INK Hotel Amsterdam Review

On holidays at home. How is that possible? Well, I’m not really sure what to consider more as home nowadays: Bali or the Netherlands. Not that it matters, it comes

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Visiting Europe by way of Reykjavik

Unbelievably to me, our trip to Scandinavia was almost four years ago. How many life events that have happened in that short span of time is quite astonishing. Since that trip I unfortunately, lost my father quite suddenly, 7 months later we welcomed another child into our family with the birth of our daughter Elin and then watched her and her brother grow up so much. In the span of four years, there have been countless meals prepared and eaten, clothes and toys that have been worn out or outgrown, rooms in our home have been repurposed and rearranged over and over again, four years of daily activities have been lived out. And yet, the memories that still sit right on the surface of my mind are the ones made during travel.

Four years ago I cannot recall my favorite snack, my favorite song or pair of shoes. Without looking through my blog for photo evidence I could not tell you exactly how the house was arranged or which shows my kids loved to watch the most. Maybe your memory serves you better than mine but a lot of the small details of everyday life have now become a bit fuzzy in my memory.

I can however, still tell you about the small coffee shop my husband and I found in the basement location along a quiet street in downtown Copenhagen. I can tell you about the shops that offered heaps of flowers and young bulb plants on their store sidewalk, even during a very cold first week of April. The sight of Swedish pastries or Danish smørrebrød that sat behind a glass partition at the counter of neighborhood cafes still feel like a recent memory.

Also easily retrieved from my memory is how we planned for our getaway. We live in the Northwest of the United States so we searched for weeks to find the best route with the fewest connections, most competitive prices and largest plane. If you’re going to be on a non-stop flight for more than 7 hours, space becomes a premium issue. Ultimately we chose to fly to Seattle and take Icelandair who flew directly from SEA to RKV, as in Reykjavik, Iceland. From RKV we went right to Stockholm where we planned to spend the first two days. I was really glad not to have a lot of connecting flights all over US airports, the direct flight was really what convinced me most and I believe it was only 7.5 hrs once we left Seattle until the time we flew over the foggy shores of Iceland.

In addition allow me to say the Icelandair plane was incredibly cozy and peaceful. I’ve been in my fair share of cramped and uncomfortable flights and it was such a relief to step on the plane and see this was not going to be one of them. I faintly remember music playing and pillows on every seat, but some of the details are a little lost in my mind because I soon fell asleep. My husband and closest friends will attest that I never fall asleep on planes, just can’t do it no matter how tired I am. Yet on this flight I dozed off easily making the flight duration seem much shorter. Soon we were arriving at RKV which was so nice (the airport was really clean and orderly!) and I remember grabbing skyr and some smoked fish for the next flight. Just a friendly tip, smoked fish is not a good in-flight snack as it tends to be quite fragrant, a quality I unfortunately miscalculated at the time. Moving past the fishy smell it was only another 2.5 hrs before our feet were on Swedish soil. One of the reasons we chose Icelandair was because it’s a wonderful hub for traveling anywhere in Europe. From here we could have visited London or Paris or flown directly to Copenhagen. The other nice is flying from Iceland to many western European cities is just a couple of hours.

The first two days in Stockholm went by in a blur, recovering from jet lag after all. Soon though we made our way to Copenhagen where we spent most of the week before finishing the weekend back in Stockholm again. I shared a few photos taken in Stockholm after we came home from our trip already on the blog but I never shared any from Denmark, (however I did post some different versions to Instagram). Here are some that I managed to dig out of the archives of the cityscape, indoor market, HAY house, a frozen harbor and of course the ubiquitous bikes that seemingly everyone uses in Copenhagen regardless of the season or weather.

Unsure of when we will next travel to Europe, it is something of a goal to visit Iceland as well, not only as a port for flying through, but a place to stay and explore as well. This time we will be traveling with both kids which often means taking our time and enjoying the journey and not just the destination. I’d love to stay in Reykjavik for a few days, visiting lagoons, climbing hills and taking in Icelandic scenery before continuing our journey. After great experiences flying Icelandair to and from Europe, we will certainly be using them again to make new memories visiting countries and cities by way of Reykjavik.

This post was brought to you by IcelandairClick here to begin your travel to over 25 European destinations!

