Sundling/Kickén’s Latest Project is an Example of More With Less

How is it Friday?! Excuse me while I have a mini panic attack how the fact that the week is already over! Ok, I’m good now.Not sure how this week has been for you but it has, obviously, felt seemed to have flown by for me. The blog didn’t get much love…

A new Swedish shop sells limited editions for those who want unique art in their homes!

The Ode To is a new shop out of Stockholm, founded by Helena Carlberg and Anna Lukins as a platform to provide people with an art source with a twist. Rather than the typical print shop that might sell large batches of prints (and you may end up seeing…

This beautiful kitchen is a clean slate

A move-in-ready kitchen designed by Lotta Agaton with marble surfaces and a gold sink + faucet! I imagine a Gubi Moon dining table in front of the kitchen island!

Dark and lush, styling by Hanna Wessman

A flawless renovation by Hanna Wessman for Swedish singer Måns Zelmerlöw. I translated the Swedish but the google version was poor and it came back as gibberish so if you don’t speak Swedish like me you can enjoy the view. Otherwise read more about the…

A new location for this Stockholm salon, Paloma Dolores

Almost exactly one month ago in Stockholm three women named Anna, Karin and Isabella open their newer and larger hair salon location.

The women designed and sketched the renovation for their new spots and chose every facet of the interior themselves. From the color palette to mirrors and even the bespoke smocks made exclusively for Paloma Dolores, every part of this space has evidence of their personal handiwork. The owners even got their handy boyfriends to pitch in on a lot of the work.

The beautiful photos were taken by Ulrika, who will recognize from her recent articles including this Autumnal DIY and part I of a city guide to STHLM! Find the new location at Östgötagatan, in Södermalm.

Tour the home of a Swedish fashion designer and actor in their childhood home

Nicole works as a fashion designer for & Other Stories and Andreas Wilson is an actor. They live in Enskedefältet, just outside Stockholm with their two children in the home Nicole grew up in. Once they moved in however they had to make the place their own and changed virtually every surface, moved walls and completely remodeled the kitchen which is now on the opposite side of the house.
Also, their amazing Rio coffee table is by Charlotte Perriand for Cassina!

Found via Residence.

Styling by Alexandra Ogonowski

Foto by Erik Lefvander

A gallery-like kitchen fades from beige to white

For me the kitchen and bathrooms in a house need to be modern, bright and clean. The cozy elements are best used in bedrooms and living rooms where textiles can be layered on. With kitchens however, where so much food prep, washing and cooking are done, I love smooth clean surfaces like the ones in this kitchen. The simple lines and well lit corners really elevate this to near gallery quality, including a spotlit display nook right in the center of it all. Pinkish beige cabinets are a color I wouldn’t have thought to choose but with a grey backsplash they seem to fade into the lighter color of the island.

Apartment in Göteborg available at Reveny, found via Sarah Van Peteghem.

IKEA’s creative offices in Malmö cater 15 unique workspaces for individuals and group workshops

The interior of the offices for the creative team of Sweden’s IKEA was designed by Nanna Lagerman and Nina Warnolf to serve employees who need to work alone or collaboratively. Located on the fourth floor of a building that was once a bank, the creator…

Beautiful and small

Owned by one half of Melo Studio, maker of the fine porcelain on the countertops and dining table, this small and gorgeous apartment is for sale by Fantastic Frank at Parkgatan 6 A in Kungsholmen. Styled by Linnea Salmén and photographed by Emily Laye.

Keep scrolling for the full tour!

A storage essential: clothing rails by Annaleena

The talented Annaleena whose studio and rails I’ve blogged about before, has a limited edition rail (you’ll have to scroll to the bottom to the it) that I adore. And while we’re at it, her store is expanding and now features other interior accessories …

H&M’s newest retail store, Arket, opens in Copenhagen with a stunning interior

H&M, the multi-faceted Swedish brand has created yet another retail store called Arket which opens its first location in Copenhagen today at Købmagergade 33. The interior structure and design was inspired by historical archives. The all grey space is housed in what was previously the Royal Danish Mail warehouse.

