Chain Reaction

It was just Diana Ross who found herself in a chain reaction.  Thanks to the new beginnings for Daniel Lee at the helm of Bottega Veneta and the dawn of a new era and obsession for Philofiles aroud the globe, a chain reaction has commenced and it’s one that we’re haphy to watch unfold.
After his debut Pre-fall 2019 collection Mr Lee showcased a collection for Fall Winter that was braver, tougher, and stippled in the kind of gold hardware that would leave Ice-T green with envy.
Thankfully for the girl out there who had an oversion for Pheobe’s neo-feminin ways she won’t need to travel to the corners of her continent to track down her prize.  All of the goodness of the new Bottega is best discovered online and conveniently one of the most bountiful collections can be discovered at one of my all time favourite destinations  I was always jealous of Ms Ross caught in the middle of a chain reaction .. but now it’s the 2019 girls turn.

chain-trim sweater: Bottega Veneta  .  buckle leather pumps: Bottega Veneta  .  leather utility shorts: Bottega Veneta  .  ‘The Pouch’ bag: Bottega Veneta

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