Sundling/Kickén’s Latest Project is an Example of More With Less

How is it Friday?! Excuse me while I have a mini panic attack how the fact that the week is already over! Ok, I’m good now.Not sure how this week has been for you but it has, obviously, felt seemed to have flown by for me. The blog didn’t get much love…

Sunday Sanctuary: Neutral

  A minimalist apartment with just the right amount in character to catch our interior eye… Scandinavian interiors have been a long time love here at Oracle Fox, which comes down to a number of fabulous things. It’s the thoughtful and artistic placement of furniture, the purposeful spaciousness of certain rooms, the collection of simple, […]

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A cardboard factory built in 1912 gets a modern look inspired by New York City

Originally a factory where cardboard was produced and then later a grade school, this building in Kungshöjd. Within walking distance are coffee shops, night clubs, a market and restaurants. The interior, styled by the wonder Swedish duo Sundling/Kickén, was given a very lived-in style with lots of small details with a personal touch. See more, available at Alvhem.

Photography by Fredrik J Karlsson.

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Spring 2018 News from Menu

Phew! What a week! This post was originally drafted almost a week ago however Thursday night we had to take our sweet little girl into the ER. If you follow me on IG Stories then you might have seen some of the updates. Poor thing woke up with a lot of…

News from H&M, in soft shades of pink

New work styled by the wonderful Lotta Agaton, art directed by Therese Sennerholt and photogpehaed by Heidi Lerkenfeldt for H&M.

Signe Bay’s holiday traditions / 5 Days of Christmas

Photographer and stylist extraordinarie, Signe Bay who makes the most stunning scenes on Instagram, someone to follow if you aren’t already doing so. She is up next in our mini series and she talks about how the memories from her own childhood are bein…

Dine under suspended billows of branches

Images from this event were all over my Instagram feed last week as I follow several of the creators and attendees who came together for this event. This particular photo is by Marie Verdenius who you may remember from A Month of Minimalism series wher…

A home in rust, clay and aubergine

A stunning apartment accurately styled for the season in strokes of rust, clay and deep aubergine for Fantastic Frank. Even the bathroom has warm pinks and plums to vibe with the accessories around the rest of the house. I love how autumnal the styling in this place feels especially since the weather currently seems to be skipping over Fall and heading straight into Winter. Six months of Autumn wouldn’t be enough, I love this in subtle season, when it actually feels subtle.

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Found via Fantastic Frank.

The home of interior stylist Susanna Vento

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Susanna was one of the first bloggers I ever followed, years ago when I first began blogging myself. Her daughter and my son are just months apart in age so I remember seeing her baby while holding my own baby in my arms and feeling connected by this new experience with motherhood. Since then I’ve continued to follow her work, her books, and her incredible sense of style and her ability to make everything look so good. She also throws the best birthday parties for her girls, so is there anything she can’t do well?

Pella tipped me off to this by posting the Livet Hemma feature of Susanna’s home last night on Facebook as I was dozing off. Funnily enough I ended up dreaming that Elin and I were at her house for a birthday party! Everyone was speaking Finnish except for me but I didn’t really care, I was just happy to be hanging with her cute family at a party. And that’s how my Monday morning began!
The feature was a partnership with IKEA so the tour is heavy with IKEA product but you can still see Susann’s touch on everything and has created a unique example of how to personalize furniture easily accessible to all.

Photos courtesy of Susanna Vento.

Relaxed Elegance

News from H&M comes with a collection of premium quality products from the Swedish retail giant that is known for their budget friendly prices. The collection was styled by Lotta Again (I believe this to be true but if I’m wrong please comment below!). The bedroom looks like the home of interior designer Louise Liljencrantz, or at least one of her projects. The wooden dividers are from Dry Things Studio and have been on my personal wishlist since the moment they were released, I’m unfortunately too far away and I think shipping overseas would not be worth the effort.

Take a look at the rest of the collection below along with all the pieces you need to create the look for yourself and don’t forget to check out the SHOP page for more accessories for you and your home!

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Beautiful and small

Owned by one half of Melo Studio, maker of the fine porcelain on the countertops and dining table, this small and gorgeous apartment is for sale by Fantastic Frank at Parkgatan 6 A in Kungsholmen. Styled by Linnea Salmén and photographed by Emily Laye.