Dressing (and undressed) for Fashion Week

In this look: Intimo “Arya” Semi Contour Bra & Full Brief How I lived fashion week inside out – created in collaboration with Intimo This editorial features: Roll Neck Top, Convertible Dress and intimates all by Intimo For one for whom sleep is impossible if one half of an earring pair has fallen behind the cabinet, many a whee hour in my life has been spent crouched in a corner with bent out clothes hanger in hand. And, perhaps an unconvincing excuse for rarely cleaning the house, the process of tidying must always start with an elaborate emptying and rearranging of every nook and cranny. For, the mere outward appearance of beauty alone has never impress the unforgiving yours truly. All desirable things can only be fully enjoyed from the inside out (and in most cases, the ‘out’ can be omitted altogether). Fashion week for a blogger (rightly or wrongly) is ruled by what to wear, and a look is surely inextricable from what is unseen underneath. Where stretched and disintegrating cotton whities will most certainly cancel out any magic of any oufit outfit, beautiful lingerie can be the very thing that makes a white shirt and jean ensemble quite […]

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New York Fashion Week 2017 Fall Recap

New York Fashion Week 2017 Fall/Winter – femininity, feminism, and a brutally beautiful city New York Fashion Week 2017 Fall/Winter: the homeostasis of the bumble bee hum of tool-belted makeup artists and the nonchalant, carrot grazing of model gazelles was intermittently cut through by the bitey Brooklyn accent of a zealous female security guard. Such commands as “Step back!” “Let the models through!” and “Get away from mah door!” were barked, unceremoniously, at the throng of photographers who – despite one pointedly reminding all that he had not one, but two, Vogue accreditations – had been waiting peevishly for the best of an hour for their call to shoot ‘first looks’ at TOME NYC. But this was, as it turned out, only the white noise prelude to the veritable warzone that then ensued, as front of house was finally opened, and we found ourselves caught in the crossfire of cameras shuttering, lights flashing, and vying voices which had finally lost all their cool. TOME’s Fall 2017 collection, unabashed in its activism, challenged the sartorial language of femininity. This was expressed through men’s cuts with detailing that implied the naked female figure, tailored contouring that refused to be fully fitted, and […]

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The Quietly Spoken

Do you ever drool all over an item that you want to buy online for so long that by the time you go to buy it it’s sold out?  Blame the Libra in me but my lift long habit for procrastination has left me in feeling sorry for myself due to missing out on more than […]

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Arwana Estate Villa

Just some random shots of Dominique (owner of Fashionbook) at one of the gorgeous Arwana Estate villas in Umalas. #taoofsophiaphotography

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Finally, a box of goodness

I walked passed Doughnut Time several times contemplating whether to get a box of goodness or not. And then I got a message from Sweaty Betty PR, if I would like to get some doughnuts from Dougnut Time. Uh yes! As if they’ve been reading my mind from the moment I arrived in Sydney. Oh, they were so good… What I’m wearing: FRONT ROW SHOP top ASOS jeans BRANDFIELD jewelry

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Travel Memories of Last Years

With a miserable hangover, I found out my macbook’s hard drive was failing last Saturday. People warned me I could have lost all my data. Funnily enough, freaking Time Machine warned

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Making the best of time when travelling

Making the best of time when travelling This editorial features: Cluse La Bohème classit watch in 38mm gold face and black stainless steel mesh band These the first weeks of 2017, I write to you, gloves and earmuffs at the ready, from a well-chilled Europe. My time piece choice of the moment, Cluse La Bohème with modern black stainless steel mesh band, befits perfectly the start of my fashion month travels from Pitti Uomo in Florence to Milano Moda Uomo (Milan Men’s Fashion Week). Stepping out bravely onto the road again leaves me facing the same licorice allsorts of delightful pleasures and trivial adversities that come with (at least my kind of) travel. Without fail, I set out with grand sweeping plans of doing all there is to do during a single trip. And therefore, I’m one for whom a regret for the misuse of time results in a different kind of morning-after-remorse altogether. But after many stress-filled trips of the past, fuelled by the fear of missing out, I am unfortunately no closer to the magical formula for making the best of travel time. However, there are three little strategies that I have come to trust to, if not save […]

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The Pyjama Traveler in Milan

