Nowadays, expansions of architecture as science and art are considered widely accepted and embraced. This state of mind is specifically fortunate not only because of the vast variety of inspiration and visuals but also because of the creation of new upcoming hobbies and occupations that may lead to full time jobs and successful business.     …

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TIME – Vol. 2 There is a certain aspect of the anticipation process that intrigues me quite a lot. I can remember the feeling of excitement and awkward joy every time I had a trip planned. The endless plans and possibilities, the countless ways to pass the time, the things to see, the places to …

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This is a personal project that I realised a year ago in my folding architecture class at the university. First project that I decided to combine architecture and fashion and open the door to subjects and concepts that I was also interested in, and do some body design research.     The thing about my …

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Locked And Loaded

When it comes to handbags I like to think of myself as a kind of modern day Hermione Granger, carrying around everything and anything that could get you out of life’s most unsuspecting adventures.  You see there’s only one problem that lies within this kind of lifestyle and that’s finding a bag that can deal with it.  A […]

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Paradise Cove

  Ahhh sometimes you just need to get away, even if getting away mean submerging yourself deep into tumblr and pinterest rather than deep into the Pacific Ocean.  You see not all of us have the privilege of ocean at our doorstep so for this reason and I guess a whole bunch of others I recently teamed up […]

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