Decjuba – Flare

All black everything outfit, somewhere between relaxed and refined. New attraction for slashed pants, but same attention to the minimal effort required thematic, clean cami, and tailored layers. Laid-Back in black with this modern workwear split pants and cape-blazer. Feeding … Continue reading

Your New Year’s Work Capsule Wardrobe

6 Steps to your New Year’s work capsule wardrobe Wearing: Black Long Coat, Olive Coat & Olive Pants – Uniqlo x Carin Roitfeld Collection | T-shirt – Isabel Marant | Bag – Givenchy “Antigona” | Gold Boots – Office If office farewell cards are the informative plaques of one’s achievements, then mine from my first job were frivolous indeed – ‘Good luck, we loved your outfits’ was a neatly penned sentiment I remember quite distinctly. Even leaving aside any aspersions as to my effectiveness as a lawyer vis-à-vis my sartorial feats, this one-liner was doubly curious as it came from that pretty girl in coms. Said girl, by her stereotype-affirming pencil skirt and stiletto heel uniform, I gathered would have thought of my minimalist aesthetic as nothing other than matronly. That is not to say, of course, that I cared any less about my appearance in the office. My focus, rather than to wow my co-workers with one punchy look after another, was simply to maintain an effective work capsule wardrobe that for instant morning prep. This, it seemed, was the object of admiration for the PR girls in cubicles adjacent. When it comes to workwear, it’s not always easy to […]

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Enhance your classics with the inevitable and sophisticated blazer. A bright and pristine white will make it fresh and modern. LXé Blazer – Aritzia Dress – Klarf Watches Watch – Jewel Rue Cuff               … Continue reading