Change is good and I have been feeling like I needed some in my life, not just physical but also to break some old habits. I took these portraits to capture my long hair, I have had this style as far back as I can remember. Long hair was something I could always rely on and it was a big part of my identity; but people grow and want change.

I love these shots and after seeing them it gave me the extra confidence I needed to take action. Without overthinking it, I booked a hair appointment and without any fuss just got it done. I know for some people getting a hair cut is not a drastic move, but for me this was not only a big change, it was also a great boost of self-confidence.

A reminder that we can be fearless, risk takers and to never forget to try new things. If you want to see the new hairstyle check out my feed on Instagram here. Also be sure to keep checking there and my insta-stories, as I am leaving to Europe tomorrow, first stop Paris to attend PFW! Then I will be travelling around, I am beyond excited. If you are going to be in Paris holla!

Photo by Carmin Edwards