Suburbia /səˈbəːbɪə/ noun 1. the suburbs or their inhabitants viewed collectively. “the sprawl of suburbia into the surrounding countryside” A plane flying high above the stratosphere paves it’s way through the clouds with a long white cotton trail; somewhere in the distance a lawn mower hums along to the sound of the passing traffic

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The Wonder Years

There’s nothing like the sweet childhood memories of dressing up, wearing everything from your mums closet with unbridled optimism and creating extravagant stories. From here you discover your mothers’ makeup bag to find her vintage lipsticks & eye shadows, not worrying about staying in the lines and using your imagination to be anyone you want, in

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Natural Act

The Tuileries; an iconic green space where Parisians celebrate, meet, stroll and relax.  Situated in between the most idyllic French landmarks, the Louvre to the left and Place de la Concorde to the right, what more with regards to location could you ask for in an Oracle Fox Journal Submission. When you live on the complete

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The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden, a place where one can escape to a secluded space to be immersed in ivy covered walls and enchanted trees. A place of complete privacy for one to gather their thoughts and enjoy the simple pleasures of sitting among greenery and basking in the stillness… While real life is a different reality

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On Neutral Territory

A location speaks a thousands words, especially in the latest Oracle Fox Journal submission. Nestled amongst the most picturesque Italian mountain range, is a secret gorge, situated in the Southern region of Abruzzo. To reach this secret Italian gorge is not an easy expedition, one must hike to a vast  valley, passing by ancient ruins and homes

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If only we were currently swimming in the fresh blue waters in the heart of Italy right now.   Alas the fantasy it is not so, and as the reality of mountains of editing from my latest shoot (which I cannot wait to show you my lovely friends) literally ‘sinks’ in I can only dream

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Electric Air

In a world that is quickly becoming homogenised with the over saturation of generic content, I’m always looking for inspiration.  Inspiration in destinations that I’ve never seen before, inspiration in the undiscovered designers with big ideas, and inspiration in photographers and artists who look at the world through different eyes. Thanks to the power of social […]

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The Palms

As we sit at our office desks, counting down the final days of the year all I can think about is a holiday.  Sadly this year for me won’t be about boarding a plane to some nordic winter wonderland complete with matching christmas cardigans and spiked-up pissy eggnog, neither will it be about lavishly swanning around […]

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The First Hour

  Girls, this Oracle Fox Journal Editorial is all about you.  Although we may all be modern women, working hard on solidifying our place in careers or studies that define our strength, the empowerment of being a female is something not to be overlooked.  Whether you’re like me .. a self proclaimed tomboy or you’re […]

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As Dante Alighieri once said ‘Heat cannot be separated from fire, or beauty from the eternal’.   When creatives photographer Ren Pidgeon and model/designer Elyse Knowles recently worked together our fire was truly ignited.  With winter upon us in the Southern Hemisphere it’s all about oversized knitwear and layered denim.  With cashmere cardi’s and denim overall onesies […]

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Parlez-Vous Français?

After a morning of Parisian AW 2015 shows and a lunch date with a 1st arrondissement post office searching for lost garment samples, I was lucky enough to spend my twighlight hours with this babe, soaking up that later afternoon French sunlight.  So meet Smith Vanders,  long limbed, funny and charmingly self deprecating.. my kind of girl.  There’s a […]

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Shadow Dancer

Only the forces of nature could create a backdrop this perfect and the same mother of creation may be held responsible for our long limbed beauty Suzy Woo who you might remember meeting here  once before.  You see where I come from may be slightly isolated and a technically a little uncool in the fashion stakes but […]

She’s Like The Wind

It’s been a long time coming and I’m so excited to share with you that the love child of Oracle Fox, the ORACLE FOX JOURAL, is now live!  For some time I’ve wanted to put together a site that sits within Oracle Fox, purely as a curation of exclusive editorial content from some of our favourite photographers, […]

Rolling Stone

I’m guilty and I know it.  It’s been a while since I’ve put together a shoot for you my beautiful friends, and thanks to your feedback I know that you’ve been anticipating something special.  With all of the collaborations and travel in recent months I thought it was time for some creative output and to get […]