Here it is an edit of the 40 best new Fall pieces from some of my favourite brands. It’s all things Autumn so, especially blazers, some knits, accessories and more coats will come soon too! Scroll down to see and shop my edit. I hope it gets you some inspiration as I know new […]

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Fanny Pack Dorks

Don’t get a wrong idea because of the title, it’s just a How I Met Your Mother reference, I in fact do not think fanny pack wearers are dorks. I think they’re practical, brilliant people. I for one never let them go, they were always my music festival bag (once you get the hands-free, shoulder-free experience there’s no turning back). I don’t know when and why exactly they fell out of style but I know for sure they are back now with a bang. And while Gucci’s GG Marmont Matelassé is the official king of the year, any fanny pack would do the job. In fact, if you ask me, the more 90’s looking the better. No matter what you call it: bumbag, belt bag, waist bag (that’s how it’s called in Turkish); do yourself a favor and get one of these before it’s too late. image sources: the impression, whowhatwear, dailymail, tommy ton, the cut, my dubio, elle, harper’s bazaar, team peter stigter, make your style Save Save

Rhythm of Life, Jotun’s 2018 paint color trends

After spending a year studying design and lifestyle patterns, Norwegian paint manufacturer Jotun has released 36 new shades that represent their projection of global color trends for 2018. Rhythm of Life represents glimpses of ideas, values and aspirations shared by people around the world. Led by color manager Lisbeth Larsen, research of common threads and shared social tendencies across countries were condensed into three clear themes, each of which describes a different style of living with an individual colour palette to match.

images courtesy of Jotun
photography by Line Thit Klein
set design by Kråkvik & D’Orazio

The Frill of It

I’m not averse to a cheeky frill, they bring a hint of femininity to my often tomboyish looks. Frills were a major trend last season and continue to be this one.
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Hounds Toothed

Houndstooth is back baby.  Originating in Scotland in the early 1800’s and then embraced by the upper class in the 1930’s as a symbol of wealth, you might say that the canine christened print has had a ‘checkered’ past. With some of our favourite designers aka Dior, Balenciaga and Acne unleashing the.. eh-hem ‘hound’ in […]

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Real Denim Trends You Need to Know Right Now

The Denim Report Girlfriend jeans, mom jeans, cropped flares, the Vetements effect and more – everything you need to know denim trends right now. For all women who are well and truly over the ankle-cling, zipper gape, and camel toe prospects of the incorrigible skinny jean, we are happy to report that, finally, real denim has returned. They are cuts, shapes and trends we can thank our mums, the 70’s, Twiggy and our favourite designers for. The 21st century wide leg has been resurrected, slouchy is the new black, and flares, frays and fringe pack a punch in the modern sartorial arsenal. While the case for the skinny jean remains strong (and by the way, we still love them!) the real denim movement is seeing women reject the cookie-cutter fast fashion skinny jean domination, in favour of  denim as meaningful investments. It’s about denim that that fits well and flatters where it should, and lends itself to endless possibilities for expressing one’s unique personal style. This surely is music to the ears of every minimalist, whose retail modus operandi is to buy wisely and wear more. Here are our favourite denim trends right now. 1 Mom jean If they’re high-waisted, light washed, straight or tapered […]

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Tap Them Three Times

Ever since I realized I have a minimal, masculine style and it’s no use stretching it, colors have not been good friends of mine. Even baby blue or powder pink tie my hands most of the time, anything other than my fantastic 4 (black, white, camel, gray) usually leave me out of breath. However, like every other cardinal rule, this one also has exceptions; two very vivid and striking colors are welcome in my wardrobe as long as they come alone: Gold and red. I prefer gold as the color of detail whereas red is best as a tiny pop of color; red lips, nails, bag, a logo or in extreme cases, shoes. I wore red heels and ballet flats a lot in the past but haven’t thought about them for a long time until this summer. Now it’s almost rude not to wear one so if you don’t already own a pair, take your pick. Close your eyes and tap them three times! image sources: pandora sykes 1 & 2, who what wear, sandra …

