Inspiration Gallery I Island Part II

Inspiration Gallery. Isalo Desert. Eco Hotel ‘Princesse du Lagon’, Mangily. Tutelar, Madagascar, October 2016.

Inspiration Gallery I Island

Inspiration GALLERY Tamatave, Manambato, Madagascar 2016

A House With A View In Zakynthos

On 2.5 acres of smooth slope in the northeast Island of Zakynthos, Greece sits a high-altitude 275 square-meter house with awed views from each room.
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Torrents of storm swept seas hand painted in infinite detail on the grandest scale imaginable.  San Franfransisco born Alaskan raised Ron Ortner paints magnificently  moving images of the sea where boats are void and people are but a distant concept.  Ron’s heritage is reflective in the mountainous sea scapes highlighting  impossible nature and let’s be honest some […]