Keep scrolling for the full tour!

Warm vs cool in this Swedish apartment

This small apartment from Fantastic Frank is a meeting of warm and cool tones, coexisting peacefully in a single space. (notice the Mantis lamp!) Styled by Josefin Hååg whose work I’ve shared here many times and is consistently inspiring.

Anour’s minimal metal lighting

Minimal and sculptural styling for Danish brand Anour’s I model pendant light photographed in the Kinfolk gallery.

The creative photography work of Irina Boersma

Irina’s work is so inspiring and lately on her Instagram she’s been sharing photos taken for Elle Decor Denmark that I absolutely love. I couldn’t find a portfolio for her work but you can find her on IG here.

A minimal home in rattan and rust

Susanna Vento is a stylist extraordinaire from Finland, someone whose work I’ve admired and followed for the last 6 years or so! Most recently she styled this apartment in gorgeous natural tones ranging from the palest sands colors to deep dark rusts. Scroll through for links to some of the pieces she used!

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Minimal Elegance

Newer styling work by the ever talented Amanda Rodriguez for Residence Magazine. Photography by Erik Lefvander and the stylist assistant is Åsa Lagerwall.

The Oslo home of interior stylists and shop owners

The home of Alessandro D’Orazio and Jannicke Krakvik who compose the Italian and Norwegian styling Kråkvik&D’Orazio, respectively.
It’s a home I’ve seen before, bits and pieces thanks for Instagram and even some thanks to their collaboration with Frama’s launch of their apothecary collection in the home.
This is more of a full tour though, allowing us to get a glimpse of their custom bathroom and the couple’s store, Kollekted By. Found these photos thanks to a feature on the NY Times.

Also be sure to scroll down below to see a few of my faves from the weekend!

Benches by Max Lamb for Milan Design Week.

Skincare has really been on my mind lately, I’m sure the arrival of Spring has something to do with it. There are so many enticing products, where do I even begin? This one looks interesting, but maybe I’m only attracted to the packaging?

Weekend inspiration from &Tradition

The concept and styling for this shoot by &Traditon looks like it came from at the pages of a fashion magazine rather than from a furniture company but that’s exactly what I love about it. The contrast from the bright camera lights and the outlining shadows it casts feels very modern and crisp.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Green Spring: Seasonal Inspiration from COS x HAY ’17

March is officially here and while I could comment about how quickly February passed by (because it really did) I’d rather focus on what’s to come. Spring is a much loved season and lets us put the dark and damp winter season behind us, which after several months we are very ready for. It means new colors and foliage rather than snow and long forgotten plants. We tend to spend more time outside and feel invigorated by the hope and energy brought about with more sunshine and new growth. It’s not just climate, it’s also personal. Spring is the perfect time to make new plans, shake off the lethargy of the previous months and bring some of this freshness into our homes and wardrobes.

The recent collaboration between Swedish COS and Danish HAY brands brings us soft greens and warmer hues than we’ve been used to seeing in recent times. Personally it makes me want to buy some fresh flowers or better yet, take a walk in the woods and pick my own. It makes me want to declutter, which we’ve been working on since January so it’s only moderate changes rather than a huge overhaul of our things. It makes me look forward to fresh fruit, longer days, shorter pant lengths and natural highlights in my hair from time spent in the sun.

The collection doesn’t seem to be available in the US version of COS but if you are in Europe or elsewhere you can shop directly from their web shop. I’ve found some of the HAY pieces from the collection for you below, can in case you can’t access the COS collection.

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Sweets for the weekend.

Weekend inspiration from Danish stylist Gitte Kjaer.

Oak, limestone and stainless steel in Premium’s new concept apartment

This beautiful flat was styled and designed by Marie Ramse who chose flooring materials, fixtures and of course all of the furnishings to create a sophisticated space with my ideal color palette. Calming greys, light to dark wood tones, plenty of chrom…

JM Premium Apartment

JM Premium Apartment

JM has launched a new Premium concept and the talented Marie Ramse and Emily Laye have partnered to create a beautiful concept apartment in beautiful Sweden.

