Blue Jeans

When it comes to off-duty dressing, denim is fail-safe. While adding a white tee will elevate this off-duty feeling, slipping into a blazer shall establish the working-from-home environment needed to get things done. Wise and Easy. Stay Home. Due to &#…

Off-Duty Staple

The leather jacket: An elevated wardrobe essential. An edgy and timeless piece that is really worth investing in. The ideal staple which systematically offers high impact and strong allure. FWRD The Label Leather Jacket – Repeat Cashmere knit &#8…

Girl: off-duty

Feeling those off-duty vibes… Affordable outfit inspiration
cali big button linen top: Pixie Market  .  check trousers: Topshop  .  mid heel shoes: Topshop  .  macrame bucket bag: Staud  .  face and body oil: everyday oil  .  camille earr…

Martini With A Twist

We hear about it all the time and it’s one of my favourite elements of fashion week… ‘Off duty style’ is here baby and I think you’ll agree, it’s here to stay. But if you ask me off duty doesn’t just apply to our favourite models in their downtime, it’s about having a go-to uniform […]

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Champagne Satin

Slipping into the enticing satin reflections of a slip dress: the easiest way to feel comfortable yet feminine this summer. Neutrals bring brightness to our usual wardrobe palette and remain timelessly elegant, fitting for any occasion. This minimal effortless Taupe/Champagne … Continue reading

How to style the off-duty look – Superdry’s new Perth store

How to style the off-duty look Superdry is launching their store in Hay Street Mall, Perth on3 November, and I’ve teamed up with them to show you how to style your perfect off-duty look. For those who are hearing about Superdry for the first time, you are forgiven for assuming, as I once did, that the brand is a Japanese import. In fact, Superdry is British owned and American vintage styling inspired, and its ties to Japan go as far as its incorporation of Japanese typography in its designs, which, being the result of deliberate machine translations, is proudly conceded by the brand as actually making no sense. Even the ostensible Japanese translation of ‘極度乾燥(しなさい)’ (kyokudo kanso (shinasai)), with the literal meaning of ‘Extreme Dryness (do it)’, would, in its abrupt nonsensicalness, dumbfound the Japanese. Despite occasional digs at the brand by Japanese speakers, a look a little further reveals Superdry’s rather intellectual ribbing of the very practice of cultural appropriation. In this multi-layered send-up, no one is spared: the Japanese speaking observer, who would surely love to throw a stone or two, but is reminded of their residence in a glass house of the disastrously hilarious uses of ‘Engrish’; the western consumer, that sports […]

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Summer Walks

Off-duty footwear, Black Leather, Textured Slides game, Finest Materials, Comfort, Minimal vibes. The Holidays shoes situation. Senso Slides – Everlane Slide sandals – Birkenstock  


Enhance your classics with the inevitable and sophisticated blazer. A bright and pristine white will make it fresh and modern. LXé Blazer – Aritzia Dress – Klarf Watches Watch – Jewel Rue Cuff               … Continue reading


Simplicity can be diverted by a certain complexity of design. Begin with a classical base, then juxtaposing to it a piece you can carefully adjust, construct and deconstruct, so to confer upon your look a timeless modern appeal. Adding and … Continue reading

Language Skills

  Just be sure to know that if you were a shirt that says you speak French that everyone in Paris is going to talk to you like you know you stuff and don’t worry if you don’t speak the language good old fashion charm and a pair of  Isabel Marant leather pants speak enough French for […]