The Pyjama Traveler in Milan Though to step out in one’s pyjamas is very un-Italian indeed. This editorial features: Silk Pyjama Shirt and Pant by Grana (use my code “JIAWAxGRANA” for 10% off, plus free shipping world wide) For a good many reasons, I always pack a pair (or two) of luxe silk pyjamas when I travel. On the one hand, it is for the simple practicality of sleeping with the softness of silk against the skin, and, on another – more supercilious – hand, to throw on for an impromptu photo-op in a luxurious interior, where a certain state of undress is warranted. Then, of course, there is the morning after the night before, where, in that very Italian way, the deliciously lengthy process of aperitif, dinner, and then drinks after (occasionally with a party in between) had progressed into the small hours, and one simply does not want to get dressed at all. However, the rub of it all is that, despite such elaborate evening activities, to step out in one’s pyjamas the next day, is very un-Italian indeed. The Milanese woman is closer to the patriarchal old world than many of their more progressive European counterparts (demonstrated also in […]

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The Mind Wanders / a visual journey

by Laura ShortStella Maria BaerAs I am getting very little sleep at the moment, I often find myself daydreaming about traveling. I have traveled abroad many times, I have seen many beautiful places but still I long to see more of the world. I would lov…

The Future is now / activities for the whole family

by Laura ShortThe Stelton jug is available here.This year of 2016 is over and there are lots of things that have made the past year really great for me. Giving birth to a healthy baby boy is by far top of my list, but also the interaction between both …

Rewind 2016

2016 Selected Photographies

6 Easy Steps to Prepare for a Trip without Stress

6 Easy Steps to Prepare for a Trip without Stress Whether it’s your big annual pilgrimage to an exotic island or a spur-of-the-moment escape to a new city for the long weekend, the process to prepare for a trip can be just as overwhelming as it is exciting.  Such exhilaration can sometimes lead to haphazard bookings and rushed research that you pay dearly for once you have arrived at your destination. Slowing down and dedicating some solid time in advance to research could mean the difference between exploring a new city without a worry in the world, or getting stuck at a strange airport with no visa. However, the Beige Renegade ethos is to keep things simple and never to let an overplanned trip displace the true joys of travel – exploration and discovery. We’ve put together a step by step guide to help you prepare for a trip without stress! 1Prepare your travel documents Getting starting on your travel documents should be the first thing you do to prepare for a trip, and at least 3 months before your travel date. As daunting as it sounds, it can be as simple as calling the relevant foreign embassy or consulate […]

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Modern Muse in Hong Kong

Modern Muse in Hong Kong Travel Editorial featuring Estée Lauder Modern Muse Le Rouge Gloss Eau de Parfum It’s one of those truisms so easy to assimilate into one’s reality – like the fact that egg tarts hold the joy of life, or that vacay brain thrives on longer purse strings – that certain stimuli of the senses have mystical powers over the human mind. For example, that colours can influence mood and perception, and scents can evoke powerful feelings. Here in Hong Kong, whether such postulations are based in science is largely irrelevant. Notwithstanding its vertical concrete habitats, neon sign forests, and other such demonstrations of its ultra-modernity, the tradition (or perhaps, superstition) of the colour red is faithfully observed. It is used to signify luck and prosperity in life, power and rightfulness in politics, and sexual desire in love.  But for the Chinese, rather than being a show of prevailing confidence, it is a gesture in invitation of the same, or, even, in expectation. One needs only to observe the concrete and glass facades of Hong Kong’s islands, greeting each other each night across the harbour with an extravagant light show, aflood in the colour red. Amongst that […]

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Inspiration Gallery I Island Part II

Inspiration Gallery. Isalo Desert. Eco Hotel ‘Princesse du Lagon’, Mangily. Tutelar, Madagascar, October 2016.

A Weekend Guide To Shoreditch

There are so many places to discover in Shoreditch, I’ve included a selection of my favourites from my recent staycation at the citizenM hotel.
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weekend getaway packing tips

It’s the holiday season. The season of arrivals, departures, fun times, cozy times, crazy times but if I’m being honest – mostly packing times. After years of traveling back and fourth between two countries that are on opposite side of Europe from each other,  I feel like it’s safe to claim I’ve reached a certain […]

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Chandra Bali Luxury Villas Review

I stayed at Chandra Bali Villas with my little brother this week. We had such a blast: a few relaxing and creative days in the middle of Seminyak. Having our

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How To Pack Light – Our Top Secrets

