Double Bladed

What a crazy last week it’s been, between various plane flights, photoshoots and deadlines, I don’t know how my team and I managed to squeeze in Australian Fashion Week.  Cray cray doesn’t sum up the workload that I had to deliver on with my girls and thankfully it’s over know and we can bask in the aftermath.

Since I was in Sydney for MBFWA, I put a call out to my besties as to what they’d love to see from yours truly and the unanimous response was .. ‘what you’re wearing’.  I did think this was kind of funny considering that most of the time they see me in my weekend getup of slouchy knits, denim and Vans.

So here goes, this might be one of my favourite looks from the week that was, photographed between an editorial shoot with Dion Lee and and an Insta story take over for Harpers Bazzar Aus .. ahh no stress!   Let’s chat about why this look is my fave..

Firstly Jacquemus can do no wrong, if you follow Simon Jacquemus on Instagram you’ll quickly discover that he may well not only be one of the most hansom gentlemen in the industry but also one of the most talented.  Cool cotton silhouettes leaving you feeling like a holiday in the Med, soft tailoring in just the right places and the kind of sleeves that will have you hash tagging #Ihavethisthingwithsleeves, are just a few of the reasons we love Jacquemus.   There is no doubt that both inflated sleeves and Jacquemus are having a moment right now hence I strongly suggest you head to my friends at MATCHESFASHION.COM to check the delectable Jacquemus on offer.

Secondly THAT boot, you know it because it because you’re seen it everywhere already this season .. the Balenciaga Knife Boot.   While seated at one of my favourite shows during fashion week, I spoke with an editor about the infamous boot of the season .. as both of us looked down and noticed our twinning Balence’s.  Well my friends as they say, great minds thing a like and there are countless reasons as to why we’re all loving this boot right now but do I really need to pursued you?

And so paired together these 2 new pieces will become wardrobe staples of the season.  Let’s be honest though every season I justify new purchases as necessary wardrobe staples .. but who can blame us right?  xx

gigot sleeve wrap blouse: Jacquemus  .  knife boot: Balenciaga (over the knee version here)  .  sunglasses: Stella McCartney

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