This will probably be my last monthly recap on COTTDS.com for awhile. I think some of you already have noticed that I have been posting less outfits. I’m definitely trying my hardest to still keep up with my blog – and outfits – but it’s not getting easier now I have arrived in my 9 month pregnancy. The days are passing by so fast, especially for me, now I hardly have energy. Somewhere around 8/9 PM my day have come to and end and bedtime starts. Haha. I feel like such a grandma! But hey, we’re just keep on going. =)


A Little tradition we have here on COTTDS.com is the yearly outfit recap. Picked out my personal favourites from the over 100 looks I’ve posted in 2014. It have definitely been challenging to shoot my outfits for the blog the last 6 months. Starting in June when I had a positive pregnancy test. After that my whole world changed, I changed. Mentally but also physically. The physical changes were pretty intense in the beginning. The first 3 months I was extremely tired and I hardly had energy to blog (or anything else for that matter). At that time my baby bump also really started to show, which didn’t make it easy to take outfitshots without showing it.. After 4,5 (long) months I finally shared the amazing news with you, and I was able to show off that cute baby bump. My favourite accessory for sure! ;) It have been a life changing year for me. A dreamy and special year. And the fun part is that 2015 will be even greater. Can’t wait to meet my little man next month! PS: Curious to see the yearly recap of 2013? Check it out here.


And just like that we have landed in the last month of the year ALREADY. Why is time always flying so fast? Which also means I’m starting to get really close to my due date. I can’t wait to meet the little guy that’s growing inside of me, but it’s also becoming a bit scary now it’s all going so fast! Just two more months before my new life is kicking off. Can’t wait!


So, my October outfits were all about showing off the baby bump. One that have growed big time the last few weeks. I officially had to say goodbye to all my jeans and leather trousers (accept for one pair!), since I simply can’t fit in to them anymore. Not cool! But hey, it’s for a good cause.