“When working on the store concept, it was in developing new solutions to practical challenges that we found most of our inspiration,” says creative director Ulrika Bernhardtz. “Two of these challenges were how to create breathing space in the store, and how to devise an uncomplicated and flexible way of presenting and editing our broad assortment.”

Read more about it here, and if you’re in CPH, check it out in real life!

Superfront debuts new sideboard collection

Swedish Superfront has just released a new design named Delirium to their collection of cabinet and IKEA frame fronts. The free form absinthe-fragrant pattern was designed by the Swedish artist Klas Ernflo. Scroll down to the bottom of this post for a …

IKEA’s renewable shelving system, Svalnäs

Currently at home we have become more and more concerned about the environment. I should stop here and make sure you know I am no poster child for being eco friendly! Sometimes we use plastic bottles and sometimes we buy unnecessary things and sometimes we create too much waster. However! The environment and our impact on it has moved more and more to the forefront of our mind and it slowly changing the way to make decisions. Recently I purchased a set of glass water bottles for us to reuse. They are very similar in the to the plastic disposable versions we used to drink from but now we simply wash and refill.
This has also become a dialogue we involve the kids in. Talking often about how we can do more with less and consider the impact of our choices is really good for all of us, no matter our age.

And so, we gladly welcome IKEA’s Svalnäs shelving into our home, which is made from renewable bamboo. It’s not going to single handedly save the planet but it is a step in the right direction to put our efforts and support towards material that can be easily replenished. The system is composed of shelf components of various widths and depths, a desk and drawer with recessed dividers. The entire unit is very light weight and best of all, fully cusotmizable. The tracks the shelves hang from come in differing lengths so each section can be customized vertically and horizontally.

At home this storage system is used to hold overflow kitchen items, books and a paper lamp Storuman, also from IKEA. I chose low profile shelves with a shallow depth because our funny angled wall leads into the living room and I didn’t want to obstruct the view. These can easily accommodate a single vertical sets of shelves or continue on across a very wide wall. It’s also nice to add some warmth from this Svalnäs unit to our monochrome kitchen via this adjacent wall.

*this post was created in partnership with IKEA, all words, views and photos are my own!

Odem Atelier

A new-to-me webshop out of Stockholm features a carefully selected inventory of interior objects comprised of things like petrified wood, agate, ceramic and stone. A great resource for sculptural and unique accessories and one of those shops to watch! …

Warm vs cool in this Swedish apartment

This small apartment from Fantastic Frank is a meeting of warm and cool tones, coexisting peacefully in a single space. (notice the Mantis lamp!) Styled by Josefin Hååg whose work I’ve shared here many times and is consistently inspiring.

Kovac Family’s 25Lamp

Recent styling work I did for Kovac Family and their wonderful 25Lamp. It comes flat packed and you only need to gently pull the sections apart to create this shape. They’re coming out with some new products soon so stay tuned for that as well!

Villa style town homes in Stockholm’s Husarviken Bay

Husarviken is near the Stockholm Royal Seaport, where newly constructed townhouses have been built to resemble authentic villas. Zenhusen, as the homes are called, consists of three floors, large windows, terraces and private entrances next to residenc…

An apartment in teak and grey, Eastmansvägen 8B

Dark teak colored wood and a strong presence of greys make up this peaceful apartment styled by Emily Laye for Per Jansson . I would go on and on about all that I love but I’ve got to run so take your pick, what is your favorite feature of this place?…

All Blues

Inspired by the styling for All Blues’ egg themed collection which features the eggshell necklace, yolk earrings, and egg white single earring. Also, part of a different collection is this Fat Snake ring which I’ve been thinking about non-stop for wee…

Liljencrantz Design

I regret not blogging about Louise Liljencrantz sooner because though I’ve followed her on Instagram for a while (her IG Stories are really fun behind-the-scenes of design projects), her work and home have just now become a hot topic. The latest issue …

Oak, limestone and stainless steel in Premium’s new concept apartment

This beautiful flat was styled and designed by Marie Ramse who chose flooring materials, fixtures and of course all of the furnishings to create a sophisticated space with my ideal color palette. Calming greys, light to dark wood tones, plenty of chrom…

a kitchen of natural wood and steel

Found via Coco Lapine, images from Per Jansson.

pale neutrals in Södermalm

A palette I’ve been drawn to so much lately is composed soft, pale but warm neutrals like in this apartment for sale in Stockholm.

