We loved every minute of our stay in Sicily. Especially renting a luxury villa in Sicly  instead a hotel turned out to be the best decision for us. Since I’ve been getting so many messages on my Instagram with regards to this holiday, I’ve decided to document everything here for you guys. From where we […]

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Locanda Rossa, Capalbio

Living in London, we’re lucky that the rest of Europe is within easy reach. One of the main reasons we chose Locanda Rossa for our second holiday with Isabelle (now […]

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A Match Made in Milan

  I find it incredibly inspiring that one city can harvest so much creativity. When I arrived in Milan this season I was so excited to be on the ground for my second Milan Fashion Week… Bellissimo!  Milan is a city that evolves before you, not obviously beautiful from the onset, but forever unfolding hidden layers

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The Luxury of Time with Jaeger-LeCoultre

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100 Jahre Aperol – 100 Jahre „togetherness“ – Visual Diary aus Venedig

Werbung I Einladung Ich hatte letztes Wochenende die große Ehre vier Tage mit Aperol in Venedig verbringen und bei den Feierlichkeiten zum 100. Geburtstag von Aperol dabei sein zu dürfen. Und was für Feierlichkeiten das waren! Aber man wird ja auch immerhin nur einmal 100. Eingefangen wurden die schönsten Momente von der wunderbaren Lisa Leutner,… Continue reading

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A Woman Of Art With Jaeger-LeCoultre

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How To Cruise With Chanel

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tokyo – visual diary

Tokio ist gleichzeitig modern und traditionell – sahen wir bei der Taxifahrt in die Stadt nur die neuesten Gebäude aneinander gereiht, fanden wir uns in Asakusa in einem alten Viertel wieder, bei dem uns die vielen Stromkabel mehr an Bangkok als an Tokio erinnerten. Beim ersten Spaziergang durch unsere Gegend, schlenderte ich einfach ohne Plan… Continue reading

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Animal Instinct

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The Four Phrases To Know When Visiting Italy

      Agghhh Italy .. one of my favourite countries in the world… the gelato is cold, the weather is mostly warm and the locals are kind and funny.  I strongly recommend that you pack your suitcase and elasticated shorts for this sunny and romantic location and be prepared to fall in love ..

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Escapism   – Sometimes life gets in the way of posting in the moment…but in this case, better late than never! Finally sharing a wanderlust-worthy edit from this past Winter, wearing resort pieces by label Hemant & Nandita in Miami. Experts in escapism, think “out-of-office” …pieces adorned with embroidery, fringe, tassels and crochet. Relaxed and […]

Cinque Terre

Inspiration Gallery Cinq Terre: Monterosso, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, Riomaggiore, ITALY, September 2018

Sunday Sanctuary: Vora Villa

  I have always strongly believed that a picture can speak a thousand words. And when the location is Santorini, visual storytelling is fully justified. Having travelled to Santorini three years ago, it has to be one of my favourite destinations to date, and it is here we find this weeks Sunday Sanctuary,  the Vora Villas.

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8 Tipps für Bangkok

Bei unserem Aufenthalt in Thailand vor einem Jahr war ich in Summe 8 Tage in Bangkok – 5 zu Beginn der Reise und 3 nochmal zum Abschluss – die Stadt gibt ja einiges her, das es zu erkunden gibt. In 8 Tagen konnte ich unglaublich viel mitnehmen und kann die Stadt förmlich aufsagen, ohne dabei… Continue reading

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Out of Office

Out of OFFICE   – Currently in Miami…stocking up on #oldceline Couldn’t resist a few new editions of the recently changing brand, including this oversized canvas bag that I have been coveting. Paired with previously purchased sunnies and pointy flats by the label and using a well-loved and well-worn loose kaftan as the perfect base, […]

Dual Citizen

Like most people, I always catch myself saying, ‘if only I had more time on my hands’.  In the holistic sense of the meaning, this kind of challenge would only be counteracted by cutting back on the amount of hours I work, which would not seem like a practical solution, or let’s be honest a fun

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The Best Rooftop In Venice

   Aahh Venice, most loved for it’s long winding water ways, handsome gondoliers (uber driver rating = 5.0) and picturesque pastel fascades. This is just a little taste of what I have in store for you from my trip to Venice with watch  connoisseurs Jaeger Le Coultre and I have butterflies over how much you’re going to