How to pack light Our top tips to help you pack light as a feather and arrive at your destination stress-free! Russell Square, London, at dusk, on a bitterly cold January evening, I’d just gotten off a 20 hour flight, jet lagged and exhausted, thinking only about diving down into a hotel pillow. At that moment, the handle of my giant suitcase snapped off with a great ‘crack’, much to the dismay of the poor porter, who had just struggled for the past 10 minutes to drag it up the stairs of the Regent Hotel. It was then, staring at my broken baggage, far too heavy for me to carry, let alone the porter to even drag, that I realised I had, once again, entirely over packed. Fast forward two years and I can proudly say that I can now lift my luggage off the airport conveyer belt with the ease and grace of a migrating swan. It’s a liberating and satisfying art I have learnt to master the hard way, and I’ve got a few sure fire tips to make sure you don’t have to. When we ditch what we don’t need, pack light with only the bare essentials and […]

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Inspiration Gallery I Island

Inspiration GALLERY Tamatave, Manambato, Madagascar 2016

Lost at Sea on The Thai Islands

I traveled around Thailand together two French girlfriends last month. As I still had to finish lots of work before the trip, I decided to book a co-working space in

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How to fly smart on long haul flights

How to fly smart on long haul flights – our top 10 tips to help you arrive at your destination fresh and happy The wander of travel is filled with the excitement and anticipation of the unknown, realising in a matter of hours you will be disembarking on the other side of the world with all the glory of a new place just waiting to be discovered. But there is a cabin seat, plane food and usually at least two international airports awaiting you before then. Flying smart on long haul flights focused on the basics: food and water, simple wardrobe and makeup choices and as little stuff as possible. Add a potential business class seat, plenty of rest, the ideal seat allocation and minimal stop over time and eight hours in the sky will melt away. 1Choose your airline wisely The Beige Renegade team recently did the dreaded 24 hour haul from Australia to Europe for Milan and Paris Fashion Week with Etihad Airways, and can corroborate that it really does matter who you fly with. Not all economy classes are equal, and important factors from the age and size of the airplane to the level of service and amenities provided […]

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a warm, minimal hotel in Germany

To say I cannot wait to go back to Europe would be a gross understatement. We haven’t been on a trip for a while, though we’ve talked at length about whether we should go to LA or wait a bit longer and take the kids to Europe instead but part of me is ready to just jump in the car and drive any place, any getaway sounds great right now. It certainly doesn’t help when I see places like this hotel in Münster, Germany.
Even though it’s in Germany, there’s quite a few Danish pieces that compose the interior including Gubi’s beetle chair and lounge tables, Bellevue lamp designed by Arne Jacobsen and Panton’s flowerpot pendant lamp.
The colors in the hotel are very inviting, ranging from muted pinks to brown to gold, the overall look is very elegant but also very comforting together.

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The Baltic Pavilion: Towards A Regional Sense of Space

The pavilion occupies an intriguing, imaginative place in the international architectural landscape. To borrow from Timothy Morton, the temporary structure can be viewed as a portal for the exploration and understanding of not only the physical compone…

Holiday Blues

I was away quite a bit this summer and I loved every minute. I’m so lucky to live in London but to travel is a dream. And, I appreciate London all the more for having left it. Early in the summer we spent a weekend in Lucca, Italy and shot this classic look whilst there. I’m always mixing blue shirts […]

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What could be better than running around barefoot on the beach in your birthday suit than running around on the beach on your birthday in this?  We’ll leave the birthday suit runs for after sunset, in the words of my bff .. the less witnesses the better .. satin dress: Bec & Bridge photography + […]

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The beach, The one spot that always makes me happy

Just a random post with some happy beach pics. Taken during sunset in Canggu, Bali. I love to watch the ocean move, I love feeling the wind even though it fucks up my hair, I love being barefoot, I love feeling the sand between my toes – Not when my feet are wet though, hate it! -, I love the orange sky at sunset… Conclusion: I should live in a beach house. What I’m wearing (not much..) COSTES off shoulder top PRISONERS OF ST. PETERSBURG sunnies H&M shorts

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Step one fly to Paris, step two fall in love

