Delicate Situations

Among other things such as Lindt dark chocolate, Nirvana records and the occasional expresso martini I have an obsession for lace triangle bras.  As an evolution of the side boob trend, we all rehashed our lingerie collections to meet the standards of the possibility of an occasional glimpse into an otherwise modestly managed area.  So in celebration of the female body and the justified relief that we can now feel free to let a little COVERED nip slip, I teamed up with my good friends Sue-Ann San and Rachel Zeilic from the very well know StyleStalker brand to photograph and style the newest and most exciting element to their collections StyleStalker Delicates .  With strappy lace bottoms, soft cami onesies and the perfect lace bralettes to house your best assets, these babes have got you sorted .. from top to ‘bottom’.

StyleStalker Delicates available .. here.  

photography + styling: Amanda Shadforth  .  model: Mariia@chic  .  hair + makeup: Shantel Fanning  

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