Changing Gear

My appreciation for all things kinetic has been long running but this could be a game changer.   Respected as one of the fashion industries biggest supporters, Mercedes-Benz’s alignment with the international sartorial scene has been a time honoured love affair ‘fueled’ with passion.  From Australia to Berlin, Tommy Ton’s candid model off-duty images wouldn’t be the same without those illustrious 3 point star blazened backdrops and entryways so well documented thanks to social media.

However for this well esteemed brand, the relationship runs deeper than the obvious and what’s not to be forgotten is the fact that Mercedes-Benz is additionally always at the forefront of what’s going on behind the wheel.  In the year that I’ve had behind me I’ve had the honour of working with some incredible models but for today the latest ‘fresh face’ is a vehicle with a personality all of its’ own.

With the era of the modern woman and her need for ‘getting things done’, I felt as though it was time to shoot a car as the ultimate accessory as an alternative to your obvious wardrobe accoutrements.. sorry boys but you can’t have all of the fun. A vehicle for me is more than just a mode of transport, it’s my workspace, my dressing room, my courier and ultimately a destination unto itself (if not a good looking one!).

So girls you’ve got to think bigger than just the bag and the heels, it’s time to ‘change gears’ and consider your 4 wheeled accessory options as well.   And remember the outfit can remain clean and simple but it’s the accessories that finish the look ..

The Mercedes-Benz GLC launches in Australia in December .. click here for all of the details 

Creative Direction: Amanda Shadforth  .  Photography: Jake Terrey  .  Hair + Makeup: Tobi Henney 

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