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Do you ever get the feeling that you’re missing out on something that everyone else knows about but you.  I somehow once missed a group message where my friends had organised tickets to see one of my favourite bands and I didn’t realise until it was too late ..  let’s just say fomo is my least favourite emotion.
Staying in the loop is one of the hardest things these days due to the mega overload of content, photos, tweets, insta-stories, pins, video and the rest.

Sometimes funnily enough however we find it a little refreshing to jump out of the loop, to do the complete opposite and leave the wheel behind to emerce ourselves in the old school things that inspire us, like spending a crafter-noon with your besties or taking a long walk through the countryside.  You see the wheel can be our worst enemy when it comes too creativity and finding your unique voice.

People often ask me how I remain inspired and stimulated creatively and my response is almost innate, it’s to leave behind all of the white noise of what surrounds us and to maybe even get a little bit weird.  I’ve always found that you never really know what you’re capable of until you give something a go, even if you think you’re out of your league, and the best way to learn is on the job.  For me these days I love the unusual, the less expected and when it comes to making interesting photos the obscure has become my norm because let’s be honest, the norm is now everywhere.   If you’re interested in trying your hand at styling put a stocking over a shoe, if you’re interested in photography try a lens you’ve never used before and if you are pushed for good locations try your local roadside quarry like us.

Recently I started an instagram account for my creative work .. @amanda.shadforth , it’s taken me nearly 7 years to start this account mainly through the fear of wondering if people would like my work, along with the usual time restrains..  I finally made the leap.  Finally I got my act together and decided it was time to no longer let fear hold me back.    The above is a shoot that I put together with my team a little while ago, it challenging to pull off (permits and quarry’s are not friends), a little obscure, but mostly a lot of fun.  So here’s to taking the leap and no longer feeling as though you’re missing out on something by not giving things a go.  Now get out there and try something that makes you feel a little uncomfortable you never know what the rewards will be .. xx

Photography + Direction: Amanda Shadforth

A very special thank you to the following legends …

model: Tiarna Elle Herbert from Chic Model Management  .  hair and makeup guru: Gemma Elaine  .  my lovely ladies: Chloe Livock and Ruby Power for your styling imput  .  my left and right arms: Bree Logie and Gabrielle Swaddling

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