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The Battaglia Effect

It may just be a coincidence or perhaps even fate, but something was drawing me to Italy and it wasn’t just Venice. Sara Battaglia might be Giovanna Battaglia’s little sister (Editor in chief of Italian W mag and more infamously credited as being one of the worlds most papped street style stars) but she is

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At The Chapel, Bruton

A wonderful place to escape to, in the charming Somerset countryside

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60 Years of the Spanish Chair

Hi blogosphere! I’ve been absent from the blog these last few weeks, partially because I took the kids on a mini vacation and prepping for it beforehand is almost as much work as the actual traveling. Now that I’m back I want to get caught up on some …

Santa Clara 1728, Lisbon

A warm, welcoming boutique hotel in Lisbon’s Alfama district

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Jay Fai – Streetfood mit einem Michelin Stern in Bangkok

…oder auch das Lokal, bei dem wir vier Stunden auf einen Tisch gewartet haben. Flos einziger Wunsch in Bangkok war es, an einem Tag bei der berühmten Jay Fai zu essen. Jay Fai ist eine thailändische Spitzenköchin, die auf Streetfood spezialisiert ist und hat erst im Dezember 2017 einen Michelin für ihr berühmtes Krabbenomlett erhalten…. Continue reading

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Cloud Blue

I turned 30 in December and wanted to do something special together with my friends. I booked a trip to this deamy hotel, Cloud Blue at Mykonos. It was hard to capture this beautiful place but here’s some of my photos. Except that our villa and studios were beyond our expectations, we also had the […]

Casa Cook Kos

We just got back from a relaxing week at Casa Cook Kos, a beach-side boutique resort on the island of Kos

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Cape Panwa Hotel Phuket

Einladung Wenn ich mir diese Fotos ansehe und dann aus dem Fenster blicke (ganzer Tag Regen in Wien), werde ich richtig reumütig und vermisse Thailand umso mehr. Im Februar hab ich insgesamt drei Wochen in Thailand verbracht und war davon einige Zeit in Bangkok, auf Phuket und Koh Yao Yai. Auf Phuket war der dreitätige… Continue reading

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Travel Guide: 3 Days In Venice

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve drifted off into a day dream and found myself wandering through the streets of Venice… Venice has always been right at the top of my list, but somehow I’ve never quite made it. … When I was a little girl my grandparents returned from a cruise through

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Where to Stay in Edinburgh for Design Lovers and Why You Should be Staying in a Home For Your Next Trip

As a family with two children we love renting homes when we travel. Some of the benefits of renting a home rather than staying in a hotel when you’re traveling with kids is that you can shop at the local markets and cook your own food. Most places come…

My travel wishlist part I

I have been thinking a lot about getting away, about life on the beach, sun on my face, the wind in my hair. Honestly, I think about this constantly and not only recently! So, of course, I have a growing list of places to see and visit, stuff I want t…

A Lazy Weekend In Byron Bay

I’m just going to put it out there, change is great but a getaway to Australia’s eastern most destination, dripping in white sandy beaches, artisan markets and healthy gourmet bistros has got my vote any day.   Whoever said ‘change is as good as a holiday’ has possibly never travelled to one of my favourite

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Stockholm’s tiny, Michelin starred restaurant Agrikultur

With just 24 seats, it’s fair to call this Stockholm restaurant, Agrikultur, small. In a past life the space was home to a pizzeria until Joel Åhlin, co-owner and chef with Filip Fastén, commissioned designer Daniel Östman to create a space that makes …

Minimal Souvenirs From Stockholm

A few of the best souvenirs I picked up in Stockholm.
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The Resort Edit

– Escapism at its best! Think all things resort, vacation and off-duty from one of my favorite go-to boutiques, Net-A-Porter. Taking inspiration from their very own Vacation Shop, I am automatically transported to holiday-mode and might just be inspired to do some trip planning of my own…Check out the items I’m currently coveting! –

Ett Hem

I spent two wonderful nights at Ett Hem, the stunning Ilse Crawford designed hotel in Stockholm.

