Norm Architects Creates a Seaside Home Inspired by Nature

Continuing to embrace dark interiors this week, this newly remodeled project contains dark features and natural colors to compliment its surroundings.

“Boasting all-natural, rich materials, the house gives you the feeling of being in the middle of nature while inside,” says Norm Architects who applied sand-colored walls and earth toned furnishings to an existing coastal home. The residence is situated along a rugged costal landscape in North Zealand, not too far from Copenhagen. Zealand is home to scenic lakes, forests and sandy beaches, which served as inspiration for the home’s interior colors.

“The existing architectural structure was well carried, functional and harmonious – therefore the project was a refurbishment and a challenging exercise to incorporate the wild nature outside on a refined level,” said interior architect Laura Bilde.

In order to keep the full height windows focused on the scenic grasses and deep blue water, restrained colors were used throughout as well as dark stained timber in the kitchen cabinetry, not dissimilar to another dark kitchen Norm designed. The living room’s gabled wall and used to construct a bunk beds in one of the bedrooms.

The earth toned interior palette is intended to give the occupants a feeling of being in nature even while inside.

Solid wood plinth table, similar to one made by Dry Studios, serves as a minimal bench in the corridor.

Cashmere wrapped pendant lighting from Artilleriet hangs above an antiqued timber dining table.

With minimal decor hanging tapestries like this one from Ferm Living, large ceramic pots and collected artwork from the owners’ travels, the overall feel is kept very minimal.

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Norm Architects Sabi Leaves Prints

Four prints by Norm Architects, designed to celebrate the beauty of decay in nature, architecture and design.

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A Norwegian Cluster House By Norm Architects

An hour drive north of Oslo, surrounded by Norwegian woodland and the magnificent Mjøsa lake, the Gjøvik house by Danish practice Norm Architects echoes the harsh yet peaceful nature of its surroundings.
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A minimal hillside house in Norway, made from 6 cubes

A home in Norway was created using 6 cubes of varying sizes that are intended to give the residents a cozy feel as a shelter from the Nordic winter days and nights by Norm Architects. The concept of the cluster design overlaps one another giving dwel…

Cosy corners and muted colours make Norm Architects’ Norwegian home the “epitome of hygge”

This family home by Danish practice Norm Architects is filled with cosy nooks and open living areas lined with generous windows, which look out on to picturesque woodland and a lake. The Gjøvik House is located around an hour’s drive north of Oslo, Norway. The property is made up of six interconnected blocks that create a “broken-plan” layout of nooks

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Dark beauty

Norm Architects has partnered with Menu again on the interior architecture of an apartment in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn neighborhood Nordhavn. The old silo has been updated to include bespoke furniture, a kitchen, bathroom and even custom designed walls an…

3 Minimalist Ideas for Lightly Accessorizing Your Space

Image via Joseph Dirand

There’s no doubt you’re already familiar with the expression, “less is more.” When it comes to 
modern interior design, this little three-word sentence is the foundation of the movement.

Image via Fantastic Frank

Take a look at your interior space. How does it make you feel? Your home should feel light, airy and organized. If it’s disheveled and needing constant reorganization, you might be living in a physically unstable environment. Too many knick knacks can turn your space from a peaceful dwelling to a place that reminds you of all corners you still need to tend to.

Image from the Cereal Abode

To maintain a minimalist lifestyle, here are three ideas to bring into your home and really make it your own.

How Do You Use the Space?
In an interview with Architectural Digest, the principal designer of Lüft Design, Courtney Trump, explains that “our homes and offices are not static environments. They should be unique and fluid, suiting our most basic and demanding physical and emotional needs.”
The way you use and feel in your interiors will tell you all you need to know about how to better design the space. If you have a pile of coffee table books that you haven’t leafed through in months, it’s time to put them away and clear your surfaces.

Image from Vincent Van Duysen

The Stand-Alone Accent Piece
Minimalist design is not boring design. People new to minimalism have the general misunderstanding that minimalism is to do and be without. Without distraction, yes. Without style, no. Houzz tells design enthusiasts that selecting a single, stand-alone accent piece will bring life and vitality to the space. Consider modern accent tables. Retailers like Lumens offer expertly designed and crafted furniture pieces that function as art and fixture. The Swole Table Collection designed by Blu Dot is just such an example of simplicity and art form.

Image via Norm Architects

The Minimalist’s Mantra: Less is More
Lastly, remove all items that you do not regularly use and that do not bring your life joy. Your home should be a welcome reprieve from the bustling world outside, not a collection of distraction and bad taste.

