The twist front shirt dress, inspired by Japanese Furoshiki knotting, is an absolute spring key piece. Ideal in terms of appreciating modernity, playing with movements, and reach an equilibrium of volumes. Deviating from our usual color palette, let us wander towards the Blue Poplin. Incorporate a bucket … Continue reading

What to wear (when you have nothing to wear) with Net-a-Porter

What to wear (when you have nothing to wear) Wearing: Top, Pants & Earrings: Net-a-porter | Shoes: Valentino With ‘When’ being the operative word here, the situation of ‘nothing to wear’, at least for yours truly, has perhaps too high of an incident rate to warrant the parentheses. For those of us whose lives are perpetually running on ‘omw now!’ basis (and compounding), opening your wardrobe and finding an abundance of ready-to-go outfits is basically that dream you have just before waking up to a mind-grating alarm beep and a bad hair day. Yours truly being firmly within that demographic, I’ve spent years making dressing when having nothing to wear something of an art. So together with Net-a-Porter and their ‘I have nothing to wear’ campaign, I’m going to impart on you my little nuggets of wisdom, to help you know what to wear when you have nothing to wear. 1 Shop your wardrobe (and wear it wrong) In the way that desperation often gives rise to inspiration, unlock the full potential of your wardrobe by looking at the most ordinary of pieces and wear it wrong. A daggy old coat can be cinched with a belt to be transformed […]

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Back to black

  Delighted by first days of summer in Madagascar, Lines/Manner favors light and airy materials. Rejoicing at the total return to black. Contemporary long fluid dress + mules. A relaxed sophistication, minimal for a look strongly influenced by our favorite … Continue reading


The more I was thinking about this outfit, the more excited I became! The drop of temperature in Paris, combined with the melancholic yet beautiful cloudy days coloured the view in silver shades. The right moment came for my favourite parisian bridge; Bir Hakeim.     In my latest collaboration with TANROH, I decided to wear …

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In Dusty Pink

Samsøe & Samsøe – Tahvo Leather Jacket in Cream (on sale) | Second Female – Tamsin Shirt Dress in Heather Rose* | Jimmy Choo – Estelle Sunglasses in Blue* | Adidas Originals – Stan Smith Trainers I wear a lot of Scandinavian brands, these are a couple of my favourites from Denmark, Samsøe & Samsøe […]

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