108, Copenhagen

Rene Redzepi, the renowned chef of NOMA has opened a more casual restaurant in CPH called simply, 108. An old oil industry warehouse in Christianshavn was transformed by the fabulous Space Copenhagen. Burnished metal, weathered timber, raw concrete and…

EAT / new restaurant Lou Lou

Yesterday morning (or maybe it was Tuesday?) I found photos of this new restaurant and was excited to get them posted immediately but Elin hasn’t been sleeping well and even though I put this pressure on myself to try to get things posted as soon as po…

restaurant Musling

I’ve mentioned Space Copenhagen before


Bowl (white on grey, 1962) William Scott / fur draped chair

Byredo Suede hand wash / Cognac and black

11 Howard by Space Copenhagen / Feuille dorée

Rose colored dress / Structure exhibit

Some inspired pairs I assembled the other night!