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Seville City Guide

The perfect city to eat and wander, the food here is incredible and the city is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever visited.

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Tulum Diary

Last week I was in Tulum for only 4 days, which may be too short a period of time for some people given all the expenses and the effort to go all the way from Canada, but for me it was like a therapy. It was more than a therapy really, I struggled with severe winter depression for the entire month of December (happens to me every winter unfortunately, but only gets worse and worse every year) and spending care-free time with my husband in paradise was exactly what I needed to feel alive again. Read along to see more photos of my Tulum trip, the beautiful hotel we stayed at, our favorite restaurants and touristic attractions! . White long v neck dress Tome . Black leather Bess sandals Alexander Wang . Woven tote THPshop We stayed at Villa las Estrellas, which I found on Booking.com after a little research – I checked airbnb too but we decided it’s best if we stay at a seaside hotel where we can just eat & sleep all …

Corral del Rey

Tucked away in Seville’s old Barrio Alfalfa quarter is the Corral del Rey.

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Haçienda de San Rafael

The Haçienda de San Rafael, just outside Seville, is (without question) my favourite of all the hotels I’ve stayed in this year.

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Sunny Girlboss

Living in another country goes hand in hand with meeting new people. Sometimes inspiring people, like Florine, the owner of Sunny Cords. She moved from The Netherlands (hello fellow Dutchie!) to Sydney for work. She was desperately looking for sunglasses cords, which in The Netherlands, is very common. Instead of looking any further, she decided to make her own. Today her company Sunny Cords is so successful, that she had to cut her working hours in half. So next to her part-time job, she’s a parttime girlboss! Or probably full-time,… Read More

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A Stay At The Hotel Palacio de Villapanés In Seville

A Spanish palace turned boutique hotel.

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Hot air balloons in Turkey: here’s how to experience them

In this look: 2 Way Drawnstring Bag – Hunting World How to experience hot air balloons in Turkey Wearing: 2 Way Drawnstring Bag – Hunting World There’s nothing as peaceful in the world as a hot air balloon flight, said the woman sitting next to me at dinner, the night before we were due to go out and see them ourselves. The dining room was, like the rest of our hotel, dug out right into the rocks, generations ago. In fact, all the little townships in this area of Cappadocia, Turkey, resembled human sized ant hills, that you’d imagine anthropomorphized forest animals living in, in children’s cartoons. In this look: 2 Way Drawnstring Bag – Hunting World “They fly right over my terrace some days,” Continued the woman, who, by her own account, had woken up at dawn every morning to see them, in the 15 years she’d lived here. “the pilots are used to seeing me. They would call out to me as they passed – Good morning, Annie!”. When I asked her why they fly hot air balloons in Cappadocia, her answer was simply ‘why not!’. As flippant as that sounded, it turned out to sum the story […]

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STAY Copenhagen

A HAY designed apartment hotel in chilled out Copenhagen.

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Winter just started in Amsterdam, but it feels like summer left us ages ago already. This makes me go back to some amazing memories of this summer. One of the best travels (if not the best) was definitely my trip to Ibiza last September with Gin Mare and a group of fellow Dutch influencers. You […]

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A new location for this Stockholm salon, Paloma Dolores

Almost exactly one month ago in Stockholm three women named Anna, Karin and Isabella open their newer and larger hair salon location.

The women designed and sketched the renovation for their new spots and chose every facet of the interior themselves. From the color palette to mirrors and even the bespoke smocks made exclusively for Paloma Dolores, every part of this space has evidence of their personal handiwork. The owners even got their handy boyfriends to pitch in on a lot of the work.

The beautiful photos were taken by Ulrika, who will recognize from her recent articles including this Autumnal DIY and part I of a city guide to STHLM! Find the new location at Östgötagatan, in Södermalm.

Summer With Calvin

Your love affair with Calvin Klein may have started with a well cut denim clad Justin Beiber artfully intertwined with super babe Lara Stone for the 2015 #mycalvins campaign, or perhaps a 15 year old Brooke Shields wrapped in her Calvins during the early 1980’s, but for me the most iconic moment was the 1992 imagery featuring a […]

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City Guide to Stockholm Part I: SHOPPING

Swedish Photographer and mother of two, Ulrika Nihlén is becoming a regular contributor here at AMM. Today she shares with us her favorite shopping spots from around the city of Stockholm.

