Do you feel pressured to post perfect photos on Instagram?

Do you feel pressured to post perfect photos on Instagram? 
A matter of coincidence. Yesterday I made an instagram post ( photo below) that was quite unplanned, a shot that usually would end up with the Oslo filter on my insta stories, instead found itself on my feed. There is nothing extraordinary about it, other than for me it is an irregularity. Unlike my usual content ,this one is neither styled, neither if fact edited. It is however shot with my DSLR camera which produces very beautiful photos under correct light and adjusted settings, and everything in the photo is arguably quite photogenic on its own. Let me put aside any questions of if this unstaged moment was staged, it wasn’t. Through everyday actions it turned out as you see it , I was taking photos and testing settings when I turned the camera to the table and took a series of this shot, mostly to put on my instagram stories. Of course I framed it , one of them was too bright, turned down ISO, another was blurry, but this one was ok. I am not sure what made me decide to put it instead on my feed, it looks ok but by no means is it perfect, it is also unedited. I have felt lately however my inspiration draining, I wrote some time ago that one of the hardest things is to be creative on demand for continuous periods of time. For a long time I have tried to be more kind to myself and post things I don’t necessarily think are perfect, after all I love when others share candid moments! I am sure I am not the only one feeling this pressure, even though I love unstaged moments, I find it hard not to “correct” something when I shoot even my everyday moments. Lets call things by their name, for example, all the “flatlays” you see on so many instagram accounts of course they are all staged, some look more natural, some look hilariously bad, either way, all of them are not what you would call, real life. And of course we want to put forward our best days, our best selves, of course we want to put forward what we know people will like ,comment on. The pressure is not hurting me, but it is affecting my creativity. I am not sure how I am going to tackle this but, for now, I can promise you that 1: I will be posting more of candid moments not just on stories but on my feed as well, and 2 : I will be posting more photos of what I love or find beautiful , even when I know most people will not like or won’t comment on ( like the all dark one above). Hopefully this will make for a better experience for me when it comes to my posting, but also it will mean that I will get back to healthier levels of creativeness. Food for thought.

// Photography and Styling by Katerina Dima

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