Bruno Mathsson’s Karin chair

Is it possible to have too many chairs? Well it is but they’re certainly one piece of furniture I could easily collect. Bruno Mathsson’s Karin chair from the 1960’s is one of those I’d like to “collect” but use also. The padded cushion appeals to my co…

suede & the colors of Fall

It’s barely August but already retail stores are discounting their Summer merchandise and slowly integrating Autumn products, apparel and colors. I’m still enjoying this month and not doing anything to prepare for the inevitable change in seasons comin…

favorites from the week

Yesterday was my 9 year wedding anniversary. Of course I didn’t Instagram any of it, so did it really happen? ;) Actually we spent the day alone without the kids and my husband planned the day with breakfast then paddle boarding and later a movie. We saw The Lobster, which I liked except that there was a man sitting directly in front of us with a laughing problem and he would laugh at every little thing and very loudly. There were a few tragic scenes and the entire theater would be hushed and he would just belly lough so loudly. Other than that it was a really nice day.

/I thought I’d share a few favorite newish things floating around the house this week. The dress I wore last night is a micro pleated metallic dress from Zara.
/I have also been searching for a good make up remover/cleanser for a while and a friend recommended this cleansing water by Korean brand Dr. Jart and so far I love it. Even after I washed my face this removed more dirt/makeup so my skin feels super clean!
/Ikea’s Viktig collection, a collab with Swedish artist Ingegerd Råman, is selling out but I really like these glass bowls. They’re sort of a soup or cereal sized bowl but I’ve been using them for fresh berries with breakfast. Their shape is so nice and the glass is thick and crystal clear, not at all tinted like some glass.
/A couple days ago I also picked up the latest copy of OAK magazine and to be entirely honest I haven’t managed to get through the whole thing yet but from what I’ve seen so far it’s full of great material. You can find the previous issue #4 here.
/Lastly, I’ve started yoga & barre classes and needed a new yoga mat so I ordered this extra long white one, though I’m already second guessing my ability to keep it clean! Also, now I need a good strap for it. I’m thinking I might DIY one from leather…?

thala sofa

Sunday dreaming of this beautiful sofa. I like that it already has throw pillows and doesn’t really need any more. From French brand Caravane and sold at one of my favorite Swedish stores Artilleriet, it is patinated yet modern simultaneously and this …

Artilleriet home

The home of Christian and Björn from Artilleriet styled by Lotta Agaton and photographed by Kristofer Johnsson for Residence.

White With A Touch Of Grey

I’ve clearly got a bit of a thing for a simple white and grey apartment. It’s the colour palette I have in my own home and I love the fresh feel this simple palette creates. Once again I’ve been inspired by the beautiful homes on Stadshem, a property sales agency in Sweden with a difference, […]

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Sunday Sanctuary: Bright Side

If you ask me, the best kind of bright is the one that comes from beautiful, natural light. This Swedish home proves that a space doesn’t always have to be colourful to be exciting, just take a monochrome palette and make sure that natures best asset is able to shine on in… It’s time like […]

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I’ve got to run to my gym class and I’ll probably be a few minutes late but I’ve been wanting to post this all week, a place that has been popping up in all the feeds but I don’t care, I still love it. Found with thanks from Pella.

Swedish Brunch With Building Feasts & kikki.K

I recently had the pleasure of attending an exceptional Swedish brunch in honour of the launch of kikki.K‘s new range, Svenska Hem. The food and drinks were prepared and cooked for us by Hanna Goldsmith of Building Feasts, a food blog with delicious recipes that will have you dying to get in the kitchen. We […]

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All You Need Is Me

True Organic of Sweden All You Need Is Me Recently, I was sent a sample of True Organic of Sweden All You Need Is Me (a beauty-balm), to try. I’ve been blown away by the contents of this little tube, it’s absolutely amazing what it’s done for my lips. They are almost always dry and […]

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string steel

String has released a limited edition stainless steel String Pocket designed by Mats Theselius with brushed shelves and electropolished end panels, suitable for indoor or outdoor use.Oh, swoon!

new from String

I wanted to share this news from String 2016,

“We continue our outstanding collaborations with Lotta Agaton (styling), Magnus Ingerstedt (AD) and Marcus Lawett (photography). The end of 2015 was marked by the making and taking of new, fantastic images with focus on showing how the String system can be utilized in the best possible way. Our aim with this year’s catalogue was to display examples of different rooms showing how String fits in everywhere; in the hallway, the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room, in the home office and, last but not least, in the kitchen.”

