Aura is Norway’s National Museum winner in new chair competition

“Aura is a beautiful chair that adds a seductive softness and elegance to the room where it will be used. In its design the chair has contours that point both back and forwards in time,” say Jasper Morrison who judged the competition of 10 Norwegian de…

5 Days of Christmas Day 2 / A Chat With Norwegian Designers, Ask Og Eng

We’re so pleased to kick off this week with some Q&A’s from a few of our favorites. First up are Kine Ask Stenersen and Kristoffer Eng from Ask og Eng, who creates beautiful sustainable bamboo kitchens in Norway. They share their answers, their Chr…

A/W Interior Inspiration

Where we live the temperature has dropped from hot summer digits to cold autumn days. Within a week we’ve gone from short and thank top wears to knitted sweaters and jackets. I for one am LOVING it and the change in weather has me thinking so much of Autumn and finding that cosy feeling at home. There’s always a slight shift that the house makes as the seasons change. I suppose if we lived in a climate where it was warm all year round, the house would remain virtually the same. But here we experience all four seasons and so our space adjusts with them.

These images styled by Kristen Visdal and photographed by Margaret M. de Lange for Oslo Design Fair capture that feeling leading into Fall. Chestnut brown with black, shiny gold with soft burnt orange and shades or grey accented by deep mustard colors.

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What are you most wanting to add to your home with the change of seasons? What has inspired you most about the coming Autumn?

Rhythm of Life, Jotun’s 2018 paint color trends

After spending a year studying design and lifestyle patterns, Norwegian paint manufacturer Jotun has released 36 new shades that represent their projection of global color trends for 2018. Rhythm of Life represents glimpses of ideas, values and aspirations shared by people around the world. Led by color manager Lisbeth Larsen, research of common threads and shared social tendencies across countries were condensed into three clear themes, each of which describes a different style of living with an individual colour palette to match.

images courtesy of Jotun
photography by Line Thit Klein
set design by Kråkvik & D’Orazio

The Oslo home of interior stylists and shop owners

The home of Alessandro D’Orazio and Jannicke Krakvik who compose the Italian and Norwegian styling Kråkvik&D’Orazio, respectively.
It’s a home I’ve seen before, bits and pieces thanks for Instagram and even some thanks to their collaboration with Frama’s launch of their apothecary collection in the home.
This is more of a full tour though, allowing us to get a glimpse of their custom bathroom and the couple’s store, Kollekted By. Found these photos thanks to a feature on the NY Times.

Also be sure to scroll down below to see a few of my faves from the weekend!

Benches by Max Lamb for Milan Design Week.

Skincare has really been on my mind lately, I’m sure the arrival of Spring has something to do with it. There are so many enticing products, where do I even begin? This one looks interesting, but maybe I’m only attracted to the packaging?

Styled in Green

How 4 days of the week have already managed to pass by already is beyond my comprehension, I could have sworn it was just Tuesday and yet tomorrow weekend begins. Obviously I own a calendar so I am usually aware of the date but I’ll never be able to wrap my head around the way time can seem to stand still or move at warp speed around us. Having children also seems to affect my perception of time, 1 year in the life of a toddler is quite substantial in terms of growth and maturity but as an adult one year can pass without feeling that more than a few months have gone by.

I will spare you any more ramblings of time and how I wish there was more of it and instead divert your attention to these beautiful green images were created by the extraordinary Norwegian stylists Kråkvik&D’Orazio for Bo Bedre Norway. Fun fact for you, when we stayed in Copenhagen a few years ago (nearly 4 now!) we used Airbnb to live like locals for a while and the owner of the flat happened to be a main editor of Bo Bedre (Denmark)! They even had a current issue of the magazine waiting for us on the dining table when we arrived. The entire style was so warm and cozy and part of what made our trip so great was taking the bus and walking to the house as if we lived there ourselves.

Photography by Siren Lauvdal

birthday wishes

In case you’ve been living under a rock, today is voting day. It also happens to be my birthday and while I will spare you my political opinions (though if you’re friends with me on Facebook I’m not nearly so vague) I’m glad to say I’ve casted my vote …


Bowl (white on grey, 1962) William Scott / fur draped chair

Byredo Suede hand wash / Cognac and black

11 Howard by Space Copenhagen / Feuille dorée

Rose colored dress / Structure exhibit

Some inspired pairs I assembled the other night!

salone del mobile inspiration from norway

A couple images I liked from Norwegians Hege and Bjørn Johan of their visit to Milan for Salone del Mobile ’16. The warm clay colors with pink and wood tones are so flattering.

3 for the weekend

A mix of images I like, not partially new but the tones are all so appealing right now. top /Jotun LADY Minerals Marrakeshmiddle / Frama stools from Kollekted bybottom / bathroom in grey from

3 Brilliant Products From Oslo

Sprekenhus – Hair Styling Elixir Light* | Sprekenhus – Hydrating Mask* | Sprekenhus – Body Oil* I don’t tend to judge beauty products by their packaging but it certainly makes them more appealing when you come across the sort of products you want to show off in your bathroom. It was the minimal design of […]

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I meant to post this Friday but then the weekend just got away from me and oops, it’s almost Tuesday!A lightweight, slender sofa designed by Andreas Elgesvik for Swedish furniture producer Fogia. The long thin legs create the look that the seats are fl…

Rebekka Joachimsen

I recently read about student Rebekka Joachimsen’s ‘Braathen’ sofa on Wallpaper. The colors are something also vintage looking and are said to explore “sustainable manufacturing methods”. It’s interesting how the cushions can be rearranged to create di…