this own mission but then he reworks that particular shape in the following seasons, making it more wearable once people are somehow used to it. I think it’s about that killer confidence that comes from knowing that you are one of the few people in the industry who earned the credibility to create without limits and whether it’s the huge inflated sleeves, balloon cuffs or zipped clown pants, you will eventually hate to love it. And those baaahgs! source: vogue runway

Elizabeth and James Pre-Fall 2016

I rarely brag about my talents or achievements (and usually rather make fun of the lack thereof) but I think I’m beginning to have a really good eye about fashion and style after years and years of pure passionate interest. At first glance to the Elizabeth and James Pre-Fall 2016 collection, I realized that it’s significantly similar to The Row, like it has never been before, and I even mumbled to myself grumpily why they haven’t been doing this before. Then I found out that they brought their design and production teams in-house so now The Row and Elizabeth & James are under the same roof which means the Olsens have an even bigger influence on the clothes. I don’t know if I have to say it but it is the absolute best Elizabeth & James collection to date. source: vogue runway

Calvin Klein Collection Pre-Fall 2016

It’s usually the hardest task of all to build something on an already big and established – legendary even – brand with a tradition of breaking ground. Constantly offering something new and still staying true to the strong style code is a ball buster and Francisco Costa is one of those rare gems in the world that can pull it off, season after season. A barely there animal print on glossy trench coats and dresses was the only detail pulling the collection away from signature minimalism, a direction I would love to see more in the future of Calvin Klein. I know we should give the designers a break and not want so many collections a year but I’m just so glad this one happened. source: vogue runway

Six Underground

New lookbook of Montreal’s (and one of Etsy’s) greatest vintage shop(s) TOKEN is finally here and everything is for sale on their webshop now. I’m kind of weirdly proud to be friends with Tamara and Beatrice, two super fun and stimulating owners of the brand that think and work with a unique vision; therefore it gives me great pleasure to share TOKEN with you. As much as I want to buy everything they sell, they know I’m a shopaholic and for the sake of my and my marriage’s well being they stop me from going insane. If I can’t get it all, then my followers should. source: token mtl