Spotted: Everyday Sequins

I’m usually not that good with noticing details in a pile of “something” at first glance, I know what I like and don’t like but that’s pretty much it, which results in me having to check that said “something” over and over again with %110 attention to figure out styling tricks, accessories, lengths etc. Though that was not the case this time, probably because it was so dominant and obvious, sequin pieces put together with casual everyday clothing is like a much too literal yet ironic representation of “street style at a couture week”. Especially Miroslava Duma and Yasmin Sewell’s sequin & oversized blazer combos gave me serious style chills, making me dig up old photos for inspiration too. Here are my picks for the best everyday sequin looks, and a butt load of inspiration for how to wear them. image sources: the impression 1 & 2 & 3, fashionista, vanessa jackman, anine’s world 1 & 2, harper’s bazaar 1 & 2, vogue, glamradar, a pink dream, refinery29, the chic department Save Save

Contrasting Stitching

On so many SS16 catwalks contrasting stitching was used to effect. Above are some of the looks from Chloé, Edun, Altuzarra, Christopher Kane, Lanvin, Stella McCartney and Louis Vuitton; and if they say three is a trend, well then I think I might be on to something here. The Chloé pieces top the bill for me […]

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On Mondays We Wear Pink

Check out 10 Street Style Looks That Make a Case for Pink Shoes by Elif Filyos at Mode This week’s article for Mode.com is about the street style epidemic of the season: pink shoes.

Talk to The Tee

I love t-shirts, just love them. I actually don’t wear anything else other than t-shirts all year long. In winter they are the first layer under any sweater, in summer they’re all I wear. I have several fancy tops, camis or button downs in my wardrobe but none of them can even come close to the bond I have with my t-shirts. This summer though, there is something that can make me put basic tees on the back burner; graphic tees (best I can do). Not those cheesy quoted or “funny” tees though, cool graphic tees. I started with the 1987 Velvet Tees and I don’t intend to stop anytime soon. image sources: fashion grunge, riffraff, urban outfitters, style du monde, avenue boutique, sincerely jules, reformation, fashion gone rouge, instagram lucy williams, instagram debora rosa, maison labiche, fashion me now, mango, brendy melville, lisa says gah

The Cold Shoulder

If you’ve been hiding your head under a pillow, slowly waiting for summer to arrive and hadn’t noticed just how big a trend the off-the-shoulder style has become it might be time to get to the shops, I promise it’ll come in handy this summer. There aren’t many pieces that I would consider equally as […]

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Hook, Line, and Sinker

When I saw this fishnet trend coming last year after the Proenza Schouler Fall 2015 show I immediately thought of 2 things: 1) Chandler not liking girls in fishnet stockings because they remind him of his father in fishnet stockings and 2) how I once wore fishnet socks with ballet flats and skinny jeans when I was 17 years old and vowed to never ever wear them again. Well, I wasn’t aware of how fashion worked back then so the mistakes and promises made at that time don’t count, because I already bought myself the tackiest pair of fishnet tights I found in a drug store and counting down days to pair it with sneakers and cropped pants. I didn’t even put up resistance, just accepted it, like that. image sources: shine by three, vogue 1 & 2 & 3, vogue uk, the sartorialist, dazed, www, oracle fox, popsugar, fashion clue, telegraph, visual optimism, sketchonista, natalie off duty, instagram & 2  

Round It Goes

This might be the most comeback comeback trend since the shoulder pad invasion back in 2010, and this time it doesn’t look like we’re going to regret it in a year or so. The last round handle bag I saw was either a beach bag or my grandmother’s money purse, but they sure as hell weren’t as cool as these new wave metal handle ones. Carrying a non-cross body bag is as uncomfortable as carrying another person on my shoulders so I prefer the long strap ones that has the metal handle as detail + handle option but if you have faith in your hands more than I do, here are the most beautiful round handle bags out there to buy.   image sources: a love is blind, maja wyh, racked, vogue, collage vintage, fashion me now 1 & 2, reformation, little liffner, fashion gone rouge

Frayed Hem Denim

Denim is such a staple in so many wardrobes these days and we always seem to be looking for a new design interpretation. In the last few years we’ve seen the popular style go from skinny jeans to boyfriend jeans to mum/mom jeans to flared jeans to straight-leg jeans (my current favourite). Whereas once, one […]