Ten stores I love in Stockholm

I would say I am a pretty skilled internet shopper however I have a love list of small stores I love in Stockholm. I would rather buy few from the small businesses for a bit more money than buy a lot of cheap stuff. Also it feels more environmentally conscious and it is nice talking to the ones who work in the stores, I love that part of small personal businesses.

I mean yes, they are expensive and yes sometimes waaay to crazy for me but all their shops are amazing to visit and come on, I am proud to be a Swede when people around the world say they love Acne! (And also, their shoes and coats ARE worth saving for!)

Nytorgsgatan and Norrmalmstorg are the best locations

by Petra Gardefjord

Hard not to mention the best baby shop in town owned by my sweet friend Petra Gardefjord. She makes moccasins for babies 0-3 years old but in her store she also has so many other lovely handpicked pieces from small brands around the world. You’ll want everything in every little corner in this cutest shop!

Located at Nytorgsgatan 23B

Maybe you don’t go to Sweden to buy flowers but hey, you would love to give this amazing flower shop a visit for your eyes. And the girls who work there are so nice you could stay and chat here forever.

Kåkbrinken 10

This place is sort of unique. All of the crafts are made from their 93 members of craftsmen. They all do work with their hands, mostly ceramics which are totally amazing. Here you can buy these small unique things that you will cherish forever.

Södermalmstorg 4

It is fun that this perfume store from New York opened in little Sweden, or is it just me?

Bondegatan 48

by Mimmi Staaf

This girl has the best of taste. Mimmi has this eye to curate everything she puts in her shop and I subsequently want to have in my own home. Every S I N G L E item. I can go crazy here!

Vattenledningsvägen 57, Hägersten

Japanese tourists come here to find selected sneakers. I like to visit their men’s shop to look at their interior which changes often. I also like their small women’s shop to find a selection of handpicked jewelry.

Krukmakargatan 26

Here you’ll find all the best looking magazines! It’s also the place to find that movie from the 40’s to gift your grandma for Christmas.

Krukmakargatan 24

by Robin Klang and Ejub Bicic

I was so happy when this store opened in last year. Exactly what Stockholm was missing, an interior store with handpicked details from brands that all are built on craftmanship. This store is so beautiful and the founders Robin and Ejub are so nice.

Sankt Eriksplan 15

This little interior store is so cozy and here you will find upcoming artists and new on-trend products (right now I am in love with their terra-cotta milk pot for example). It’s a MUST to visit this place.

Folkkungagatan 85

Shiseido Spa Milan

I had a deep cleansing facial at the Shiseido Spa Milan before leaving for London.

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Hotel Magna Pars Suites Milano

A light bright hotel that combines beautiful Italian design with elegant fragrances.

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Mr Hanbury’s Mason Arms

A perfect place to escape from busy London life.

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Thank Goodness For Good Resort Wear

Caroline Constas stripes in Sveti Lovreč, Croatia.
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An Evening In Bale

The little village of Bale in Croatia was definitely one of my favourites out of all we visited in Istria.

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Florence Travel Story

Florence Travel Story Jiawa wears: Hunting World NYC 2 Way Draw String & Mini Duffle Bags; Kurt wears: Hunting World NYC Carry All Bag I wonder if the secret to Florence’s enduring beauty, its undisturbed Renaissance architecture, and its tiny cobbled streets that so far escaped the threat of urbanisation, owes partly to the fact that, apart from a particular week twice a year, it’s often overlooked as an Italian destination. But that one week, how everything changes. The showings, the parties, and the throngs of competitively well dressed men that overflow the terraces of Caffé Gilli, where cocktails and candy are served side by side. That it was Pitti Uomo once again (or simply ‘Pitti’, as affectionately know by the regular crowd) is obvious from the diminishing taxi availability and even more than usual sightings of coats worn as capes in the vicinity of Santa Maria Novella station. You may be forgiven for assuming that Pitti is a men’s street style event, rather than a men’s fashion industry trade show. It certainly does seem to the outsider that more people have come all over the world for the former rather than the latter. While all this will make a fascinating gander for […]

