Denim X 3

The ‘mum’ jean, I can candidly admit has taken me a while to warm to.  It’s not that I haven’t wanted to get on board, it’s just that … well, my mum may have been one of the original pioneers of this comfy denim trend and let’s just say her ensembles were well … comfy.

 Frizzy perm and blue-eye shadow aside, you might say that I’ve finally looked past that past and stepped up to the challenge of how to style the mum jean circa 2017.   Considered to be the uniform staple for cool kids from Venice Beach to Venice Italy, I’m going to give these bad boys a go and show you 3 ways that I’ve been working these mumsy must-haves into my daily life.

By channelling the likes of Debbie Harry strutting the stage in the 80’s, Brooke Sheilds circa Blue Lagoon or the queen of the 90’s Kate Moss herself, rigid ankle length denim is here to stay but let’s be honest, it looks as though it never left in the first place.

So with a little help from these beauties from Raey at Matches Fashion, here’s my take on 3 ways to wear the ‘mum’ jean .. frizzy perm and blue-eyeshadow optional …

The Beach Jean

A versatile option for the girl who likes to pack for her summer vacay so last minute that the only top she includes is her pyjama shirt.  No top no worries baby, just shimmy into that swimsuit, tie a scarf around your neck and wallah, Jane Birkin eat your heart out.  Word of warning, don’t drink too many mojitos at the beach club, squirming out of a button fly and a full piece swimsuit when it’s time to hit the powder room can be hazardous if not hilarious (not speaking from experience I promise).

The Lunch Jean

A crisp white tee and a good pair of jeans is all a girl needs for lunch with friends, well almost, I guess a cold glass of rosé and pasta marinara wouldn’t go astray either.  I know that what I’m suggesting ain’t going to win the Nobel Prize here for innovation but why mess with a formula that works.  Just add an interesting pair of block heels and a statement belt to match and you’ve got yourself a winner.  P.S. don’t forget to undo the top button after entree, that belt buckle ain’t just for decoration baby.

The Shirt Jean

We all own a button up shirt and don’t worry if you don’t, your boyfriend will never notice you sashaying out the door in his work shirt when you wear it buttoned back to front with a smile.     Buttoned twice at the back and bra optional, this is my favourite variation so far.  Worn with a classic heel and clever clutch this little ensemble will get you out of mischief or better still into it if that’s what you’re looking for… if you catch my drift.

And so I bid you adieu my fine friends, 3 great options utilising the kind of wardrobe staples we all already own.   Now all that you need is a pair of good mum jean’s and a holiday, just don’t forget to pack a shirt … or two.

Wearing the Raey cigarette-leg jeans from MATCHESFASHION.COM


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