Step one fly to Paris, step two fall in love – Paris Travel Story Photography: Louis Villers – Reporter and Photographer As evidenced by many a ‘How to be Parisian’ hardcover on every coffee table, there is a ubiquitous fantasy among the non-French about the timelessly stylish, unconventionally beautiful, and luxuriantly intellectual Parisian woman and her chic lifestyle, that has made Paris the place of pilgrimage for all women who aspire to be her. Yours truly being no exception, this last week, I flew off to Paris on a whim, fulfilling a long held dream under the auspices of a very business-like visit to attend Paris Fashion Week. I went, I saw, and yes, I fell in love. It’s a complicated love to say the least, but one that, like all romances, changes one’s life forever. It’s a love of a place and time that can never be relived (and to try would utterly disappoint); of thoughts and feelings, perhaps forever unrequited; of serendipitous meetings that may only have meaning in the dreamlike state of travel. The French invented the word cliché, and Paris is a city full of delightful clichés. Dark and handsome men walk down the streets with […]

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A Minimalist Design Paradise At The Marktgasse Hotel

I’m wearing: ME+EM Wide Leg Lounge Pants in Navy | Adidas Originals Gazelle Trainers in Blush I’m wearing: ME+EM Oversized Silk Blouse in Soft White* | ME+EM Girl Meets Boy Jean in Vintage Wash* | Adidas Originals Gazelle Trainers in Pink | Ace & Tate x It’s Nice That Sunglasses* | Susan Caplan Asymmetrical Ori Earrings in 18ct Gold […]

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36 Hours in Zurich

I’m wearing: ME+EM Oversized Silk Blouse in Soft White* | ME+EM Girl Meets Boy Jean in Vintage Wash* | Adidas Originals Gazelle Trainers in Pink | Danielle Foster Charlie Box Bag in Khaki | Ace & Tate x It’s Nice That Sunglasses* | Susan Caplan Asymmetrical Ori Earrings in 18ct Gold Vermeil* | Felice Dahl Första Ring […]

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es baluard

Bevor noch ein weiterer Mallorca-Post kommt, mit sämtlichen schönen Fleckchen, die man sich ansehen sollte, gibt es heute einen Outfit-Post. Die schönen Strände und außergewöhnlichen Kulissen lasse ihr hier allerdings hinter mir – denn wir waren beim Museum Es Baluard in Palma, dem perfekten Ort für ein Outfitshooting! An diesem Tag sind wir vormittags noch… Continue reading

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Into The Blue

  Once in a blue moon I get the chance to plant my pastey bottom on a sun lounge and set up office from under a coconut palm, the ultimate work space .. no?  Last week I swapped the editing desk for a table on the sand, covered in pollen rather than paperwork, a much prettier […]

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A Night In A 12th Century French Chateau

Airbnb came up trumps for us with this one, a 12th century French chateau in the Loire region. Leaving the South of France and heading back towards London was hard but staying somewhere so beautiful certainly eased the pain. Gilles and Sylvie the chateau’s owners were very warm and welcoming, greeting us with a glass […]

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A Few Nights In Marsanne

There’s something about the village of Marsanne that I fell utterly in love with the first time we visited, over a year ago. We arrived at 11pm in the dark, stayed just one night and left the next morning after breakfast but I knew it was somewhere I wanted to spend more time. When we […]

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Hotel Java Mallorca

Mallorca. Urlaub. Sonne, Strand & Meer! All dies, schwirrte den ganzen langen Juni und Juli in meinem Kopf herum. Wir brauchten endlich mal wieder Urlaub am Meer und hatten Mallorca in der ersten Septemberwoche schon vor einiger Zeit ins Auge gefasst. Urlaube zu planen, das kann ich richtig gut. Sämtliche Blogs und Reiseseiten nach Geheimtipps… Continue reading

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Es Trenc und Ses Salines d’es Trenc

Meine Lieben – wie ihr bestimmt auf Instagram mitbekommen habt, war ich letzte Woche auf Mallorca und habe es gelieeebt! Hätte man mir noch vor einigen Jahren gesagt, dass ich auf Mallorca Urlaub machen und es richtig toll finden würde, wäre ich äußerst skeptisch gewesen. Urlaub am Ballermann? Nein danke! Aber Mallorca ist so viel… Continue reading

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Island Life on the Île de Porquerolles

Not many people I’ve spoken to have heard of the Île de Porquerolles, it’s a one of three islands off the south coast of France, known as the Îles d’Hyères. Whilst planning our little post-wedding South of France road trip I met up with Lou Dungate. I mentioned to her my plan to visit the […]

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Beautiful Besse-Sur-Issole

Besse-sur-Issole is a tiny village inland and west of the more chi-chi parts of the Côte d’Azur, the nearest town is Brignoles. We stayed in a lovely chambres d’hôte with two wonderful hosts, one of which had once played piano for Nina Simone. (Yes, we were lucky enough to hear him play one afternoon during […]

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La Granja, Ibiza

Apologies for my silence the last several days, I’ve just been enjoying some quiet time with the kids. We took them to the sand dunes yesterday and hiked up the mounds, the kids later sliding down on their bums. It was fun but exhausting work and everyone slept well last night!