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Exploring Rovinj

This town in Istria is so beautiful and worth stopping in for a coffee and a wander.
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A Dutch fashion girl doing farm work in Australia

Yup, that’s me. You thought I was talking about someone else huh? No, I’ve been working and living on a farm in the Australian country for 4,5 months. Pause for reaction… Rick and I arrived in Sydney on a one-year Working Holiday visa. A so-called 417-visa. To extend our stay as foreigners, Dutch people in particular, we could try to get sponsored by an employer or do 88 days of farm work. We never really focused on getting sponsored, so we choose to do 88 days of farm work. Well, to… Read More

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Inspiration Gallery I NYC

Inspiration GALLERY NYC, September 2014.

How to get around in Paris (and how not to)

How to get around in Paris (and how not to) In this editorial: ‘Bank’ Bag by X Nihilo; Silk V Neck Top by Conflict of Ego; Step Hem Jeans by Grlfrnd Denim; Velvet Pumps by Dolce & Gabanna (similar) According to the Theory of Relativity, the faster one travels through space, the faster one travels in time.Go figure. But when it comes to how to get around in Paris and its cockleshell-shaped arrondisments, speed is not the question here. Rather, it is how best to travel without missing a thing. For, in Paris, those tucked away restaurants only the locals know, backstreet vintage shops that don’t find their way into city guides, and the most photogenic views, are not marked by colour-coded signposts. 1 On Foot Where the sights, sounds and sensations of each street and corner seduces you away from the Google Maps route, 30 minutes on foot in Paris is 5 minutes in London or New York. Indeed, the most beautiful things to experience are the smallest and simplest that the senses need to take time to savour: the scent of fresh baguettes permeating every street, the uniqueness of each ancient cobble stone, and the changing light, streaming […]

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A rusty steel museum extension in Lund, Sweden designed by Elding Oscarson

Skissernas Museum in Lund, Sweden is not new however it has seen many updates and additions in its time, like many museums. It’s newest reimagining comes from design pair Elding Oscarson and includes a rusted steel exterior called Corten, imposing on t…

New week, new inspiration

Last week I took off from blogging to celebrate my 10 year wedding anniversary, you can see a few of the places we travelled to right here. I feel proud that we’ve weathered the last decade together and still like each, still want to be together. I can…

TRAVEL / Visiting L.A. with Kids

For those who follow me on Instagram, you saw the family and I spent all of last week in LA. I just now realized I never made a formal mention of this on the blog, only weeks earlier mentioning it in passing. I had fully intended to do a post before we…

Nærvær is the newest, delicious design destination in Copenhagen

Copenhagen-based Norm Architects has done it again, designing a warm and dark space that translates to intimate and cosy.

The newly designed wine bar and restaurant Nærvær, which translates to Neighborhood, is in the Christianshavn area of the city, has a view the nearby canal and the old city centre beyond. With a dark wood wrapped, centrally located kitchen, guests get a front row seat to the preparation of meals by Yves Le Lay and crew.

“This conscious focus on tactility brings a warm, material richness to the interior that naturally compliments the raw concrete walls and industrial framework of the space,” says Norm.

Lighting was designed by Norm Architects and made from oil-burned steel frames and slender tubular diffusers that give off a warm and gentle brightness.

Potted plants and trees add a natural and bright feeling to the naturally lit corner in the bar along with delicate, dried flowers complementing the specially commissioned pottery and dishes made Danish ceramist Maj-Brit Würtz.

5 Lokaltipps für London

Ich liebe London und ich liebe gutes Essen – was liegt also näher, als euch einen weiteren Guide vorzustellen und euch meine aktuellen Top 5 Lokaltipps für London zu verraten. In den letzten 10 Jahren war ich mittlerweile acht Mal in London und habe bei jedem meiner Aufenthalte immer wieder neue Lokale ausprobiert und getestet…. Continue reading

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Postcards From Lisbon

Last month I was in Lisbon for my friend Lisa’s hen do. As I was there to celebrate with her there wasn’t much time to explore the city but I still managed to take a few snaps here and there.

