Do These Three Things And Get More Done All Day

Get More DoneSimplifying your morning routine increases productivity, a recent study finds.  It almost sounds too good to be true. It’s proven that morning routines help people reach their goals faster, but that usually means you do more with your mornings. So, when I first read that simplifying your mornings could have such a profound effect, I was intrigued–and a little skeptical.

Then I began to notice a pattern in my own life.  The days that were prepared for, and started in calm confidence, were significantly more productive.  In time, it became clear that when I did these three things, I accomplished more and made bigger strides toward my goals.

So, what are these three magical things you can do to increase your productivity?  It all starts the night before.

  1. Make a list.  Obligations, appointments and the top 3 items you can easily complete in a day toward your goals. These are the things you will do before you go to bed–no matter what. It might be sending an email, making a call or submitting an application. Simple, but steps toward your goals nonetheless.
  2. Set out your clothes. Deciding what to wear the night before is a really good start.  However, pulling those items out of the closet ensures that you don’t have any surprises–wrinkles, missing items, etc.– in the morning.
  3. Decide what you will have for breakfast(and dinner too). Then, do any quick preparation(pull things out of the freezer, etc.) and be sure you have all of the ingredients you need.

Wondering how this could really increase productivity?  Here’s how this phenomenon works.

Starting your day with a clear vision and these decisions already made, helps you get more done. It’s that simple.


Gina Williams

Helping you live a happier, more peaceful life through simplicity and mindfulness.