This project was an experiment. A successful one. Not only because the final outcome seems aesthetically pleasing, to me at least, but also because we’d been discussing about creating something like this with @zansot for a while now. It’s not a super fancy editorial production, we just moved some furniture around, set our background and …

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inspired by Khaite’s first resort collection

Inspiration can be one of those frustratingly intangible things. When you need it inspiration is nowhere to be found and when you’re not seeking it out, inspiration finds you. Or something like that.Also inspiration can be directly unrelated to the sub…

Close Call

We all know the saying ‘keep it simple’,  however with the world at our fingertips these days it can be easy  to forget, sometimes all you need is bare feet, soft silhouettes and perfectly cast shadows to create the most beautiful of images .. Of course a dose of the Magdalena Frackowiack never goes astray either. model: Magdalena Frackowiack  .  photographer: Ward […]