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A new place to stay in Stockholm, Hotel At Six

If you’re traveling to Stockholm soon, you might want to stay in an old bank building that has been converted into At Six by London based Universal Design Studio. Located in Brunkebergstorg Square the former bank headquarters is now 10 floors composed of 343 luxury rooms, a penthouse suite, restaurant, wine & cocktail bar and listening lounge.

Anleitung um Google Maps offline zu verwenden

Vor jedem Städtetrip bzw. vor jeder Reise gehört eines zu meinen wichtigsten Reisevorbereitungen: für die jeweilige Region die Karte in Google Maps herunter zu laden, um sie offline verwenden zu können. Vor allem für Reisen außerhalb der EU, wo Roaming ja doch sehr schnell sehr teuer werden kann oder natürlich auch, wenn man sich in… Continue reading

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Who are you when you travel?

Who are you when you travel? The paramount question ask before you set off: Who are you when you travel? In this editorial: Shirt, Lace Bra, Silk Trousers & Silk Pyjama top and Pant by Grana As I write to you under the translucent blue skies of Sydney, a city where it is almost undiscernible where the beach ends and the glassy metropolis begins, I count this as the 7th city I have visited in the past three months. I feel that as I have encountered the diverse inhabitants of each setting, I myself have taken on their idiosyncrasies. Here in Sydney, I feel the rush to walk at a speed that keeps pace with the streets, that anti-social impatience as my Uber pulls up in a no-stopping zone while my soy-double-shot-flat-white is still 5 minutes away, and an almost nostalgic sensation when looking up at the blue sky, as though in the eyes-to-the-concrete rush, I had not seen it for days. It is a different me that lived from café terrace to cobbled streets in Paris, or the no-makeup, no-blow-dry me of Perth. It is a universally felt phenomenon that we transform into another our-self as we travel. Even […]

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25hours hotel bikini berlin

Für mich ist es letzte Woche für zwei Tage nach Berlin gegangen und gemeinsam mit Leonie, Manuel und Karin hab ich die German Pressdays besucht. Welche Neuheiten es gibt und generell einen Einblick in die Pressdays könnt ihr euch am besten direkt bei Karin ansehen – sie hat schon einen coolen Beitrag über unsren spannenden… Continue reading

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In Paris With Bally

Bonjour mes amours!   After weeks of everyone asking what mischief I was up to in Paris for Bally, I can finally share with you the fruits of our labour. Unlike any other project that I’d worked on before, I headed to Paris with my team to photograph my very own Easter Escape edit of what […]

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No Fuss Travel

Minimalist tips for effortless no-stress traveling. Best suitcases for over-packers. Minimalist style traveling. Convenient luggage systems frequent travel

On my travel list

11 Howard is one of those places on my travel list. I’ve seen dozens of photos of the interior but of course nothing compares with visiting in person. This bedroom feels polished but slightly softer than most hotels with all those &Tradition pieces.

How to be (successfully) overdressed

In this look: Dress: Hana Tajima for Uniqlo How to be (successfully) overdressed. Hint: channel Holly Golightly, in the supermarket, on the train, at the Laundromat… Created in collaboration with Uniqlo Australia Everyone is looking at you – whispered my commute companion, gesturing at the gaggle of archetypal scarved-to-the-upper-lip Parisian Madames that were our fellow passengers. ‘I guess you’re a bit overdressed for the Metro’, he concluded. Had I the get-up-and-go to argue at that moment, I might have suggested a number of similarly plausible explanations more kind to my eight in the morning delicate self-esteem. However, glancing down at my flowy bias cut dress (from the functional and beautiful Hana Tajima for Uniqlo collection), the floor length skirt of which almost needed a seat all on its own, and feeling the weight of my oversized sunglasses on the bridge of my nose, I had to admit to feeling somewhat ridiculous within the context of this commonplace scenario. As one determined to experience life by living out film references, I felt very much like a Holly Golightly in that quintessential Audrey Hepburn film. The protagonist, lending circumstance to the film’s name, takes a flimsy takeaway pastry and coffee breakfast while […]

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Inspiration Gallery I Island – PART III

Inspiration GALLERY Nosy Be region. Madagascar, November 2016.