With over 70 years of experience in residential development projects and 4,000 completed homes per year in Sweden, Norway and Finland, JM has a unique insight into what type of accommodations customers demand. The new trend of premium tailored homes in the response to their customer’s demand and a wonderful thing to look at — even from afar.

This home is just a small taste of what we’ll be able to see JM do in the future with the help of brilliant people like Marie and Emily.

Styling: Marie Ramse
Photography: Emily Laye

News from IKEA

New coming next month to IKEA, styled by the wonderful Amanda Rodriguez.

Susanna Vento For Tikkurila

Susanna Vento For Tikkurila The magnificent Susanna Vento has created a perfect dark atmosphere using paint from Tikkurila’s new Clay Color Collection 2017. It’s safe to say that de-saturated dark colours will keep making an appearance next year …

a cosy family home, and these grey pedestals

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The dining room in this apartment is so great, and maybe I like it because it has similar furniture to my own! We have the Gubi Semi pendant with a black table, ours is from Muuto, and some Muuto Visu chairs. What’s even better in this home are the grey pedestals Josefin used to style the room with.
Funny enough I have been coveting some tubular pedestal tables, procrastinating though as I’ not sure where I’d put them in our small house. As yet I’m still undecided but I’ll share ultimately what I end up doing.

See above for my pedestal picks along with accessories to sort of ‘create the look’.

Also this child’s room, which I don’t talk much about on the blog but I love looking at kids rooms, especially ones with sweet details but still pared back and a bit sparse. From experience I know it is too easy to let their spaces become overloaded with stuff, so a kids room with ‘just enough’ is the most appealing to me. Also, you can find the bunny lamp here and grid box here.

muted mustard

Such a beautiful, rich color and you may recognize the chair from this wishlist earlier in the year! Styling by the wonderful Pella Hedeby for IKEA

H&M Home 2017 brings a new elegance

A preview of what’s to come from Swedish retailer H&M and their line of home products. I believe these were taken in the Kinfolk studio, the wall, shelves, furniture and flooring look just the same so I’d be surprised if it wasn’t. I’m unsure of th…

Filippa K

Just yesterday I mentioned Lotta but here is some more of her work that popped up in my feed this morning. I searched for larger images but this is the best I could find! Anyways, she helped redecorate the interior of Filippa K’s Grey Turegatan boutiqu…

Styling Trend: Mirrors

Styling Trend: Mirrors

We all know that mirrors introduce light and a sense of space and depth. People usually use them to create a visual illusion in a small or dark room but they can become the perfect addition to any room regardless of size. Over-sized or decorative mirrors, the question is what fits your style the most. I’m not a narcissist by any means but I definitely wouldn’t mind packing my home with some large mirrors from the one and only, Ikea or maybe those stunning pendants make by the savagely creative hands of Elke Kallehav from Elkeland Studio.

Get your mirror fixed and ask: Who’s the fairest of them all? It’s you.

Photography: Enok Holsegaard & Ragnar Ómarsson

news from H&M / how to create the look

A few personal favorites from the new images styled by Glen Proebstel and photographed by Pia Ulin for H&M home and I’ve made it easy to shop the items with links below each photo. The grey and wood paneled bathroom is pretty spectacular. Also thank you for Pella for blogging about this earlier.

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Bedroom Styling Tips From A Pro

Bedroom Styling Tips From A ProSoft, muted colors, tranquility and light form part of Pro-Stylist Amanda Rodriguez’s dream bedroom vision. Amanda Rodriguez is a freelance concept stylist, based in Stockholm. She works on the borderline between re…

bedroom of a stylist / Amanda Rodriguez

A calm refuge from chaotic city life, styled by Amanda Rodriguez for Ikea.

model 2065

I really like this scene and styling, an image created to showcase this pendant light called model 2065 designed by Gino Sarfatti. You may see this on display at 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen this weekend, if you are planning to attend anyways. The gr…


New interior projects from Terzo-piano.

new muuto

New products and lifestyle imagery from Muuto including these FRAMED mirrors that look really fantastic, I like the color tinted glass. Expected to be released in early May.

fritz hansen objects

A new line of home accessories called Objects, an addition to Danish brand Fritz Hansen’s legendary furniture.


