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Florida has so much to desire, including beautiful weather, ample job opportunities, and exquisite natural beauty. It is a desirable vacation destination, is perfect for families, and is senior-friendly. The sunshine state has plenty to do and see. The most challenging decision is what town to choose.

Select Central Florida

Moving to central Florida enables people to be closer to much of what the state offers. Residents in this region can take enjoyable day trips to the east and west coast of the state and soak in the sunshine on endless beautiful beaches. A popular option for families is the town of Clermont. It is a community with a smaller town feel in a city of around 22,000. The city includes one of the earliest state landmarks, the Florida Citrus Tower, built in 1956. Transplants to the area will discover many desirable and affordable new homes in clermont fl  they can choose from when they relocate.

Orlando is a popular vacation destination. Moving there makes it easy to enjoy daily what visitors only see for a few days a year. Enjoy nearby theme parks, discover the arts community, and have endless shopping and dining opportunities.

Nearby Tampa offers much of what Orlando provides with the additional benefit of its stunning beaches and views of the Gulf of Mexico. Visit or work at Busch Gardens, support the multiple professional sports franchises, and become a regular visitor at Disney World. Tampa has consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States.

Choose Northern Florida

Pensacola sits at the northern edge of the state in the panhandle. The City of Five Flags has a rich history and some of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The waters of the Gulf of Mexico provide scenic views, access to endless water sports, and warm breezes.

The state capital of Tallahassee appeals to those who appreciate something unique. The city has underwater caves, rolling hills, and a temperate climate. Enjoy all four seasons in this family-friendly area. The many universities in the area offer opportunities for students and educators.

Across the panhandle in the northeastern corner is Jacksonville. The city is home to several sports teams, including the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars. Jacksonville sits near the Georgia border, has many gorgeous beaches, and plenty of bridges that offer an attractive background to the comfortable and enjoyable community.

Continue Down South                                    

Miami has elegance and luxury and may seem too expensive for most home buyers, but there are affordable options. The suburbs surrounding Miami enable people to enjoy the weather, sports teams, and shopping without overpaying for housing. The city of Miami appeals to those who appreciate a fit lifestyle, plenty of nightlife, and love being outdoors 24/7.

Another option in the southern region of Florida is Fort Lauderdale. Not surprisingly, the city has stunning beaches, an active arts community, and plenty to do. Nicknamed the Venice of America, guests and residents of Fort Lauderdale can take gondola rides to appreciate the beauty and history of the waterfront area.

Along the Gulf of Mexico sits Naples. The beautiful city also ranks as one of the best places to live in Florida because it offers something for everyone. Families, career-oriented couples, singles, and retirees have all found the city meets their needs. Enjoy endless shopping choices, dolphin sightings, sugar-like sand beaches, and numerous job opportunities.

Every region and town throughout Florida has a unique style and feel. It is possible for anyone to find a place in the state that will appeal to them.