Decorative Home Storage Ideas

1. Object Style Grey Concrete Storage Jars | 2. Menu Circula Bowl by Alexa Lixfeld | 3. Hay Bits & Bobs Glass Jar | 4. Bloomingville Seagrass Natural Basket | 5. Menu Jewellery Box in White Oak | 6. Carl Aubock Magazine Rack | 7. LSA Ivalo Glass Container & Ash Lid | 8. Object Style White Concrete Storage Jar | 9. Skagerak Nomad Box | 10. Bloomingville Black Dipped Baskets

I know it’s a bit clichéd but I’ve been having a bit of a spring clean. I’ve just started using Depop to sell lots of things I no longer use, wear or need. I’m finally starting to take on some of the traits of other minimalists. I was reading about Marie Kondo and the KonMari Method and felt inspired to start decluttering. Her method involves looking at everything you own and asking yourself “does this spark joy?”. The concept sounds cheesy but I promise it does work. If you’re interested in buying anything that doesn’t bring me joy but might bring you joy, you can find me on Depop with the same tag as my Instagram, @styleminimalism.

In the process I’ve realised that to declutter sometimes involves finding storage solutions for the things I do want to keep. Storage baskets and decorative pots in the bathroom for towels and cotton wool balls, in the living room an elegant magazine rack to keep the coffee table clear, and there are so many pretty storage solutions for jewellery, my favourites being Menu’s jewellery box and Hay’s glass Bits & Bobs jars. If you’re looking for nice baskets I would recommend visiting Design Vintage’s website, their collection is extensive.

Get the look:

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