A series of photos styled by the incredible Amanda Rodriguez and photographed by Kistofer Johnsson.

Faux Concrete

Faux ConcreteIf I didn’t live is such a tiny apartment I’d probably consider covering some of my walls with this gorgeous concrete wallpaper Sara Medina Lind and Jenny Martinsson used for this styling project. Both Stylist are known in the minimalist…


Some soft pastel inspiration from photographer Heidi Lerkenfeldt.

Studio Moore

Studio Moore

I’m admiring the beautiful styling work by Studio Moore – Based in lovely Australia and established by Andrea Moore who also works with Interior Design.

The studio considers interior design holistically with architectural form – creating intelligent spatial design solutions that enhance the everyday experience of the inhabitant. Interior architecture and spatial design services offered are specifically tailored to each project brief. The project above is an editorial styling job, which I find very inspiring.

Photography: Lachlan Moore

a stylist’s apartment for sale

I’ve hardly been able to scroll through social media or some of my bloglovin’ feeds without seeing photos of one of the most beautiful tiny apartment belonging to one of my favorite stylists, Josefin Hååg. I believe I’ve introduced her as one of my favorites before but it bears repeating. She always creates something interesting and warm with dimension.

See more photos (because this hardly does it justice) and the listing here.

Photography by Emily Laye.

metal + stone

Warm wooden and class tones contrast deep grey walls and flooring.

Photographer by Lachlan Moore
Art Direction & Styling by Studio Moore


Styled by Anne Mårselius | photographed by Kristofer Johnsson

aerial view

Styling for Ellevio by one of my favorite stylists, Lotta Agaton. Photography by Bohman Sjöstrand and directed by Peter Herrman

Silke Bonde x Nordic Summer

Silke Bonde x Nordic Summer

The geniuses behind Brunner Studio have made my day today. Sofie Brunner, the brain of the operation is responsible for the styling of the projects above. Silke Bonde – which also happen to be my favorite posters of now, photographed by Enok Holsegaard and Nordic Summer a beautifully portrayed issue for The Nordic Courier and photographed by Mikkel Adsbøl.

inspiration needed

The past week has drained me, physically and mentally. Elin and I have been sick and then she fell and hurt her arm so it’s been a tough few days and not particularly productive. I do though have some fun things coming up, a project I worked on with Fe…

Josefin & Frank

The incredibly talented Josefin Hååg, who is one of my favorite stylists, has been working with Fantastic Frank and it’s a beautiful thing. She has such a great eye and a way of making anything look amazing.

Lundia Fuuga

Part of the Fuuga collection from Finnish brand Lundia, a multi purpose set of drawers that can be used anywhere in the house. I love the styling for this one with a subtle blue tone.

like a painting

So much inspiration in this beautifully styled apartment, like textures and colors from an old oil painting. I’m not sure who the stylist is for this one, if anyone knows please leave a comment.

Linda Lundgren

Linda Lundgren

Food Stylist Linda Lundgren started out as a trained chef, but she realised she didn’t want to be stuck full-time in the kitchen; she craved something more varied and creative in the world of food. Her opportunity came with the publication of her book Smak av Österlen (A Taste Of Österlen), which opened her eyes to food styling as a profession and brought freelance assignments for newspapers, magazines and advertisements. International cuisine, interesting raw materials, interior design and gardening are all things which Linda finds inspiring. She loves to make creative use of good raw materials, and her style is rustic and simple – perhaps a reflection of her upbringing in the seaside town of Simrishamn on Sweden’s south coast.

via agent bauer

new Kinfolk / bedside

The newest issue of Kinfolk is out, being the wife of a great husband who knows I like magazines, he brought home a copy early last week and I’ve thumbed through it twice. This by far is my favorite article, a brief description of what mornings and the space nearest his bed, Hans Ulrich Obrist gives us a peek at his personal rituals.(remember that lamp?) photo by Anders Schønnemann | styling by Nathalie Schwer


This pink from Hemtex makes me think of Spring. Anyone else?


Great styling and some of my favorite pieces from Menu’s upcoming Spring ’15 lineup.


Nice details from Ikea’s new storage, Valje.


