Celine Me Now

My headmaster once summonsed me to the head office, my friends and I had been requested to attend an award ceremony in regards to our artistic pursuits.  Woo hoo, to say that we were excited was an understatement.   The headmaster was also impressed with our creative endeavours, however was not overly excited at the fact that outside of school we’d taken to personalising our uniforms with sharpies and not ending the creativity on the canvas.   We were neatly dished out detention along with our awards, but it’s needless to say that early on I was given a stern lesson in the importance of the uniform.

These days I have Ms Pheobe Philo to thank for teaching me the value of the quality wardrobe for the modern woman and one that I’m most accustomed too.   Large slouchy trousers, a collared shirt, boxy oversized coats, a crisp tailored dress  – all preferably in navy or black an on high rotation.   There’s no doubt that the Céline uniform will outlast all of the trends that come and go, keeping us out of trouble not only in detention but also in life’s classroom too ladies ..

navy dress: Celine   .  navy knee high boots: Celine  .  navy bag: Celine  .  black cat eye sunglasses: Celine 

photography: Rodney Deane



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