Do I Need To Worry?

I’m a sucker in keeping my debit card longer than.. a month? Seriously, I’m losing them (I guess I can use the plural) all the time and I rarely find them back. And I know it’s my own fault.. When I left home to catch my flight to Menorca this week, my mom asked me; do you have your debit card with you? ‘Uuhm I guess so? It’s probably somewhere in my lugagge’. The moment the words were coming out of my mouth, I started doubting myself. Which was followed by a hasty Sophia trying to search the goddamn thing.. I found it in my jogging pants. Oopsie.

Once plopped down in the plane seat, someone was calling ‘Molen?!’. Imagine me waving my joyfully ‘I am Molen!!’. From her back, she conjured my debit card, and asked if it was mine. I didn’t had to think a moment about it. Of course it was mine. The one thing that was going through my head; my card is found back!!! While I wasn’t even aware I lost it. Oh god.

And still.. after loosing my cards a thousand times.. I can’t seem worry about it. Should I actually be worried to be able to learn a lesson? Would that be to only way to not loose it again all the time? That would suck.. because..

I’m not sure if I want to spend my energy on worrying where my card is (wink).

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