A Quick Guide to Choosing a Kitchen Faucet

images from this post When looking for a kitchen faucet, what are the primary features you need to consider? Can you choose a faucet finish that is as unique as the rest of your kitchen design? We have a lot of options today but that may only make…

Norm Architects Creates a Seaside Home Inspired by Nature

Continuing to embrace dark interiors this week, this newly remodeled project contains dark features and natural colors to compliment its surroundings.

“Boasting all-natural, rich materials, the house gives you the feeling of being in the middle of nature while inside,” says Norm Architects who applied sand-colored walls and earth toned furnishings to an existing coastal home. The residence is situated along a rugged costal landscape in North Zealand, not too far from Copenhagen. Zealand is home to scenic lakes, forests and sandy beaches, which served as inspiration for the home’s interior colors.

“The existing architectural structure was well carried, functional and harmonious – therefore the project was a refurbishment and a challenging exercise to incorporate the wild nature outside on a refined level,” said interior architect Laura Bilde.

In order to keep the full height windows focused on the scenic grasses and deep blue water, restrained colors were used throughout as well as dark stained timber in the kitchen cabinetry, not dissimilar to another dark kitchen Norm designed. The living room’s gabled wall and used to construct a bunk beds in one of the bedrooms.

The earth toned interior palette is intended to give the occupants a feeling of being in nature even while inside.

Solid wood plinth table, similar to one made by Dry Studios, serves as a minimal bench in the corridor.

Cashmere wrapped pendant lighting from Artilleriet hangs above an antiqued timber dining table.

With minimal decor hanging tapestries like this one from Ferm Living, large ceramic pots and collected artwork from the owners’ travels, the overall feel is kept very minimal.

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A brick-walled home enclosing a secret garden

If you’re love gardening and/or houseplants, what would be better than a garden of green in the middle of your home? This residence in Melbourne, Australia has just that, a gland encases courtyard dividing the bedroom and living spaces of the home. Ritz&Ghougassian are the architects responsible for the design and extension, which include exposed concrete brickwork walls and eucalyptus-fronted joinery.

Photos by Tom Blachford.

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Dark and lush, styling by Hanna Wessman

A flawless renovation by Hanna Wessman for Swedish singer Måns Zelmerlöw. I translated the Swedish but the google version was poor and it came back as gibberish so if you don’t speak Swedish like me you can enjoy the view. Otherwise read more about the…

Tour the home of a Swedish fashion designer and actor in their childhood home

Nicole works as a fashion designer for & Other Stories and Andreas Wilson is an actor. They live in Enskedefältet, just outside Stockholm with their two children in the home Nicole grew up in. Once they moved in however they had to make the place their own and changed virtually every surface, moved walls and completely remodeled the kitchen which is now on the opposite side of the house.
Also, their amazing Rio coffee table is by Charlotte Perriand for Cassina!

Found via Residence.

Styling by Alexandra Ogonowski

Foto by Erik Lefvander

Reform crosses the Atlantic, now US and Canadian residents can easily access their designs

Danish company Reform makes cabinet fronts and tops for IKEA kitchen, bathrooms and cabinets. They’ve worked with Norm Architects and Bjarke Ingels design firm BIG but their latest venture has them taking over the world. Almost. To help spread the news…

My bedroom redo / darker floors revealed

The best renovation projects for me are the ones that yield quick results. Tasked with painting a room or removing then replacing floors can feel daunting to approach but gratefully this renovation in our bedroom was fast and painless. Within one day’s time we went from bright and white to dark and handsome with rich brown Dominion Steele Chestnut laminate floors by Quick•Step.

Last week I shared our plan with the new floors, inspiration and thoughts about how meaningful and impactful flooring can be, today I share finished images with detailed images of the new flooring from Quick•Step. We’re very pleased with the outcome and the way it’s changed the whole feeling and look in our bedroom. Want to see even more images including “before & after”? Head over to Quick•Step Style where you can see even more photos of the new finished room. As part of the RoomUP Blogger Challenge you can also check out other blogger makeovers using different finishes and flooring colors.

Don’t forget to enter the RoomUP Sweepstakes where you can win new flooring for yourself!

Get more inspiration from Quick•Step on Facebook and Pinterest. You can also download their Style My Floor app to see how their floors would look in your home.

building a bathroom, start with the shower

Christmas is over, and I’m thinking already about the new year and a clean slate. Every year I go through this same cycle with Christmas bringing excess in decorations, in coziness, in food and traditions but immediately once it’s over I want to purge …

a simple upgrade for IKEA’s BESTÅ

Superfront gives IKEA owners many options for updating their favorite pieces, enough that you can completely transform your piece into something new with doors and cabinet tops or if you want something more subtle you can add handles and legs. It’s the best of both worlds, budget friendly and easily accessible IKEA blended with elevated pieces that make your furniture look custom.
We went for something more subtle, changing out the boring legs on the BESTÅ I inherited from my mom for these Slender Low legs from Superfront’s bathroom collection. Beyond upgrading cabinets and credenza’s the range also includes custom sinks and taps for your bathroom! We have the Holy Wafers in our kitchen, btw, and I love their low profile on all our bottom cabinets.

Below are a few favorites including the brass Balance legs, Mini Reflection, Parallels front kitchen panel.

a tile candidate for the kitchen

An update on the kitchen changes…

This tile sample is currently resting on the kitchen counter (although in the photo it it’s sitting on the dining room cabinets) as I try to decide how I feel about it. I’m hoping to add warmth to the kitchen but my first reaction is this is too warm, too brown for the kitchen currently. Maybe something more like a greige is better?
This tile is 18″ square so it would leave only a few seams along the back wall, which is what I would like. My first reaction to tile in the kitchen is that I want something smooth without seams to keep it as clean as possible, though maybe just a few (exactly 6 along the back wall) grouted seams isn’t so bad?

The jury is still out on this one.

/ the Studio Arhøj bowl from Stilleben

new cutting boards & a kitchen update

One of my favorite stores, Artilleriet, recently had my most wanted oak cutting boards on sale and I took it as a sign from the online shopping Gods that then was the time to order a couple for myself. I bought the smoked oak ones but they’re not nearl…

old photos of our home

I found a few random shots from our home sometime earlier this year in my archives. I miss this Summer light!

looking forward

image | styled by Lotta Agaton photo by Mikkel MortensenI took an unofficial break these past couple weeks. Ideally I would have kept up with the blog everyday but it was nice to have some down time with the kids and family and since I’m only one pers…

emerald swoon

Swoon has just released new colored cabinets in shades of emerald and what they call “September Lingonberries” along with these gold and copper taps, which together is just, wow!Seeing this gives me a serious bug to renovate our current bathroom, thoug…