Common Thread

The skirt + trouser combo, not something that you’ll typically notice being rolled out in your local neighbourhood I’ll admit.  But trust me, I’m not the only one that’s fallen in love with this atypical amalgamation (or so I’m hoping).

From Givenchy to Phillip Lim, this unconventional couple have sauntered down the runway with the joie de vivre of partners on the dance floor, think less Tay Tay and Calvin Harris and more Fred Astaire and Ginger to be precise.

Therefore without much further explanation, I feel the best approach in moving forward is to try it for yourself if you’re feeling game.  And, if you’re apprehension is overpowering just remember that it’s about experimentation, less hesitation and more fearlessness is the key to this relationship.

Striped top: Tome NYC  .  white shirt: DLC or affordable option  .  navy skirt: Camilla & Marc  .  navy pants: Camilla & Marc  or affordable option here .  bag: Dior ‘Diorama’  .  oxblood boots: Topshop

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