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90’s Calling

I want to see the hands (comments) of all 90’s kids who walked around with a velvet stretchy choker for the better half of their childhood/teenage years after watching Leon: The Professional and I want them to tell me they are not getting sentimental about this 90’s trend coming back hard because I’ve been feeling weird. Around 10 years after that Leon era, on a hectic spring cleaning day, I got so mad at myself for ever thinking that thing was cool and swore to never ever wear anything like that again but here we are, shopping for tattoo chokers, velvet chokers or simply anything wrapped around your neck that’s a call from the 90’s. I wonder what my future self will say about these in 10 years… sources: etsy, acne, nasty gal, www 1 & 2, stolen stores, nyct clothing, brandy melville, man repeller, sweet adorable girls, vogue runway

Golden Age of Blue Jean

Many things are having the time of their lives right now; Alessandro Michele’s Gucci, Leonardo DiCaprio, Donald Trump, founders of Snapchat but nothing quite compares to the golden age of blue jean. After years of living under skinny jean captivity, the legs are finally free like old times and having more fun with the cuffs than ever. It’s all thanks to classic Levi’s 501’s that we have the shape in many variations today but it’s the Vetements pair that’s sold out everywhere and has already became a status symbol is what turned things serious. Of course not everyone can buy that pair (actually almost no one can buy that pair) but there are so many great jeans on sale right now, it’s hard to be sad about not being able to buy the most expensive one. sources: the impression, harper’s bazaar, collage vintage, style du monde, a love is blind, wwd, brooke testoni, shit and chanel

Year of Babouche

I don’t know how to pronounce its name correctly nor can I yet properly distinguish a babouche from a flat mule, but this Moroccan treasure is officially the shoe of 2016 (I’m not saying it, Vogue does). Now you already know me, I’d get behind any comfortable flat trend no matter how repellent it is to a male eye so I’m already the biggest fan of this one. Besides I’d take any chance to look like Princess Jasmine: list of childhood dreams, you’re now half as long. image sources: 20 minutes, vogue runway, oroboro, needsupply, celine, anna borisnova, w magazine, honestly wtf, instagram 1 & 2 & 3

Who Wears The Socks

I don’t know any other garment that has the ability to turn an outfit into super sexy and extremely repellent all at the same time. Socks have always been a part of my dressing up routine, whether you can see them or not, as my feet are basically bruised by the fraction of air. Couple of years ago, when I was living in Milan, I got into the socks and sandals thing a bit but then I gave it up altogether and it wasn’t until this year that I started to give them another chance. Disclaimer: the fact that I want to keep on dressing as though it’s still autumn when it’s -10 outside made that choice inevitable. image sources: vice, vogue, tumblr, buro 24/7, glamradar, the dreslyn, vogue runway, livingly, elise joseph, the sartorialist, ruemag, teresa oman, e online, &other stories, whowhatwear, stylecaster, man repeller, low classic, stockholm street style

Patch A Fur

I’m one who’s unapologetically opposed to wearing color (just myself, I don’t have anything against color in general) but just like every other rule in the world, this routine of mine has its exceptions: pastel pink and colorful furs. I’m pretty sure pink thing is something I brought along with me since childhood but I don’t know why I fancy fur coats with crazy colors, particularly patchwork of colors so much. Lucky for me, it’s THE winter overcoat trend of the season so there are plenty of options to choose from. I am always pro faux-fur, and if you have to buy real fur (since faux fur unfortunately doesn’t keep warm) I encourage everyone to shop vintage to at least circulate the already existing fur out there; but of course it is your own choice at the end. sources: vogue runway, the fashion guitar, vanessa jackman 1 & 2, style du monde, blogger bazaar, lucky, harper’s bazaar 1 & 2, stylish wife, hello fashion, design scene, the blonde salad, beeswonderland


Christophe Lemaire Chloé Tomas Maier Stella McCartney Rachel Comey MM6 Maison Martin Margiela Joseph Marques’Almeida The wonderful staple that is denim returns for SS15 with new lengths, new cuts and new life. I’m a denim freak so I’m over-the-moon to see it take centre stage in so many collections this season. Due to its work-wear […]
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All White

Alexander Wang Assembly Atea Oceanie Chadwick Bell Derek Lam 10 Crosby Dion Lee Theory I’m a bit of a sucker for an all white look and it seems I’m not alone, so many designers once again sent models down the catwalk head-to-toe in white. It continues to be a slick fresh option for the warmer […]
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