Crème de la crème

Playing with textures and neutral tones.During this “self-isolation time” #stayhome, it is important to take care of ourselves and find the perfect balance between cozy and effortless elegance. Think “Minimal”, “Sporty&#82…

Take Time

Slowly welcoming the belgium brand Serax tableware at home. Serax’s “Take Time” ceramics collection was designed by Hilde Degryse. A pure minimal off-white porcelain line, with subtle drops of gold pointing towards the ideal amount of…


Winter vibrations call for all cozy temptations and a purely nuanced tonal palette of pure white, off-white, and creamy texture. Accentuated by fine and minimalist details to generate a seizing confrontation of freshness. Aakasha Asymmetric Shirt &#821…

5 Ways to up your pant game

5 Ways to up your pant game In this editorial: Y / Project jeans, Off White Trousers & Vintage Chanel Earrings all from Farfetch | French Cuff Shirt by Anna Quan | ‘Love is a Drug’ T Shirt by Know Connections | Chunky cardigan by Mum’s Handmade As many of us have blind spots for a certain rack in the department store, mine was definitely the pant section. In fact, I recently found myself in the realisation that I owned approximately 0 pants. Yes, yours truly could sustain an entire dissertation on the many injustices of this clothing item. For example, that pants refuse to fit both my waist and ass at the same time, or that cropped chinos will never look on me the way they do on Audrey Hepburn’s version of Sabrina. But is it any wonder? The art of tailoring may well be a fundamental struggle of the human condition. With so much technicality that goes into a pant that can flatter those geometrically vague shapes, the legs, it’s no less than a freak accident if a pair of $60 chain store pants didn’t make your ass look like the dark side of the moon. As I […]

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Authentic Remix

The notion of ‘nowstalgia’ is bubbling, and we’re loving it. The true 1990s trends are present but re-appropriated for this generation. jersey T-shirt: Off-White  .  sweatshirt: Acne Studios  .  leather shoulder bag: Loewe  .  cropped wide leg jeans: Topshop  .  loafers: Gucci  .  leather pouch: Gucci  . Shop Lo-fi below:

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