Nærvær is the newest, delicious design destination in Copenhagen

Copenhagen-based Norm Architects has done it again, designing a warm and dark space that translates to intimate and cosy.

The newly designed wine bar and restaurant Nærvær, which translates to Neighborhood, is in the Christianshavn area of the city, has a view the nearby canal and the old city centre beyond. With a dark wood wrapped, centrally located kitchen, guests get a front row seat to the preparation of meals by Yves Le Lay and crew.

“This conscious focus on tactility brings a warm, material richness to the interior that naturally compliments the raw concrete walls and industrial framework of the space,” says Norm.

Lighting was designed by Norm Architects and made from oil-burned steel frames and slender tubular diffusers that give off a warm and gentle brightness.

Potted plants and trees add a natural and bright feeling to the naturally lit corner in the bar along with delicate, dried flowers complementing the specially commissioned pottery and dishes made Danish ceramist Maj-Brit Würtz.

How the ever-expanding Reform has become much more than cabinet covers

Reform is now introducing a series of storage furniture pieces, and not kitchen cabinets. Tall hutches perched on thin framed legs with wave like textures on door fronts, low profile cabinets and sleek sideboards with no handles comprise these latest f…

Tone Cabinets make an acoustically balanced environment

Regularly I share news from Norm Architects but usually the designs and styling are so good I can’t won’t resist sharing them. Also look, more yellow!
One of Norm’s newer projects are these sound absorbing cabinets for Zilenzio called Tone Cabinets. Designed in a variety of sizes and available in many color ways, Tone balances out the acoustics at home or work to allow all who use it more of an ability to focus and concentrate without distraction. This would be partially useful in spaces with hard floors where sound easily bounces off of and amplifies noises.

Photography by Enok Holsegaard
Styling by Sofie Brünner

Note Design Studio’s office, based on the Neutral Color System

It’s practically unheard of for me to upload so many images for a single post, but I love every single shot taken of Note Design Studio’s office that why hold back? Take the full tour!

Note Design Studio collaborated with Sørensen Leather, a Danish supplier whose past collaborations boast names like Norm Architects, Kinfolk and Fritz Hansen, to create The Colour Box based on the Neutral Color System (NCS) which is used the world over for color communication. Note Design Studio says,

“Our concept is based on the idea of redefining natural leather. In a common sense, we easily define natural leather in tones of colors that range from brown to black. But our approach has been to look into nature itself, to find the true colors in nature, and to define and collect them into a harmonious scale.”

I find the collab to be a very natural partnership as NDS has always used color in a bold way, and on a different scale that most. Previous projects of theirs proves this to be so.

Details of the beautiful Bollo chair (also seen here) designed by Andreas Engesvik for Fogia.

Photography by Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen.

Norm Architects Create Curve Tables for Shaker Inspired Brand, Furnishing Utopia

Debuted at last week’s Stockholm Furniture Fair, Norm Architects have designed these tables to look different depending on the angle at which you observe them. The tables were created for Furnishing Utopia, who reimagines old time Shaker furniture into…

A custom desk in black marble

In the home of Norm Architect’s Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen.

Norm Architects completes contemporary farmhouse in the Suffolk countryside

Panoramic glazing frames views of meadows and cornfields from this farmhouse designed by Danish studio Norm Architects for a working farm in southern England (+ slideshow). The single-storey residence – named Reydon Grove Farm – is elevated above its site on a sandstone platform, allowing residents to take in views of the garden and farmland beyond. It is conceived as More

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IKEA cabinets get a dark, sleek update by Reform

Reform makes custom door fronts for IKEA kitchens to make them look like, well, NOT IKEA kitchens. I’ve seen these guys before so I assume this isn’t breaking news for most of you, though I don’t know that I’ve ever blogged about them though. They crea…

carrie lamp

LED Carrie Lamp by Norm Architects for Menu.

Poured Concrete & Polish By Norm.Architects

Norm.Architects have created some of the most beautiful residential projects. Their aesthetic is that of timeless minimalism and Scandinavian simplicity, not clinical but clean and lived-in. In this seaside property, Vedbæk House III, this is aided by the earthy colour palette, neutral shades of beige, stone, copper and brown feel comforting, not harsh. The floors […]

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bathroom furnishings inspired by the 1920’s

Norm Architects has designed this line of bathroom furnishings and fixtures for ex.t inspired by the early 20th century. See more of the collection here.


Snaregade tables come in rectangular and round, designed by Norm Architects for Menu.