This dark, moody, rustic hotel came across my path last night and I bookmarked it right before I succumbed to sleep. Ibiza’s La Granja, Spanish for The Farm, is a hotel created from what was once a private residence until German design studio Dreimeta converted it for Design Hotels.

Honoring the building’s Moorish and Iberian architecture, The Farmhouse has been designed to marry calmness and relaxation.

“The art of imperfect beauty is accepting the natural cycle of growth and decay. Using flawed and scarred materials and surfaces we’ve alluded to the enigma of time passing.”
— Armin Fischer, Dreimeta Design Studio

Lunch With Bond at The Colombe d’Or

Hidden behind a large stone wall in the pretty little town of Saint-Paul de Vence is an iconic restaurant and hotel, the Colombe d’Or. As you walk in through its giant gated archway you are met by a giant thumb, the work of French sculptor César. Hung on its walls are paintings and illustrations by […]

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Why I Love the Dutch Coast

I’m back in Bali since two days now, but I look back with joy at the two months I spent in the Netherlands. I visited the Dutch coast several times

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Pre-Wedding Chillout

Before the wedding I spent a few day relaxing with good friends in this beautiful spot just outside Grasse. It was an opportunity to read a book, swim and unwind before the big day. I knew I still had a few things to do when I arrived at the chateau so I found it quite […]

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Postcards From The Camargue

We started our “mini-moon” in The Camargue, an area of France defined by its salt plains and marsh lands; and famous for its white horses, flamingoes and bulls (sorry, I didn’t manage to capture a shot of any of these animals, just a friendly donkey). The Camargue is very different to anywhere else I’ve been […]

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Inspiration Gallery |Loop

Inspiration GALLERY Gaspesia, July 2016

rusty mules / this week’s reading material

This week has made caring out time to post a special struggle so for those who saw my blank scheduled post earlier this week I apologize! I will get that edited and reposted asap.
It took 2 days for me to even remember it was on the calendar and then seeing I had left it blank well, it just felt a little bit embarrassing! Regardless I’m back and while it’s been a little quiet on the blog the past few days I have some exciting news coming up from something I’ve been working for months on. I hate to leave you hanging but once I have proper photos and more details I will be sure to share them.

Last night my husband and I had some spare time alone, a very rare thing, so we went to the bookstore. I picked up the newest issue of Kinfolk and he had to have the ‘livability’ issue of Monocle. Then this morning my rust colored suede mules had arrived because we are going to LA next month and I just thought I needed these for the trip. Every time I travel there is this little voice telling me that something more than my usual “mom in sneakers” look is probably a good idea.

Along with the mules was a book I had purchased last week, Morandi’s Objects. I thumbed through it very quickly because sometimes buying a book online is a little like buying a box of chocolates but so far so good.

I’ve been reading fiction novels in the evening after the kids are in bed but during the day and when I’m in need of inspiration or just need something other than a sink full of bowls lined in oatmeal and little cups of leftover milk to look at, I try to keep my shelves stocked in artsy/design related printed materials. Also the cover is beautiful, so there’s that too.

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Our most incredible bathtub yet – Tasmania Travel Story

Tasmanian Travel Story Our incredible weekend getaway to Thalia Haven, and that bathtub. As with most of my little escapes across country with Bloggers Boyfriend (just to be clear, #WeAreNotTogether), our trip to Tasmania in June snowballed on the tipoff of an incredible bathtub. Call it our ‘will travel for bathtub’ philosophy. And with Tasmania’s microcosm of mountain ranges, rainforests and pristine beaches igniting our travel bugs in equal measure, we took off for Hobart, hired a little red car and putted down the Tasmanian east coast. Our destination: Thalia Haven. Perched on a secluded peninsula looking over the wild Tasman Sea, with no sign of civilisation within a 2 kilometre radius, this ancient stone cottage is a holiday villa like no other. In place of a towering sign or modern facade, what marked the unassuming entrance to Thalia Haven were (according to owner Susan’s detailed instructions) a bridge across a trickling stream, a mirror still lagoon, and an old abandoned windmill. Needless to say, there would be no 7-Elevens where we were going. One moment our little red car was rattling along the seemingly endless dirt road that led into Thalia Haven’s 130-acre estate, the next, we emerged out of the dense grasslands and found ourselves on a cliff high above the crashing […]

