Céline F/W 2016

It was first when Kym Ellery started to dual-show her collection (first in Sydney then in Paris) that I asked myself the question: but which season is she designing for? There is a distinct difference between the two cities, as distinct as summer and winter, and I was really confused about how to work that line. Then, as I examined her collections I realized there was no summer or winter, or any other season for that matter, in her collections. There is no season in any collection anymore. There are coats on S/S runways and sweaters are paired with sandals at F/W shows. Sure it’s a styling hell especially for people like us, but it’s always summer – or better yet, always spring – somewhere. And like those people weren’t lucky enough, just like Kym Ellery, Phoebe Philo’s creative juices cater for them all year long.

It was a rather laid back Céline collection shown today, like the ones at the very beginning, where no extravagant shoes or over the top appliqués were present so it was a good opportunity to sit back and appreciate the strengths of this woman we all worship.

source: vogue runway