The One To Watch

Like bower birds, many of us (I myself included) are attracted to small shiny things.  Fine gold rings, lucky charm necklaces, statement earrings and even a brooch or two might make it into your very own bower bird nest of treasures.  But there is one item of jewellery that I wear no matter what the

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg, we all love a good power duo right? Well it may not be hip hop but it’s just as good baby, one of my latest obsessions is dream team Laura Taylor and Ryan Holliday-Stevens the design team behind Solace London. With […]

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New York City With Tiffany & Co. HardWear

As I walked down Mercer Street I felt a pinch in my stomach, you know that feeling that sits somewhere between anticipation, excitement and apprehension.  For as long as I’ve worked in this industry photographing and styling campaigns, I’ve experienced the pre-shoot jitters.  As Grace Coddington put it in her ‘Some Style is Legendary’ Documentary for […]

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Mercer Street

When strolling through the Soho streets, you can’t help but stop and take in the scenery. Everywhere you look you see classic NYC architecture, beautiful stores (which speaking from experience are very dangerous for your wallet) and some of the most stylish locals you’re ever sure to meet. But there’s something particularly special about Mercer […]

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New York With Tiffany & Co.

  This girl loves jewellery, tiny chains with charms collected from travels afar, signet rings, chunky singular statement earrings, I’ll take the lot.  Diamonds may well be a girl’s ‘best friend’, but never being one to discriminate, I’m happy to hang out with the ‘whole gang’.  It once took my bestie 3 hours, half a bottle of rosé and […]

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New School

As I recently discovered, I am not the only one who calls scrollaxing on the iPhone late at night in bed, market research.  While I recently shared a 3 bedroom apartment in Paris with 4 other like minded amigo’s during Paris Fashion Week, I found myself in good company when it comes to the new-school social media […]

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Bonjour from Oracle Fox HQ for Paris Fashion Week, otherwise known as a beautiful apartment in the heart of The Marais… Think perfectly aged parquetry floors, antique furniture, vast windows which let in the kind of natural light that hides even the strongest signs of jet lag (thank goodness), while also giving us the most aesthetically […]

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