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A Weekend In Lucca

  Before our wedding in France we spent a wonderful weekend in Italy. Two very good friends of ours had chosen to get married there in a little town just outside Lucca in Tuscany. I need no excuse to go to Italy, it’s a country I love very much, but their wedding was a fantastic reason to […]

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EAT / new restaurant Lou Lou

Yesterday morning (or maybe it was Tuesday?) I found photos of this new restaurant and was excited to get them posted immediately but Elin hasn’t been sleeping well and even though I put this pressure on myself to try to get things posted as soon as po…


CABANA   Spending Summer in the Hamptons is about as iconic in New York as it gets. Known for breezy beaches, quaint streets & pop up shops, its a little bit of the good life just a few hours from the hectic NYC pace making it the perfect weekend, off-duty escape ! A regular in the […]

Our Wedding Venue, Château de Massillan

I’m really sorry if you’ve been visiting my blog and thought to yourself, ‘nothing new here’. Sorry to disappoint you but I’m currently in France preparing for our wedding. I might be a bit MIA for a few weeks but if I get the chance I will update you when I can. In the meantime, I […]

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As You Fall

Once upon a time I would have happily dismissed the thought of layering in summer .. but times they are a changin.  Thanks to the likes of recent collections from just some of my favourites .. yes you’ve probably already guessed Celine and I’d have to add Miu Miu into the mix, the idea of […]

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My Sydney Fashion Week Hotel: The Pullman

My Sydney Fashion Week Hotel: The Pullman Sydney Hyde Park Photogrpahy: Blogger’s Boyfriend This year has so far seen me constantly on the road, somewhat unwittingly. Now that I am finally back in Perth (for at least a few weeks), I find myself thinking back to all the places I’ve stayed, large and small. The Pullman Sydney Hyde Park was my base of operations during Sydney Fashion Week in May. Fashion week was filled with tightly crammed itineraries and impossible deadlines. The little things the Pullman Sydney Hyde Park afforded us smoothed over every stressful mishap and logistical complication. Throughout the week, the staff kindly accepted our unreasonable numbers of deliveries and arranged couriers at short notice. The nights were spent working feverishly, but made so much more enjoyable by a panoramic view of the sun setting behind Hyde Park, and then the brilliant city lights stretching out before us. Then for what little shuteye we could snatch, it was on luxurious king sized beds. By the end of our stay, our luggage had ballooned to two trolleys full, but the staff neatly conveyed and stored everything for us without raising an eyebrow. While it was the stunning city views and convenient central location […]

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How To Get The Provence Look

It’s almost time to head down to Provence for our wedding, I’m so excited! As we’ll be staying on in France for a mini-moon post-wedding I’ve been thinking about what to pack and how I want to dress whilst I’m there. What I’m wearing has quite an effect on my mood and I want to feel […]

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The Weekender

So you might have noticed that this weekend I snuck away to one of my favourite hide outs.. Byron Bay, on the far north coast of New South Wales.  The past few weeks have been a little crazy with several big projects going into the production fazes with my team, including a national campaign for […]

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Inspiration Gallery | Exode

Inspiration GALLERY Wandering: Lisbonne, Portugal, July 2012         Immersion: Lagos, Algarve, Portugal, August 2012              



Väkst is a new restaurant by Cofoco – family of Höst also based in Copenhagen. Väkst’s gastronomic centre of gravity is Nordic, and the vegetables of the season take priority. The wines are modern, light and European – and the list offers several natural wines. The heart of the restaurant is a large greenhouse, built through the two floors of the space, thereby transporting the guest into the sensation of a lush garden – right inside the city. On the top floor of the restaurant, plants, growths, and leaves thrive in the light from the large windows facing the street of Sankt Peders Stræde. A true Summer paradise.

