Since I am a mom, weekends means family time and this became my favorite part of the week. My life often seems to be a race against time. I want to do a million things a day but the hours pass by so quickly that I always find myself struggling with things that still have […]

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Hotel Light

Hotel Light is a new short stay hotel nearby the famous Museumplein and Nieuwe Binnenweg areas of Rotterdam. Our hotel is only a few minutes to all the highlights of… Read More

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Libertine Cafe Cafe

We found our new place for Friday evening drinks and quality time dinners! ENG/ Last Sunday we had the privilege to have dinner in the newest hotspot of the 9… Read More

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Tria Hair Removal Laser 4x Review

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4xI had the chance to try out the Hair Removal Laser 4x from Tria Beauty, so read on for my honest opinions on this laser hair remover.  For transparency purposes, this item was sponsored. First off, I would have …

the sleep shirt

Over the past few years I’ve grown a fondness for linen. Maybe you’ve noticed here and there on the blog I post photos of my linen bedding or throw pillows or the material shows up in a ‘wishlist’ item as well. I didn’t always love the wrinkly, texture…