I am very drawn to these warm colors, they feel so inviting and peaceful.

green and black

These greens and blacks look so nice and timeless to me. Photographed by Kristofer Johnsson and styled by Alexandra Ogonowski for Residence Magazine.


A little while ago I featured the stunning all white apartment of Swedish interior stylist and photographer Sara Medina Lind. She’s a very talented individual with an exceptional eye for interior design. I’m delighted to be able to share with you her latest project, Melo, a minimalist homewares brand crafted in Dalarna, Sweden. Their first […]

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DOMO table at home

We have been without a proper coffee table for most of the year. I had looked all over and found several that I liked but there was always something not quite right. The shape, size, color or material would be just off enough that I couldn’t commit. At…

Casa Ljungdahl

A recent renovation of a residential space by Note Design Studio in Stockholm has caught my eye. I had meant to share this earlier but the time got away from me, as it usually does, so I’m up late trying to get this together before some other task gets…

new brand, Melo

This is a company you’ll want to keep your eye on, Melo Studio. Hand crafted in Dalarna, Sweden and conceived by Sara Medina Lind, whose photography is really impeccable. Stool Ash and Mirror Ash are two of the premiere pieces, both valuing minimalism …

blue monday

I’ve spent the last week or so feeling sick and fatigued but I think I’m starting to feel better, today I took the kids to the store and didn’t feel like collapsing after I got home. I’ll take that as a sign things are getting better.Now I have a lot o…


As usual, I’m not the first to get to this. I read about it a bit ago but just saw these photos, some that haven’t been circulated as heavily as the others so I thought I’d share. I’m really into these blues and small bit of natural brown/mustard.

green for Fall

Images from the new wallpaper collection by Boråstapeter have these wonderful jade greens, which I’m really into for Fall. I think the rosy wood, wicker and leather materials are such a nice compliment to this green hue.

I don’t often think of wallpapering in my own home but I’ve always wanted to have additional space in my home to experiment with different treatments like this or paint colors. Even to have an extra room with unusual furniture pieces that I might not feel comfortable in my main living space but in a place where I can feel free to try and fail and branch out into different styles, well it’s kind of been a fantasy of mine. Maybe it’s time to consider finding my own studio but with the kids at home with me I doubt that would work, right now.

For now I’ll have to admire from afar because I’m not quite brave enough to make bold color additions but then again I did just paint Elin’s room pink so, never say never.

Images found with credit to Maria Soxbo from Husligheter.

Superfront bathroom series

New bathroom series from Superfront with sides, doors and tops that fit with Ikea’s Metod line are set to debut October 1st. “For a complete solution – we designed our own brass and copper basins. These have been left untreated to form a beautiful pati…

aerial view

Styling for Ellevio by one of my favorite stylists, Lotta Agaton. Photography by Bohman Sjöstrand and directed by Peter Herrman


A bit of pink in this flat styled by Mimmi Staaf for Fantastic Frank. Pink stairs print from Annaleena Karlsson available at The Poster Club.

Summer Fragrance

I rarely deviate from the perfume I wear everyday but I’m looking for a summer fragrance, something to wear on holiday. Drawn to the beautiful packaging, I had to try Byredo. So yesterday, on a quiet morning in Liberty, I sidled up to the Byredo counter and started spraying every visible area of my skin. […]

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Red Brick, White Walls

Photography: Jonas Berg 55 kvadrat (55 square) work with the best interior decorators, stylists and photographers to sell homes in Gothenburg. This is one of several I’d up sticks and move into in a heartbeat. The simple monochrome palette forms the backdrop for many beautiful details. The glass plant pot and old cigar box on […]

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skeppargatan 72

From Per Jansson.

Anna Lerinder

Inspiration from Swedish artist Anna Lerinder and her portfolio. See photos of her studio taken by Josefin right here.