Snaregade tables come in rectangular and round, designed by Norm Architects for Menu.

new String styling

New work for String by Magnus Ingerstedt, styled by Lotta Agaton and photogrpahed by Marcus Lawett.A bit about the pieces featured above:String system | “The base in our history. Just as modern now as 1949 when designed. The flexibility and easiness with the system makes it a Scandinavian classic.”String plex | “Is this a new design? we often hear. But no, the clear Perspex panels was designed in the 5o’s as a complement to the ladder shelf.”String pocket | “The smallest member in our family. So small it fits in almost every space. Now in two new colors, green and cobalt blue.”String works | “The newcomer. Designed by Björn Dahlström and Anna von Schewen it fits at home as well as in the office.The height adjustable table and the free standing shelf makes it easy to create a flexible working space.”


Details from Flack Studio.

green need

You’ve probably noticed how trendy colored walls have become. I for one am a fan of this, when done correctly. This green wall is a nice example of added wall color done right. Paired with black textures and in a deep shade of green, it’s still muted and not overwhelming. See the entire place here and notice that this is a single green wall, not an entire house or room. In that sense I think it works really well and not high commitment, it can easily be painted over again to change the color. Major green love here!styling | Pella Hedeby & Marie Ramsephotography | Sara Danielsson


Usually I’m drawn to simpler scenes, open spaces and minimal accessories when it comes to interiors but this recent work by Pella Hedeby for Livet Hemma (Ikea’s blog) is really attractive to me. I think she did a great job elevating Ikea pieces into so…

ambiguous bathroom

Simply put, I like this bathroom view. It doesn’t bother me one bit that the monochrome space has no other color and I especially like the ambiguity of the bottles. image from Fantastic Frank

one place three ways

I saw this over the weekend, on my birthday actually, but I was preoccupied with taking a day “off”. Even though I was enjoying a nice break from the inter-world, I still gasped a little when I saw this place on Emma’s blog. The browns and blacks in th…

my work for HEM

You might remember One Nordic Company, over a year ago now, who is now HEM. I finished up some styling of a few of their products and shared a few images on my Instagram but here’s another peek. You can follow them here to see the rest of my work!

airy table

Tables are almost becoming like chairs for me, it’s hard to have too many. Just when you get really excited about a new table another comes out seemingly better than the last. I tend to look for something I think can be a classic and keep up as micro t…


Nice styling of Ikea‘s new chair.
“…JANINGE is a chair made ​​to last long. They are durable, even for the eye.” Jonas Pettersson of Form Us With Love

running late with the new

Nice collection for & Other Stories with Lykke Li.

On the rock glassware by Lee Broom.

Nuvola sofa, new at Artilleriet.

Søren Rose Studio’s Tribeca collection for Menu, really great shapely brass fixtures.

Work for Herman Miller by Lotta Agaton.

a cozy reading nook

I’m happy to share with you another project I finished in collaboration with Target, all about getting your home ready for Fall with a modern farmhouse look.
I really wanted to keep the colors in monochrome neutrals like warm taupes, grey, ivory and brass metallic accents. Stacks of books keep it feeling organic and less rigid than housed in a bookcase and also add texture. The stacks also allow for a reading lamp, candle holder and smaller accessories.

This warm round table has a slight worn look and definitely feels like Fall to me. A pale wooden apple figure, gold edged vase, a large moss knit blanket and rope basket to hold loose papers or notes, create a highly textured space that feels easy and inviting.

This post is sponsored by Target. Shop Home Décor for modern luxury made easy.

The Debrief

A suitcase full of Saint Laurent, plenty of implied nudity and the perfect tasselled hair.  Thanks to  stylist  Tereza Ortiz and her fine eye for just the right balance of polished rock chic we’re totally feeling the vibes of this beautiful editorial, besides Hedi Slimane always seems to know what a girl wants ..

my toolbox

The lovely people at Pink Apple Designs sent this Vitra toolbox my way to use however I’d like. The hard part was choosing just 1 place to use this because it’s so versatile, I could use it in a hundred different ways. For now though it’s bedside, hold…

light & shadows

Beautifully lit photos of &Tradition’s 2014 line.

grey and wood and Monday

Starting the week off with a grey/wood combo and preparing for this week’s work. A few styling jobs coming soon.