Difference Makes Us

Perhaps it’s because I grew up with a love of mud between my toes, the sugar cane farmers daughter, wild (barefoot) and free.  Or perhaps it’s because when I was 12 my mum put me in after-school art classes, the artist studio workshop fragrantly thick with the musky smell of oil-paints set out in the Australian bush amongst tall Eucalypts.   Either way I knew that I was always different and that somewhere out there, there were other creatives just like me.

Amongst my zaney animated feline-centric year 8 lino prints (that made my art teacher politely smile with encouragement), I found friendships with other like-minded quirky and unlikely companions, the true definition of ‘The Difference Makes Us’.

You see it’s often in life that our best bonds are made with people who appeal to us not because of our similarities but because of their unique-ness, after all only your bestie would hang your cat drawings on her wall right?  So when I recently teamed up with Etsy, for their ‘Difference Makes Us’ project it was a match made in creative heaven.

To me there is nothing more luxury than a hand-made ceramic bowl made by an artist working from a workshop behind her parents house, or a glass blown vintage goblet, a one off piece that no-one else will ever own.

Luxury isn’t about similarities but about celebrating the unique, the bespoke and the collectable, finding objects that reflect our individuality and personal style.

So I decided to hit one of my favourite communities close to my heart, the Esty space, to uncover some of the creative communities best hidden luxuries.  Perfect timing for the silly season ahead..no?

And an FYI here peeps .. Etsy yields her most profound secrets to those who are determined to uncover them .. get your shovel out amigos if you’re ‘digging it’ .. x

Find what makes you ‘you’. Shop Etsy.com this Christmas.

Shop all the beautiful items from our shoot here

Creative Direction: Amanda Shadforth  .  Photography: Janneke Storm  .  Hair & Makeup: Penny Antuar

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