Check This Trend: Natural and Minimalist Jackets

In terms of fashion, 2019 is dominated by different types of trends. One of the absolute must-have trends that you should not miss is that of the natural and minimalist jackets. Think of coats in beautiful earth colors and calm tones that make you feel at one with nature. Because sustainability is an important item on the fashion agenda, such minimalist jackets often have a sustainable character. In this article we show you some examples of natural and minimalist jackets.

Leather jackets in natural colors

What we see again in 2019/2020 are leather jackets. The leather jacket is timeless and indispensable from every fashionista’s wardrobe. To go for a minimalist look that also fits in the ‘natural’ row, not every leather jacket is an option. In this case it is best to go for a natural color, such as earth, camel or beige. Check for example this Halogen Drape Faux Leather Jacket from Nordstrom, a fake leather jacket in a beautiful earthy color. This is a good example of leather jackets in the minimalist trend: no bells and whistles, but a quiet combination of natural colors and materials.


Classic trench coat with vintage touch

Also certainly not indispensable this spring and summer is the stylish trench coat in a basic beige color. Choose the classic model including eight (double) buttons and a true waist belt. What is so special about this classic model is the fact that the trend, just like the leather jacket, is timeless. That is why an investment in a beautiful trench coat is more than a good idea, because there is a good chance that you can combine it for years in your daily look. A good example of such a jacket is this Roberta Di Camerino Beige Trench Coat via Rokit. This jacket has a vintage touch and is reminiscent of the coats that movie stars wore in the early 20s and 30s.

Utility jacket in earthy colors

Finally, a special trend that we have seen in fashion since the beginning of 2019: utility wear. Utility wear is clothing that is used in various fields. For example, think of coats that look a bit like a uniform such as a circus coat, a fisherman’s coat or an overall. The funny thing is that we see many influences from safari and jungle in this trend. You can see that for example in this Khaki Washed Utility jacket from the English store Next: a beautiful green jacket that looks a bit like a jacket worn in the jungle during a safari. In this natural trend, the whole remains calm and minimalist: pockets and buttons are the most “challenging” details on such a jacket.

Of course you can also combine several trends with each other: a classic trench coat also looks a bit like a safari utility jacket when you buy it in dark green. A leather jacket in an earthy color with a waist belt also has something vintage, something classic. In short: if you opt for the natural and minimalist trend this year when it comes to coats, there is no doubt a nice item for you.