Photography: Cofoco

5 ways the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 saved my bacon at Fashion Week

My road test of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 at MBFWA 2016 Photogrpahy: Blogger’s Boyfriend When Microsoft invited me to join the #SurfaceSquad (along with the lovely girls at They All Hate Us, Miss Gunner and Twice Blessed) to road test the new Surface Pro 4 as my key device during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia, I was at first a little skeptical of just how much I would make use of a tablet during such a busy week. I must confess to never having had much enthusiasm for tablets, which, in my circles, are used predominantly to watch movies on long flights. But mentioning the prospect to my much more technologically savvy boyfriend, the excitement in his voice, as he gushed about the never before paralleled virtues of the Surface Pro 4 as a laptop and tablet in one, made me realise what kind of opportunity I really had on my hands. As I spent the week at MBFWA with my trusty Surface Pro 4, I learned that it was a lightweight and incredibly powerful portable device that met the diverse array of needs of a creative, who travels and has hefty demands on their digital devices. To illustrate how […]

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Bali Villa with Infinity Pool and Ocean Sight

My friend Monique and I did a motorbike roadtrip to the North of Bali last weekend. The road through the volcanos was unbelievable beautiful. We shot a lot of videos,

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Going Nowhere

On location in the south of France, nothing could seem better than some of my favourite black classics after a long day discovering the secrets of the Cote D’Azur.  It’s all about minimal layering, a stand out shoe.. and oh just the right amount of Mediterranean breeze to achieve the kind of hair flick that […]

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Peninsula Hotel Paris

I really don’t think that there is any better view in the world than this.   Any social media fiend will recognise this view of the the Eiffel Tower and it’s no surprise why, when you walk into a glass atrium with an intimate view of one of the world’s most recognisable icon’s it’s something […]

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La Vaqueria Montañesa

La Vaqueria Montañesa

This charming restaurant located in Madrid, Spain displays an urban feel and serves rustic food all organic and local. The restaurant is the third proyect of the Zamora-Gorbeña family and a true gem.

Elle named La Vaqueria Montañesa “A Restaurant Worth Traveling To See”. The beautiful atmosphere and 50’s minimal pieces create the perfect ambiance. The series of portraits by Pablo Zamora, AIM lamps and Jacques Adnet mirror are the perfect addition to this wonderful interior. Let’s all pack up and head to Madrid.

Photography: Pablo Zamora

Perfect Escape With Aerin Lauder

Hands up if you need a holiday?  If you’re sitting at your desk right now, tapping away at a keyboard much like yours truly, you’ll catch my drift, a girl can never aspire to make time for too many holidays.  Gaining a tan from a computer screen is not necessarily the most romantic way in which […]

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A Stay At The Miró Hotel In Bilbao

We were really lucky to stay at the Miró Hotel whilst in Bilbao, it’s a lovely little boutique hotel, just opposite the Guggenheim. The hotel was designed by fashion designer Antonio Miró and interior designer Pilar Líbano and was the first boutique hotel in Bilbao. The service was brilliant from the moment we arrived. Having […]

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A Weekend In Bilbao

I’ve wanted to go to Bilbao and visit the Guggenheim since I was at school and first came across the work of architect Frank Gehry. I’ve waited a long time to see it but it was utterly worth it, the building is stunning, glinting silver in the bright light and pale gold when it’s cloudy. […]

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Perth Luxury Hotel – Como the Treasury

The extraordinary luxury hotel experience I’ve been dying to share: Como the Treasury, Perth’s new 6 star hotel Growing up,…

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How to Pack for comfort and style

The fundamentals to packing for comfort and style At five mile altitude, en route to the next destination popping champagne, living…

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2016 Travel Bucket List

Every January I tell myself that I will travel more, I don’t seem to ever be as happy as when I’m exploring a new place, whether that’s a city, mountain, ocean or island. I love doing the research before I go, often searching Instagram and Pinterest for the places others have been, seeking out the best local cafés and […]

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Roadtrip Phoenix to Los Angeles

  Last Friday, I did a roadtrip from Phoenix to Los Angeles and shot these photos whilst driving (no worries, I wasn’t driving myself). It was like my biggest dream travel became reality,

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The tricky part about experimentation is that it’s risky but as Hellen Keller the famous author once said “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”  The good thing here is that a daring adventure doesn’t have to mean taking a 2 month hiking tour across Tibet with little more than a weeks wages […]

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