Andy Liffner

Today feels like Monday, I cannot shake it. Hopefully this doesn’t throw my whole week.It’s currently a drizzly outside and I want to be enveloped by a large throw with a big cup of lemon tea while both kids nap. This will not be happening today but th…

a place for sale, styled by Johanna Bagge in two days

I think the title explained it all, see more here.

inspiration needed

The past week has drained me, physically and mentally. Elin and I have been sick and then she fell and hurt her arm so it’s been a tough few days and not particularly productive. I do though have some fun things coming up, a project I worked on with Fe…

Josefin & Frank

The incredibly talented Josefin Hååg, who is one of my favorite stylists, has been working with Fantastic Frank and it’s a beautiful thing. She has such a great eye and a way of making anything look amazing.

the perfect cups, found

Some time ago I recall talking to a friend that I was on the hunt for the perfect cups. Something with a subtle texture and soft, rounded shape and no handle. I was pretty excited when I found ceramic artist Mette Duedahl and her line of work. Even mor…

in green and blue

A stunningly warm interior with many shades of blues and greens that contrast the woods paneled walls so well. I’m picking up a slight Japanese inspiration here as well with the low table and walls of wood. Photography | the amazing Jonas Ingerstedt fo…

like a painting

So much inspiration in this beautifully styled apartment, like textures and colors from an old oil painting. I’m not sure who the stylist is for this one, if anyone knows please leave a comment.

all is pink

I love the mood/color boards Annie Lindgren from All is Pretty makes. This one with pinkish hues is so soft and inspiring. See more from her great blog here.

Ikea February

This is a busy time for Ikea, after debuting a preview of the Ilse Crawford collection there is also a new batch of items coming out this month that include dining tables, bedding and kitchen organizational units just to name a few. Early Spring is alw…


I found this video last week, though it was filmed over 2 years ago. I don’t care for the music so you might enjoy it better with the sound off!Ceramicist Karin Ericsson shows her process from beginning to end of making thrown vessels in her studio and…

Jenny Hjalmarson Boldsen’s Home

Photos: Hannah Lemholt via Nordic Design This is the beautiful home of Swedish interior stylist Jenny Hjalmarson Boldsen. Her mostly monochromatic style mixes traditional, contemporary and industrial. She’s combined so many materials and textures with such sensitivity to create a house that’s quirky and cool, and I’d move in today. I’m feeling very inspired, think […]
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Arsenalsgaten Apartment, Sweden

Photos: Jonas Berg   Lots of white, grey, black, some brickwork and lots of green plants make this Swedish apartment feel fresh, clean and calming. It may appear clinical to some but the minimalist style of every room gives me a feeling of order, everything has a place and there’s no clutter to distract. The […]
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This pink from Hemtex makes me think of Spring. Anyone else?

winter tale

A beautiful video by Volvo, featuring Amanda Bergman’s song, Vintersaga. Found with thanks to Josefin & Inrendingshjälpen.

a few current favorites

mingle cushion | arabesque wood soap | i-D magazine | shadow play candle holder

new String styling

New work for String by Magnus Ingerstedt, styled by Lotta Agaton and photogrpahed by Marcus Lawett.A bit about the pieces featured above:String system | “The base in our history. Just as modern now as 1949 when designed. The flexibility and easiness with the system makes it a Scandinavian classic.”String plex | “Is this a new design? we often hear. But no, the clear Perspex panels was designed in the 5o’s as a complement to the ladder shelf.”String pocket | “The smallest member in our family. So small it fits in almost every space. Now in two new colors, green and cobalt blue.”String works | “The newcomer. Designed by Björn Dahlström and Anna von Schewen it fits at home as well as in the office.The height adjustable table and the free standing shelf makes it easy to create a flexible working space.”


Found here.

soft inspiration

I’m really into these off white and sort of taupe colors together. It’s minimal but soft. from Byredo

emerald swoon

Swoon has just released new colored cabinets in shades of emerald and what they call “September Lingonberries” along with these gold and copper taps, which together is just, wow!Seeing this gives me a serious bug to renovate our current bathroom, thoug…

Saskia Diez x Filippa K

Beautiful collaboration between Saskia Diez and Filippa K

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