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I’m a bowerbird attracted to magnificent shiny things; glistening antique brooches, jewel encrusted statement earrings and necklaces spangled in lucky charms, there is nothing that escapes my clutches. However it’s watches that rate most highly on my collect-ometre, and for good reason.  You see the magic about a beautiful timepiece is that it’s not only a fab addition to ones jewellery collection, but also a practical accoutrement giving the wearer an excuse to splurge on such a pragmatic investment.
The perfect watch not only ticks both these boxes but also makes a statement about it’s wearer.  She is a woman ahead of the trends, she has her own way of doing things and she is a free spirit, following her desires and intuitions. Oh la la .. a list of requirements this good may sound too good for one watch to to deliver upon, until now however… let me introduce you mes amies to the Chanel Code Coco.
On a recent sunny Autumn day in Paris, I was lucky enough to capture this magnificent beauty on the lovely Laura Gavrilenko in celebration of a new addition to the Chanel family.  The Chanel Code Coco ceramic watch not only captured my heart, but the hearts of the team and an uncanny number of unsuspecting onlookers as we moved between landmarks around Paris that had a special significance to the much loved Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel.
From the home of Gabrielle’s apartment on Rue Cambon, to the Tuileries and Place Vendôme, these iconic locations have given us more than one reason to fall in love with Paris.  It’s thanks to Paris we also have the Chanel Code Coco, the latest addition to this girls treasure trove of goodies, reinventing the codes of Chanel and fast becoming the item at the top of every bowerbirds wish list .. merci beaucoup!

Laura wears Chanel Fall RTW 2018 and Barry Knitwear 

photography + creative direction: Amanda Shadforth  .  model: Laura Gavrilenko  .  hair & makeup: Trine Juel 

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