Posted on: 01/20/2020 Posted by: Maddie Comments: 0

There was a time when our homes were designed and filled to satisfy our daily needs and favourite styles, with little consideration spared for how that arrangement made us feel. In 2020, our homes are places where we recharge and reflect, acting as more of a sanctuary than just shelter. If you are looking around your home and wondering how you can transform the place to be a calming and restorative one, follow these simple tips to create a home sanctuary. 

Limit or leverage your light

Light is a key factor in creating a relaxing sanctuary, and if you fail to manipulate it then you might be missing an opportunity to bring a peaceful glow to your living spaces. Block out curtains will easily mitigate strong light, without removing the light entirely if you do decide to let the light stream in. If your home is on the dark side, you might want to look at installing a skylight. This is a great way to bring some light to an area of your choosing, although it might cost a lot depending on the style, build and age of your home. Another way to filter light is to plant some hedges and plants outside your window to bring some privacy and natural screening to your rooms.

Review, remove or replace

If you are honest, your home might have some items that should have been moved on many years ago. Many they no longer serve you or your family, they are broken or ineffective, or it could just be that you have been meaning to take them to a thrift store. Whatever the case, having a cluttered home is not calming, and more often than not will contribute to feelings of uneasiness. Taking a leaf out of Marie Kondo’s book, remove anything from your home that does not bring you joy or serve a purpose. You might be thinking that this is not a very sustainable or environmental motion, but you are simply learning to live with less and allowing others to find value in the items that are only collecting dust in your home.

Be surrounded by inspiration

What inspires you? It could be your family, your culture, or maybe even a city of place you love to visit. Whatever makes you smile and feel inspired should absolutely be found inside your home, whether that is on your walls, mantle or tables. Creating a home sanctuary means designing a space that you can be yourself within, and hide from the rat race that exists outside your doors. If you are unsure what this could look like, find art inspiration on Pinterest or grab some Vogue Home magazines to get your ideas flowing.

Once you work out what you like and what space you want to have this inspiration seen, you can start to conceptualise your creations. You should also consider the style and inspiration of the other individuals you might be sharing your home with, as they might be quite adverse to cover the walls with moody photography when they could be painted in a bold colour instead. Share this part of the project, and work out how you can incorporate both interests under the same roof.


Like any home improvement, transforming your home into a calming sanctuary will not happen overnight. You might find that motivation comes and goes, so just see where the project takes you and remember to relax and enjoy your home for what it is. Also flesh out a budget so that you keep on track with your spending, as nothing can be less calming than an unintentional budget blowout.