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Just out of shot there was a curious crowd assembling… Tourists and Venetians alike walking along the canal wondering what kind of creature was creeping along their walkway, or perhaps they were asking themselves why that person was acting in such a way? Well, there may be no particular rhyme or reason for this behaviour except that one can’t help but feel free to freely express herself when she is wearing such an iconic look from Miu Miu Fall 2017.

The Miu Miu creature (as we like to call her) celebrates her quirkiness, prefers to wear colour and playful prints, is bookish yet adventurous. She loves Italy, Bellini’s and strange spontaneous photoshoots in tourist destinations… As you can see.

So if you find yourself strolling through the streets and you come across her, make sure to say hello – she is friendly, dressed for the occasion and knows all the best places to find a signature cocktail.. x

floral coat: Miu Miu  .  phone print trousers: Miu Miu  .  crystal embellished shoes: Miu Miu

photography: Rodney Deane

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