Celine Spring 2018

Entering a marshmallow-cloud-like tent within a Parisian Tennis Club felt somewhat comforting. And this comfort was further enhanced by wooden benches covered in Céline printed sleeping bags. Now that’s what I’m talking about, good ol’ fashioned camping… 

But I knew this was going to be a camping experience that I was neither previously accustomed to, nor had encounter before.The bespoke Céline camping experience.  

To start the show… a trio of oversized trench coats appeared, setting the tone for what to expect; wearable everyday pieces that fit into everyday life. Khaki suits with big shoulders and side-pleated skirts highlighted the Céline uniform, one that I have become rather attached.   Giant envelope leather totes, and softly padded clutches were the beginning of a drool worthy accessory collection.

There was a whole lot of Chic going on under the Céline tent, and if this is what they are calling the new aged camping experience, then definitely count me in



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